I’m not ready to be a mother after pregnancy, don’t worry, it is enough to do these three points well

A friend told me the day before yesterday that she was pregnant.I was just preparing to congratulate her, and she said that in fact, she was not ready yet, and I don’t know if I could be a good mother.Because she was not ready, she was particularly anxious for more than two weeks.Then she asked me when I felt ready to be a mother.

At that time, after I learned that I was pregnant, although I was happy and excited, I was not ready to be honest.Until now, the child is 28 months old, and sometimes I still feel that I am not ready.

"Meeting a Children Meets Better Self" wrote, "The reason why it becomes a parent is not to write our children’s life, but to purify our own hearts and let us change ourselves completely.Only by getting the opportunity to improve, grow up and mature. "

Not only after pregnancy, but even the children are born, many novice mothers are not ready to be a mother.Because parents are a life that needs to be continuously improved in my life, and I do not really learn the day.

But not learning well does not mean that we cannot educate children. As long as we can open up our mentality and grow together with children, we can meet our children and meet a better ourselves.

So how do we meet a better ourselves and become a better parent, combined with personal parenting experience, summarize the following three points to share with everyone, hoping to inspire and help everyone.

From small to large, we have spent a lot of time studying, mathematical language and English and other disciplines.After work, we will improve our various workplace skills, communicate and talk about negotiations.

However, many people do not study how to become a better parent. Some even think that having a child naturally becomes a parent. This is actually not responsible.Because the parents of many families in China work hard, in fact, it is more for the future of their children.If the parents do not learn, they will pin all expectations on their children, which is actually too depressed for the child.

By reading various parenting books in advance, and constantly studying and thinking about absorption, we can be familiar with the child’s growth law in advance, and we can be prepared.When any problem occurs, you can deal with it calmly without too panic.

Just like when reading N -year -old children’s series of books, I know in advance some natural behaviors that Xiaomi Le will appear, such as enhancement of self -awareness and the role of comfort on children.

In this way, a strange behavior in the child must be looking for your own small pillow when sleeping, and you will know that this is actually a normal phenomenon.If the small pillow can’t find it one day, the child is crying, and he can feel the same to comfort her without feeling that the child is so annoying.

Raising children is a very long process. We often become scared because we love children too much. Children learn to walk are afraid of children falling, children learn to eat, they are afraid of children, and children are afraid of children’s injuries and so on.

Just like when I went to work after maternity leave, although people were already in the company, my heart was not there. I have been worried that Xiaomi Le is waking up, hungry, crying, no, missing his mother. That’s it. One morning passed.It’s not done well.At noon, I took a taxi and returned home directly, but I saw that Xiaomi Le was playing very well.

Later, I started adjusting myself to prevent my heart from being afraid of affecting my work, and I did not interfere with the growth process of Xiaomi Le because of my inner concerns. After letting go, Xiaomi Le has grown better than my excessive protection.quick.

When Xiaomi Le learned to walk, he walked and shook. I was afraid that she would fall and wanted to help her go.But thinking about it, the child always walks independently. Although Xiaomi Le is still walking unstable, he has not fallen.

Sometimes it is about to fall. She will grab the things next to her herself. Without items, she will stop and stabilize her body.Soon, Xiaomi Le learned to walk, and walking is particularly stable.

Restraining your inner fear is a better love for children.Letting children face the impermanence of the outside world can allow children to form their own unique response mechanism through real perception.

The horizontal growth is proposed in the book "Don’t Roar or Teach Children: Not Fire Parenting Law", which mainly refers to the children repeatedly to do something over and over again.Corresponding to vertical growth, that is, things that do not know before, making people feel that their brain structure has changed significantly.

When we pay more attention to the horizontal growth of children, we will understand why children do something while doing something.Because for children, when you learn a new skill and new skill, even if the adults seem to be insignificant, it is a big deal for children, so they will eager to show their own small world.Essence

Before going to a friend’s house, she said in particular entanglement that her children who were more than one year old liked to throw things, pick them up, throw it away, and then throw it away. She was about to crazy.After listening to it, I smiled. What is so crazy, because this is the nature of the child.

Xiaomi Le is now 28 months. Whenever he learns a new skill, it is still the same as when he was a child.Once Bao Dad returned the courier and threw the anti -collision film of the packaging courier on the sofa.Xiaomi Le was curious. After playing, he suddenly pinched and rang. He was particularly happy. He came to share with me, and taught me how to pinch the bubbles on it.

Some parents are more anxious to let their children master new skills. They do not know that the children have repeatedly exercised the skills that they have mastered in order to achieve their skill.When you encounter more difficult things in the future, he is more willing to persevere until he achieves the final success.

Parents are a compulsory course, and we need to study continuously throughout our lives.But if we can actively discover the fun of children, we can truly enjoy the various fun in the process of raising children, and it is not far from a qualified or even excellent parent.

I am Mi Le’s mother fun, share the happiness in the process of parenting, grow up with my children, and meet a better self.

Welcome everyone to forward and pay attention to discuss the joy and confusion in the parenting process, thank you.

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