Improper abortion can lead to infertility!Don’t choose people blindly, the flow of people, the flow of drugs

Many young couples are not scientific and healthy, but they are unexpectedly pregnant. What should I do? Many people choose to terminate pregnancy.Which of the two abortion methods of drug flow and abortion, which one of the damage to the body is smaller? How to choose? Let’s find out.

01 Within 7 weeks of pregnancy-drug flow

1. Color Doppler ultrasound prompts normal pregnancy in the palace, the average diameter of the fetal sac is ≤25mm, and the ectopic pregnancy is excluded;

2. The number of menopause days (calculated from the first day of the last session) does not exceed 49 days;

3. Healthy women aged 18-40;

4. Exclude the contraindications of drugs.

Key points: Not everyone is suitable for medication and abortion. After the hospital is checked, it is confirmed to be in the palace pregnancy; the age is under 40 years old, and the body must be healthy; no drug rejection of allergic reactions; for diseases with endocrine systems, such as thyroid gland, such as thyroid glandWomen who are not good or have diabetes, adrenal glands, and abnormal liver and kidney function can not use drugs for abortion.

02 Pregnancy for more than 7 weeks-abortion surgery

Within 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has not yet taken shape, the cervix does not need to be expanded, and painless abortion surgery can be adopted.

Within 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus grows up, placental forming, and no simple suction surgery can be operated, but clamp scraping is needed.

For more than 14 weeks of pregnancy, labor induction surgery is required.The greater the placenta, the higher the risk of surgery and the more serious the degree of damage to women’s bodies.

Key points: Requires to terminate pregnancy, and in good health, without inflammation (such as gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, severity anemia, hypertension and other systemic diseases), no fever.Due to a certain kind of serious disease, it is not suitable to continue pregnancy.

2. Precautions

01 medicine flow

There is no equipment to enter the uterus to avoid damage to the uterus, and the postoperative infection rate is relatively low.After the drug flow, there will be a certain vaginal bleeding. Within 2 weeks, the amount of bleeding will not be large.After 2 weeks, there is a phenomenon of vaginal bleeding, or the amount of bleeding is greater than usual, and it must be checked in time.After the drug flow, there are some adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, allergies, and fatigue.

After the drug flow, you need to observe whether there are tissue discharge or a large vaginal bleeding.After the drug flow, pay attention to rest, eat more nutritious food, don’t be too tired, pay attention to the cleaning of vulva.Before vaginal hemorrhage has not retreated, it is best not to take a bath and prohibit sexual life.

02 abortion surgery

After abortion surgery, women generally have vaginal bleeding, and may also be accompanied by abdominal pain.If the vaginal bleeding time exceeds two weeks, or if the amount of bleeding is large, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.Even if the situation is normal, the consultation will be performed within one or two weeks after surgery.

Be sure to rest properly and pay attention to supplement vitamins and protein.Do a good job of cleaning the vulva, follow the doctor’s order, do not have the same room within at least a month.

Drug flow is less damage to the human body, which is more convenient. It does not affect the life and work of the day, and the incidence of long -term complications is low.However, compared with the flow of people, the power flow is low, the vaginal bleeding time is long, and it cannot be controlled by drugs.If the drug flow is incomplete, the palace must be scraped.

The flow of people is short, the success rate is high, less bleeding after surgery, and recovery faster, most people can succeed once.However, compared with the drug flow, there is a need to rest on the day of surgery, with surgical risks and corresponding complications.

Generally speaking, the power of the drug flow is not high, and the abortion is not completely cleared, which is more harmful.If you choose to be abortion, choose professional and regular hospitals, safe and scientific flow, and pay attention to recuperation after surgery, the dangers of people will be greatly reduced.

Effective contraception is the king. In short, the sooner the accidental pregnancy discovery, the better, the better the treatment.But no matter what kind of abortion is only a remedy after contraception failure, effective contraception is the king.

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