In 20 years, the American man naturally became pregnant and successfully gave birth to a boy. The child should call his father or mother

Text: Li Baijie

The prayer heard on the wall of the hospital is more sincere than the church.

In October 2021, a man was kneeling outside the gate of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

The passers -by who heard him stop and stop,

One man prays for another "man" to have children?

Is it possible to get pregnant. What is going on?

In March 2020, an American Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital ushered in a pair of special patients. One man helped another man walking slowly in the corridor.Human? Find someone to the waiting room. This is the examination room, too crowded. "

The helped man is slightly embarrassing

Said embarrassingly: "Sorry, I’m here to check."

The female nurse stunned, and asked with a big mouth and asked: "Are you talking about it? Are you not here the right department, but here it is specifically for inspection for pregnant women."

The man nodded firmly.

The man named Bernett Kaspa Williams, aside his husband Malik.

Although the nurse was surprised, she no longer said much because of privacy issues. She took the Bened couple into the examination room and watched the embryos displayed on the ultrasound. The nurse and the doctor were stunned.At first glance, the gender column is indeed written with "male".

Looking at the doctor’s surprise, Bened decided to explain his situation clearly.

In 1984, Bened was born in the United States. Looking at his pink face and feminine characteristics, the doctor said happily: "Congratulations to you to have a little princess."

Bened’s parents were very happy when they heard a daughter, especially his mother.

Due to the love of her daughter, her mother dressed him beautifully since she was a child, yellow curly hair, pink skirts, pink clips, pink Barbie dolls, and even the room was pink.

Before Bened was 27 years old, whether he was a family or a friend and a colleague, he thought that Bernett was a woman. She wore a woman’s clothes, on the women’s toilet, and would come to the moon like a girl.

But after the age of 27, Bened’s appearance began to change. Slowly, he began to grow throat, the hair of the limbs became more and more lush, and the sound of speaking became magnetic.The man’s appearance is still beard, and it can grow long after 2 or 3 days. Except for the lower body, everything is no different from men.

The man’s daughter made Bennett doubt that he was a man or a woman?

In order to clarify this matter, Bernet went to the hospital with his parents to check, and watched the "congenital bisexual" reported on the report that surprised them.

Is this a genetic mutation, or is it caused by some strange disease?

The results of the hospital’s examination showed that Bernett was a "bisexual". In addition to women’s organs, he also had male organs in his body.

When it comes to bisexuals, I believe everyone will think of Thailand. After all, bisexuals are a "characteristic" of their travel.

Where, many young people in order to make their bisexuals earn a little more money, they will eat a lot of female or male hormones to change their physical characteristics, but this will cause very large side effects in the later period to cause very large side effects in the later stage, So their life span is not long.

But it is strange that Belnett has not eaten this type of hormone. How can he become like this?

In fact, when the embryo is developing, their gender is basically females. In the later growth, the XY sex chromosome determines the final gender of the baby. If it contains sry genes in Y, it will become a boy.Developing into a girl, in addition to the logo organ, other characteristic development will rely on hormones secreted by embryo to nourish and grow.

Bernett had genetic variations in this XY chromosome development stage, which led him to have men and women’s organs and became "congenital bisexuals".

For this result, the Bente family was deeply painful, especially Bened. After decades of daughter, he was suddenly told that he was still a boy and he couldn’t accept it.

Before checking, Bened was a designer. After knowing the truth, he drunk all day and had no intention to work. Seeing that he was about to destroy the second half of his life.

At this moment, the appearance of a netizen allowed Bennet to rebuild his mood.

After Bente’s collapse, no one in his heart was telling, and he began to write his own minds and difficulties on some websites.

At the beginning of 2014, a netizen began to leave a message in Bernett’s dynamics. He said: "You, especially the gifts given to you by God, think of your gender, you can choose with yourself, I feel cool!"

In a word, Bayin is poured. Yeah, there is no shortage of birth in this world as a child who is born as a gender, and he can decide whether he wants to be a boy or a girl. Although he is a little late, it is still cool.

Bened thought that he had been a woman for decades, and he had felt the taste of a girl, but when he felt that he felt that he didn’t know, so he decided to turn himself into a "boy".

So he began to take a lot of male hormones to inspire the male characteristics hidden in the body. After discussing with his parents, he also performed a "breast removal" surgery. He was cut with long hair and completely became a male man.

Although it changed in appearance, Bennet did not perform his own surgery. His uterus was still in the body, and he experienced what girls experienced every month.

This is a wonderful journey for Bernett, and it is this decision that laid a foreshadowing for the future.

Because the Western thought is open, although Bunit’s affairs are peculiar, it does not cause much trouble for his work and life. Some people will throw excitement after learning about his story, expressing friendliness to himAnd encourage and tolerate him.

In 2017, Belnett’s colleague Malik made a request for contact with him.

Looking at the pursuit in front of him, Bennett was very happy, but he also knew his special characteristics. Regarding the emotional aspect, he didn’t want to play, so he repeatedly confirmed that after confirming that Malik didn’t mind, he nodded before he noddedagree.

During the love period, because of the particularity of the two people, they cannot hold hands outside like ordinary couples, but this does not affect the emotional development of the two.

In 2019, Bente and Malik entered the palace of marriage. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, their wedding was very low -key, but the family members of the two sides ate a meal together.

After marriage, their lives were very happy.Bened knows his particularity, and he also knows that he may be pregnant, so they have always paid attention to.

Later, for the sake of convenience, he proposed to Malik to do surgery and became a real man.

Hearing his decision, Malik had lonely in his eyes, and he asked tentatively: "Are we likely to have a child?"

Looking at the carelessness of the lover, Bente’s heart touched a lot, and a idea appeared in his mind: I love Malik, Malik also loves me, so why not try to leave a crystallization of love?

Besides, he has a uterus, and there is no explicit regulation. Only women can have children.

Bened felt that he could try to break the cognition.

In January 2020, they put the pregnancy preparing to the agenda. They thought it was a difficult process. Bened had prepared for the long -term combat. Malik also read a lot of information to prevent various problems, but it made them not that they didn’t haveWhat I think of is that Beline was pregnant in February!

The speed of pregnancy made them unbelievable. In order to confirm, they went to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for examination until they got accurately answering, they just let go.

But in the face of Belnett’s situation, the nurse and senior women’s obstetrics were stunned. For the first time, they encountered such a situation. Although they knew bisexuals, the bisexual was pregnant.Essence

For a while, Bente became the object of their research research, because of the particularity of the body, it means that he will face more risks than women.

But there is love in my heart, and Bente is not afraid of these difficulties.In comparison, he can’t stand some pointers of others. After all, men’s pregnancy is a very incredible thing in the eyes of the world.

Later, because of the epidemic, they decided to move to the countryside. One was to ensure that they were not implicated by the illness, and the other was that there were few people in the countryside.

Aside from the prejudice, the pregnancy Benite is very strong and great. He knows that his life may be dangerous, and he may be regarded as a "monster", but he still pays everything for the person he loves.Based on this alone, their feelings are better than most ordinary people.

In order to be safe, Benite was checked on time every month. It was okay in the past few months, but as the fetus became larger and larger, because of the special structure of the body, it had to have a cesarean section in advance when the fetus was 8 months old.

In October 2020, Bened gave birth to a boy named Hudson.Although the child is not full, he is very lucky. His indicators in all aspects have reached the standard and do not need to be in the insulation box.

After giving birth to a child, Benen’s unique thing is very distressed, that is, no matter how he emphasizes, the nurse or doctor will call his mother or mother.

He is unwilling to call him like this, because he feels that whether it is appearance or thought, he is now "male". He does not think that having a child is a privilege of a woman.So he was unwilling to be named "Mom" because he had a child.

Therefore, at his request, Hudson had two "dads".

Later, Belnet was spread. Some people were blessed, but more of them were evil words. Some people said that Bened was embarrassed to men; some people said that he was unshakable and a monster; some people said that their behavior was behavior.Unhealthy, not qualified to raise your child, you should send your child to the welfare home.

Facing all kinds of voices, Bentet and Malik did not respond too much, leaving only one sentence: "We will take care of our children."

It disappeared in front of everyone.

Today, as people’s ideological tolerance becomes higher, they occasionally share their parenting daily life on social platforms.

Because Bernett has removed the breast, Hudson can only drink milk powder, but this is not delayed. Now Hudson is nearly 2 years old, and the facial features are very handsome.Shaking around Bentet and Malik’s back is also very cute.

In order to prevent Hudson from being harmed, about his birth and the particularity of Bennett, they did not intend to hide to their children, and did not avoid talking about these topics in front of their children.

Because concealment does not make sense, instead of letting Hudson hear from the mouth of others in the future, it is better to be frank and let him understand from an early age, because this is not an unsightly thing.

Just as Bernett said, having a child is not the privilege of women. As long as the uterus is required, men can also be. The reason why it becomes a "exclusive" woman is just so that the uterus only grows only on women.

And I am proud of my special specialty. It is this "defect" that made me feel the sadness of her pregnancy in October, and I have a life journey that others can’t have.

This journey is extremely precious and brave.

As an outsider, we only have blessings, not criticism or accusations.

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