In 2007, the 91 -year -old lady fell down and unexpectedly found pregnancy.

One day in 2007, a farmer in Qingshen County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, an old man with a large belly was lying on the bed, and her son and daughter -in -law stood aside and looked at her with a frown.

"Mom really getting pregnant?" Hua Ruolian touched her husband Luo Bingwen with her hand and asked quietly.

"I don’t know. Mom is ninety -one years old. How can you get pregnant? It must be a problem with the results of the hospital’s examination." Luo Bingwen puzzled his face. Since he knew that his mother Huang Yijun might be pregnant, he always laughed.Don’t come out.

Huang Yijun is already an elderly man in the 9th ten -year. Although he is tough on weekdays, he can no longer conceive his child, not to mention that Huang Yijun’s husband has died for many years. If she is really pregnant, who is the child’s father?

All kinds of questions were intertwined in Luo Bingwen’s heart, so he was restless, so that he didn’t find that the old mother on the bed was white for a while, and didn’t know what was thinking.

What exactly is going on?Can the old man really get pregnant in the 9th ten -year?

"Have you heard? Old lady Huang Yijun was pregnant." A group of old ladies was sitting and chatting together under the village entrance of A village in Qingshen County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province.

One of the old ladies’ eyebrows and danced, telling Huang Yijun’s pregnancy, the people around him were messy, and the people around were attracted by what she said, and joined this discussion.

"You talk nonsense, Huang Yijun is 91 years old. How can you get pregnant? I have never heard of this strange thing." Another old lady disdain that it is impossible for this incident.

Seeing that someone raised his objection, the old lady who spoke first was unhappy, "Can you still have a fake? I saw Luo Bingwen who sent her to the hospital.

The old lady said that the others did not refute her anymore. If this matter is really true, wouldn’t Huang Yijun become a strange man?

"I have long felt that Huang Yi was a bit wrong. You talked that her 91 -year -old elderly person usually had no pain. The mental head is better than the elderly who are 70 or 80 years old."

"Yes, yes, I also found out that she was able to work on the ground and picked the fruit. I still saw her picking the water to pour the crops."

The person around you said in a word, and portrayed Huang Yi to his gods, and said that the words she was wrong.

"You say, will she be a strange fetus? She may be because of this child."

As soon as this sentence came out, the crowds were scared, everyone lowered the voice, and you discussed the strange things on Huang Yijun’s body in a word.

When they discussed the heat, Luo Bingwen didn’t know when he quietly stood nearby, and he heard the villagers’ arguments about his mother. Luo Bingwen was extremely angry.

"Ahem." He coughed twice and interrupted the discussion, "It’s Bingwen, is your mother better?" Someone in the crowd asked him.

Before Luo Bingwen’s face slowed down, he dealt with two sentences, and turned around and walked towards the house. "I must check this matter." Luo Bingwen thought angrily.

He really did not expect that his mother Huang Yijun would be sent out if he was pregnant, and attracted such a bizarre speculation in the villagers.

Luo Bingwen’s mother, Huang Yijun, is a well -known capable old man. She was born in Qingshen County, Meishan City, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. She is a native local native. She has never left this land since her birth.

Huang Yijun’s parents are farmers. In addition to her, there are other siblings in addition to her. The family lives with a meager land and lives very hard.

As the saying goes, the children of poor people have been headed early. Because they were born in a poor family, Huang Yijun had a heavy responsibility of the adoptive family for a long time.

She hasn’t read any books, and her cultural level is not high, but she is very hardworking and kind. Since her teens, she can make the family cooking well.

Later, Huang Yijun arrived at the age of marriage. After being introduced, she met her husband. Both were honest people who had gone to life, so they saw a few times and hurriedly set a lifetime event.

Under the witness of parents and relatives of both parties, Huang Yijun and her husband walked into the palace of marriage.

After the marriage, Huang Yijun played a role of helping her inner help. When her husband ran around for life, she planted to cook at home to take care of everything for her husband.

Huang Yijun’s husband is honest and honest, and he is also very good to her. Although the days at home are hard, they still live.

Soon Luo Bingwen was born. The arrival of his son filled the family with laughter. Huang Yijun and her husband were more motivated to do something. In order to concentrate on bringing his son, Huang Yijun did not have a second child.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. When Luo Bingwen was ten years old, his father left the world forever because of an accident, and Huang Yi became a widow since then.

She did not marry again, but continued to pull Luo Bingwen in a shit and a shit. Huang Yijun was born to be strong. The more people who were not optimistic about her, the more she wanted to prove herself.

Under the support of tough personality, she pulled Luo Bingwen for adults under great pressure.

Huang Yijun’s life had almost no time to enjoy. She worked hard throughout her life. Until the age of 91, she couldn’t rest assured that she had a three -pointer at home.

In 2007, Huang Yijun was ready to go to the ground as usual. She didn’t water the crops for a long time. She always remembered.

Huang Yijun had a light hands and feet in bed, and walked out of the house with a cooked door. She was ready to hit the water. When she was about to leave the water, she suddenly slipped under her feet and fell a big heel on the spot.

Huang Yijun screamed, and Luo Bingwen, who was cooking in the house, was shocked. Luo Bingwen hurried out and saw the scene where his mother was sitting on the ground.

"Mom, what’s wrong with you? I’ll take you to the hospital to see." Luo Bingwen helped Huang Yijun, and he asked Zhang Luo to take her to the hospital.

"What do you go to the hospital? Isn’t it just a fall? I am not so coquettish." Huang Yijun insisted that going to the hospital was a waste of money, and he refused to go.

Luo Bingwen couldn’t help it, so she had to put her plaster and help her to rest on the bed.

Originally, Huang Yijun’s family believed that this was an ordinary fall, and it would be better for a few days. But after a few days, Huang Yijun’s symptoms were not alleviated, but it was even more serious.

Luo Bingwen looked in his heart in his heart. He ignored Huang Yijun’s opposition and pulled her to the hospital to check.

This inspection is not tight, and the result is surprising. Huang Yijun, 91, became pregnant!

When this result was just come out, let alone the Luo Bingwen couple, and even the doctor responsible for the examination did not believe it.

After all, Huang Yijun is 91 years old. There are no such old women who have such an old age around the world. The doctor repeatedly confirmed that he dared to tell Luo Bingwen about this.

Luo Bingwen widened his eyes. How could his mother pregnant?He stayed at home every day, and he couldn’t be clear about his mother’s whereabouts.

Since Luo Bingwen’s father’s death more than fifty years ago, Huang Yijun did not marry again. She had nothing to do with good old men on weekdays. Pregnancy was nonsense.

Luo Bingwen felt that he had a breath blocked in his heart, nor was it or not. The results of the inspection had been clearly placed in front of him. He could only bring Huang Yijun back first.

Considering that Huang Yijun’s age is high and his psychological tolerance is not good, Luo Bingwen did not tell Huang Yijun about this.

He and his wife Hua Ruolian were carrying Huang Yijun with a whispering at home, but he didn’t think about it. Huang Yijun listened to what they said.

In fact, Huang Yijun knew about her pregnancy. She even knew about it many years ago.

It’s just that this incident has always been a secret for Huang Yijun. She hasn’t told anyone for many years. She did not expect that a fall and one inspection made herself for 60 years.

In 1948, Huang Yijun was only a 30 -year -old woman. At that time, Luo Bingwen was just a little fart who was running around the village.

Huang Yijun’s daily life is to cook at home, take care of Luo Bingwen, and wait for her husband to return.

At that time, he did not pay attention to family planning. Almost every family was blessed with many children and grandson. Like Huang Yijun, only one son was relatively rare.

In fact, Huang Yijun and her husband also thought about having a few more children, but maybe the fate has not arrived, and Huang Yijun’s belly has never moved.

Until Luo Bingwen was five years old, their second child suddenly visited.

Huang Yijun did not stop doing housework after pregnancy. She always had a big belly.

One day, when she was cooking, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach, and Huang Yijun felt like she was going to give birth.

She began to shout at home, and her neighbors heard the news. When she saw her miserable appearance, she immediately sent her hand to the hospital that could have a child.

But because of the long time on the road, when Huang Yijun was taken to the hospital, the fetus in her belly had no movement. She was pregnant with a child in September and left her.

Considering Huang Yijun’s body, the doctor suggested that she perform surgery immediately.

However, for the people of that era, lying on the operating table means death. They can endure the severe pain of the childbirth, but they cannot let the operating knife pass through their belly.

"No, I don’t have surgery, I will die." Huang Yijun struggled violently on the bed, and used the last trace of strength to oppose the operation.

"Lady, you have to perform surgery. A deadly fetus is very dangerous in your stomach." The doctor said with a long heart to persuade Huang Yijun.

At that time, Huang Yijun had an iron -hearted surgery. In this case, the hospital could not force her to remove her death for her.

That night, Huang Yijun returned home from the hospital. In fact, Huang Yijun was unwilling to perform surgery. In addition to worrying about the danger of surgery, there was another reason that she felt that the cost of surgery was too expensive.

For an ordinary rural family, this money is their living expenses for several months, and Huang Yi is really reluctant.

In this way, the fetus has been staying in Huang Yijun’s stomach, and it was not detected by B -ultrasound until 60 years later.

Although Huang Yijun knew this, she didn’t know how to speak to tell her son Luo Bingwen.

At the same time, her pregnancy was passed out, and the rumors became more and more mysterious. In this case, Luo Bingwen couldn’t help it. He would take his mother to a more authoritative hospital to check it.

After a few days, at the Meishan Hospital, the doctor looked at Huang Yijun’s B -ultrasound image and frowned: "Your mother is really pregnant, and her fetus is almost full.The shape of it. "

The doctor also told Luo Bingwen that, according to the fetal location, he judged that Huang Yijun’s child was strange. The fetus did not fall in the uterus, but instead in the abdominal cavity.

This is an extremely dangerous ectopic pregnancy. Even pregnant women, when they encounter ectopic pregnancy, are prone to risk of bleeding.

Huang Yijun, as a 91 -year -old, has no symptoms after ectopic pregnancy, which is also elusive.

Now Luo Bingwen is even more depressed. He did not expect that Huang Yijun’s pregnancy was true. He returned to Huang Yijun with a frustrated expression.

When Huang Yijun saw his son’s expression, he knew why he was annoyed, "Bingwen, in fact, I have been pregnant for 60 years."

Luo Bingwen was shocked when he heard the words, and Huang Yijun slowly spoke what happened 60 years ago.

"You were too small at that time, I didn’t remember, so I didn’t know this, but I didn’t mention it later."

After that incident passed, Huang Yijun felt that the death in her stomach was too appalling, so she did not tell the incident.

In addition, Huang Yijun has always been healthy and has no symptoms of discomfort. If her stomach has always been huge and time, she even forgets this matter.

After finding out the original committee, Luo Bingwen quickly found the doctor and asked him to check it carefully for Huang Yijun.

The doctor told Luo Bingwen that Huang Yijun said that it was true. After the babies lost their signs of life in Huang Yijun’s belly, they slowly hardened and became a hard group.

This is scientifically possible, and it is the probability of one -millionth in this kind of thing. Huang Yi can be described as a blessing.

In fact, there will still be a certain risk to stay in Huang Yijun’s stomach, but because Huang Yijun is too old and the risk of rashness may be greater, Huang Yijun’s family unanimously decided not to perform surgery.

After unbuttoning the mystery for many years, Huang Yijun’s body was relaxed for a while, and Luo Bingwen was also very happy. All the rumors about his mother disappeared.

For this family, Huang Yijun had suffered for 60 years. Luo Bingwen was distressed by his mother. He decided to double good to his mother in the future and make up for his mother’s suffering over the years.


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