If your body is good or not, you can see your feet!These 4 cases appear on the feet, or the signal of the disease

"Your nails are the symbol of pure Han people, indicating that your ancestors go to the previous three generations, all of them are Han people, not minority people."

In the face of a roommate’s analysis, Xiaoting was dumbfounded on the spot.

This is too accurate!

Can she judge which kind of pedigree she is through her nails of her little thumb? Is this a half fairy or a living scholar?

The weather was getting colder, and Xiaoting began to wear cotton socks, but because her little thumb had two -petal nails, she always hooked socks and was particularly uncomfortable.When the roommate came back, seeing her nails said the above.

For a moment, Xiaoting’s worship of her roommate came into being, because she was really a pure Han nationality.

Later, they watched the fingernails of four people in the bedroom. There was only one petal of the roommates of the Hui nationality, the other two Han roommates, one was two petals, and the other had only one petal nail.

This makes Xiaoting a little puzzled. Is it a sign of the Han people?

Small toenails are not characterized by the characteristics of the ethnic group, so this statement is wrong.Small toenails are divided into medical names called petal -like nails and small toe compound shapes. They refer to biological phenomena composed of two nails.

In fact, there are many existences of petal armor. About 60%of people in China have petal armor, and even in East Asia are not a small number. Whether it is physiological or life, the petal armor is not too big.Influence.

All kinds of studies on petal armor have not found evidence related to petal armor and race, but some studies have found that the petal armor has some explicitly genetic tendencies, and the distribution area of the petal armor may be displayed. It may be as ancient people.Group migration related.

Small toenails are particularly soft and may be caused by congenital malformations or lack of nutritional elements.Congenital deformities of small toenails are relatively rare, and nutrient deficiency is more common. Generally speaking, lack of vitamin B, calcium deficiency, zinc and other elements may cause small toenails to be too soft.

If the small toenails are too soft, you must first observe your own symptoms. There is no other physical symptoms except the soft toenails. You do n’t need to ignore it. You can appropriately supplement nutritional elements without need to be used as a disease and add psychological pressure.

The peeling around the toenails is not necessarily caused by athletes. Many people in life see that when they see the peel near the toenails, it is like a enemy and as athlete therapy. In fact, there are many reasons for the peeling around the toenails. For example, the climate is dry, Fungal infection, lack of micro -element, etc.

First of all, when the autumn and winter seasons are transformed. When the climate is dry, some people will have necrosis when they encounter insufficient blood supply to the skin in the dry state. Therefore, the skin is falling off. This is normal and requires more water.Secondly, the lack of micro -substances. Generally speaking, the lack of vitamin E or collagen and other substances will reduce the skin elasticity. In the long run, it will peel on the feet.

Finally, there is fungal infection. In fact, there are many diseases that cause foot skin to fall off.It is accompanied by severe itching, so it needs to be treated with antifungal antifungal drugs such as phenylzole, nitrate pinoponazole, etc., and the peeling of the sweat herpes is treated with external glucocorticoid preparations.Excuses keratosis, such as: Titanine cream.

Foots are very important for the human body. Many times, some of its symptoms not only reflect local diseases, but also may be a warning caused by the development of other diseases.

1. Foot ulcer

Foot ulcers may be caused by poor blood circulation caused by arterial diseases, or it may be caused by the perception nerves and blood circulation of diabetic damage to patients. When diabetic is severe, a small blisters on the foot may not heal for a long time. Therefore, the cause must be determined, Timely treatment.

2. The toes are red, white or blue

Renault’s disease can cause the toe to turn white and turn blue, and finally turn back to normal skin tone, which is caused by vascular spasm.Vascular spasm refers to changes in mood or temperature, causing the arteries to narrow suddenly.Generally speaking, this situation is short -lived and does not cause health problems, but it may also be related to rheumatoid arthritis, systemic hard skin diseases, thyroid and other diseases, so it is still important.

3. Heel pain

Fascinitis is the most common disease that causes heel pain. It is a ligament inflammation that is attached to the bone, which will affect walking.Other causes that can cause heel pain are arthritis, tendonitis, excessive motor, bone spurs, bone infections, tumors, and so on.

4. Swelling in the foot

The most common cause of swelling of the foot is caused by pregnant women and long -distance travel. These two are normal, but certain diseases can also cause swelling of the foot, such as: lymphatic systems and blood clots, thyroid diseases, kidney diseases, etc.Wait, if the cause cannot be determined after the foot swelling, it is better to seek medical treatment in time.

It is often said that the trip of thousands of miles began under the foot. The feet are not only part of the body for humans, but also the most important tools and ways to human beings know the world.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory in China, the importance of feet is comparable to the second heart. From the acupoints on the feet, you can find various diseases inside the human body. Therefore, in life, everyone must pay attention to maintaining their feet.If you find the symptoms on your feet, you should also treat them in time and correctly.

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