I’m going to get married soon, the prospective mother -in -law’s pregnancy girl immediately retired, and then reversed the real eye.

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The dog blood gossip in the family around him is far more exciting than the TV.

There is a family in our hometown, and my son has been engaged, and a wedding will be held in two months.Who knew that the boy’s mother was suddenly pregnant and insisted on giving birth. The girl immediately retired after knowing it.Then it didn’t take long for the girl to reconcile with the boy again, because the girl found that she was pregnant.

Then the girl asked the mother -in -law to kill the child in the future.It is said that when the two were arguing, the children who had an accidental girl were less than three months old.In this way, the girl was still married to the boy, and soon her mother -in -law gave birth to a boy.

Now the girl and mother -in -law take care of the uncle together in their hometown.I was about to get married soon. The prospective mother -in -law’s pregnancy girl immediately retired, and then reversed her eyes.

Whenever it comes to their family, I shook my head straight. I really don’t know if the family does not enter the door.Both mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are unclear.The girl didn’t know what the picture was. I felt that she married after she was pregnant?

What girls are most afraid of is love brains, and love and marriage are greater than the sky.The marriage and love of such girls must not go smoothly.

Especially when you are about to enter the marriage, you must be wake up, don’t know that the fire pit is still jumping inside.Just like this girl knows that the prospective mother -in -law is so old and insist on having a second child, she is unclear. She will not only get the help of her mother -in -law, but even wait for her mother -in -law to take care of her aunt and uncle.Essence

The girl who is slightly wise will stop the loss in time.Many people say that girls choose to compromise because of pregnancy, but because of children, they must be more rational. Seeing the family’s face, even if they have to leave a child, they should not let the children grow up in such a family.It’s not worthy of eating this grass. Now that girls are like this, it is really not worthy of sympathy.

Although fertility is on the woman’s own hands, no matter how old the age is pregnant, wanting to give birth is their own rights.

Many elderly parents also say that they have free birth. Although it is right, it is not applicable to parents with ordinary families and children who have already become families.

When I was pregnant, I said that I was free. When I was born, I had no energy or no ability to raise, and began to say that I couldn’t raise it. I abducted other children to raise.Where did the child in front of you made your mother, he became a family, had his own children’s partner, and the pressure was strong. In addition, he had to raise his parents and his brother or sister. Isn’t this forced people?

Many parents say that the second child and the third child are a companion for the child. From the younger brothers and sisters, they grew up under the eaves.But children are very old, and they grow up together since childhood.But those who are about 20 years old, graduate from the boss college, are born, have not lived together, have not lived together, and there is no big intersection in the circle of friends in the life trajectory. What kind of companion is this?

For the big, the two younger brothers and sisters are accompanied by. Many younger brothers and sisters who are more than ten or twenty are burdens.

Therefore, those parents who want to have a second child and three babies must be cautious, do not pit themselves, and then pit their children.

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