If you want to have a baby, you ca n’t worry about it. What kind of project should you check?

According to statistics, one of the eight couples in my country is infertility every eight couples.In 2017, there were about 47.7 million infertility couples in China.It is definitely a technical work for giving birth to a child, because there are many couples who are troubled by infertility.

Take the planting tree to metaphor. If you want to conceive your child successfully, you must first meet the three major conditions: Seeds: Healthy Sperm and Ovarian Channel: Turlus Soil: Healthy Uterine

With only 3 conditions OK, the seeds can really germinate.

However, the seeds are risky everywhere on the way to get the scriptures. Not only is JING being attacked by antibodies in the wife’s body and death may be blocked on the fallopian tube.Growing germination.Once infertile, you need to go through a long and arduous diagnosis and treatment process.

Ali, 25, and 46 -year -old Aying want to have a doll, but the husband and wife have worked hard for a long time, but they can’t be pregnant. They hold me with a blood -drawn inspection form. You can see that the two ladies are not older.It hurts, but amh (human anti -Miaolin) is surprisingly consistent, very low, how low is it?

It’s low to <0.1!

what does this mean?It means that it can be used to breed seeds so much.

AMH (human anti -seedlings). This indicator does not need to draw blood on the holiday. It is a laboratory indicator that can be checked at the hospital anytime, anywhere. It specifically reflects the number of ovarian reserves.If the number of deposits of our bank account, the AMH (human anti -seedlings) means that the money is full.

On the contrary, it means the deposit deficit, no money!Intersection

Lack of eggs, and two people work hard, it is also a clever woman who is hard to cook without rice!Intersection

Take Aying, 46, as an example. Many elderly mothers who want the second child to watch their menstruation are also on time, a lot of amount, and the color is normal.It is found or urged that the eggs cannot be discharged, or although the eggs are successful, the embryo can not come out …

As long as these patients check AMH, they will find that the value is very low!

In big vernacular, the egg is close to failure, or although there are eggs, but the quality of the eggs is very poor, which is the case of bad eggs!Therefore, the difficulty coefficient of pregnancy is quite high!

Our diagnosis is called: ovarian reserve function loss

How to treat this situation?

Different diagnosis and treatment plans are formulated in the treatment of specimens and age.

Copy: Chinese medicine nourishing kidney and promoting blood+acupuncture+acupuncture

Treatment: Light young, add drugs appropriately to stimulate ovarian ovulation to promote ovulation

For 25 -year -old Ali, FSH has not yet exceeded 10, you can systematically diagnose and treat pregnancy,

But for Aying 46, whether from age or FSH or AMH, it is not the best time to bred. Our doctor will systematically evaluate suggestions, but if the patient still insists, it will help her.Whether it can be successful depends on the mind. After all, isn’t there a case of a 71 -year -old woman who produces a child? [Laugh]

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