If you want to do abortion but find vaginitis, will it hurt the uterus without treatment?

As a partner with female friends, leucorrhea is mixed with vaginal mucosa exudation, cervical canal and endometrium gland secretion, etc. 90%to 95%of the magical leucorrhea are water, inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt, and inorganic salt,Organic salt, urea, sugar and other macromolecular substances, because the color is mostly white, it is called "leucorrhea".

Normal leucorrhea is a physiological leucorrhea, which is a secretion formed by female genitals under an appropriate amount of endogenous or exogenous estrogen.

Don’t underestimate and dislike leucorrhea. The small white band is useful. Female vagina and vulva often have a small amount of secretions to keep it moist.

The vagina is a must -have place for menstrual blood, and leucorrhea is made of vaginal mucosa exudation, cervical tube, and endometrium gland secretion fluid.Changes, so we can distinguish whether the corresponding organs of gynecology are healthy through small leucorrhea.

The normal leucorrhea is white or egg whites. It is sticky, small, and has no smell. It is called physiological leucorrhea.It is generally slightly increased before menstruation, ovulation period, post -menstrual or pregnancy.

What should I find vulvar itching and abnormal leucorrhea?

The common characteristics of vulvar and vaginal inflammation: increased vaginal discharge (leucorrhea) and itching vulva.

In addition to vaginal vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other diseases can also lead to an increase in vaginal secretions. Therefore, itching of vulva and increased vaginal secretions occur. You should do a comprehensive gynecological examination.

Evaluation of vaginal secretions (traditional methods):

Clinical significance of Clean Bacteria Bacillus Epitrobial White Blossoms

I ++++ -++++ 0 ~ 5/hp is normal

II ++ -++ 5 ~ 15/HP is roughly normal

III -++ -15 ~ 30/HP prompts inflammation

IV -++++ -> 30/HP is more common in severe infection

Methods of diagnosis of vaginal micro ecology: Clinically, vaginal inflammation that can clearly diagnose and unknown causes, all have varying degrees of vaginal micro -ecological disorders, so the vaginal micro -ecological evaluation system emerges.

The vaginal micro -ecological evaluation system is five aspects of the density, diversity, advantageous bacteria, body inflammatory response and cause bacterial morphology through the density, diversity, advantageous bacteria, body inflammatory response, and causes of the vagina.Comprehensive evaluation of the micro -living environment.

When the density of the vaginal flora is II ~ III, the diversity is II ~ III, the superior bacteria is Lactobacillus, the cleanliness is i degree I, the lactobacillus function is normal (that is, H2O2 -positive), and the vaginal pH value is <4.5, and the vaginal pH value is <4.5.The vaginal micro ecology is normal.

When the diversity, diversity, advantageous bacteria, inflammatory response, pH and hydrogen peroxide function can be diagnosed with micro -ecological disorders.

Does the leucorrhea cleanliness 3 degrees have a miscarriage, will it affect the future pregnancy?

Dr. Fu Hong first gave you a science of leucorrhea like 3 degrees?As shown in the figure above, the leucorrhea 3 degrees -, bacterial ++, the epithelial cells that should have, 15 ~ 30/hp, the clinical significance indicates inflammation.

What inflammation is there?Conventional secretions are generally checked whether mold, trichomonas and bacteria are generally checked.The vaginal micro -ecological evaluation system is five aspects: density, diversity, germination, germination, body inflammatory response and cause bacterial morphology through the vaginal flora, and combine functional indicators such as vaginal pH and hydrogen peroxide, leukocytase enzymes.Make a more comprehensive evaluation of the vaginal micro -birth environment.

Among the three common vaginitis, bacterial vaginal disease is the most harmful vaginitis to pregnancy.

The complications of bacterial vaginal disease include: pelvic inflammatory disease, premature birth, postoperative infection, infertility and abortion, cervical cancer, low birth weight, HIV infection (the patient’s vaginal pH value is as high as 5.5, which will severely weaken neutral granulocytesThe phagocytosis and the response to the trend stimulation, increase HIV spread and susceptibility between heterosexual), newborn infection, puerperium infection.

From the above, we can see that if you are ready to have a bacterial vaginal disease, you must actively cure and perform surgery.Because bacterial vaginal disease is not treated, there will be follow -up pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease and postoperative infection of gynecological surgery, which further affects the risk of pregnancy and infertility.

Trichomonas vaginitis during pregnancy can lead to premature breakthrough, premature birth and low birth weight.

The characteristics of VVC (fungal vaginitis) during pregnancy: easy to relapse, symptoms are often mild, drug treatment needs to consider the impact on the fetus.A foreign case comparison research shows that VVC during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth and treats the disease, and the risk of premature birth has decreased by 64%.

However, the related documents of mold vaginitis and trichomonas vaginitis did not point out that if the corresponding vaginitis is not treated, surgery will be performed, which will cause gynecological infection, pelvic inflammatory disease or infertility.

Dr. Fu Hong reads the relevant chapters of pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a group of diseases caused by women’s reproductive tract inflammation. The common symptoms are lower abdominal pain, vaginal secretions increase, abdominal pain is persistent, after activity or sexual intercourseHere.If the condition is serious, fever or even high fever, chills, headaches, and lack of appetite.Because delays and effective treatment of PID may cause PID sequelae, such as tubal factor infertility and ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), this disease is increasingly valued.

Who are prone to pelvic inflammatory disease?

In addition to pelvic inflammation favors the "Miao Ling Women", the age of high incidence is 15-25 years old, and pelvic inflammation mostly occurs in women in sexual active periods, especially those who have young age, have multiple personal partners, sexual intercourse, and sexual partners who have sexually transmitted diseases.EssenceLower reproductive tract infection: For example, gonococcus cervicitis, chlamydia cervicitis, and bacterial vaginal disease are closely related to pelvic inflammatory disease.Poor sexual hygiene: such as menstrual sexual intercourse, use of non -clean menstrual pads, etc., can invade the pathogens and cause inflammation.Near the direct spread of organ inflammation.

Infection in infection in uterine cavity: such as curettage, fallopian tube liquid, uterine fallopian tube film, hysteroscopic examination, due to the reproductive tract mucosal damage, bleeding, and necrosis caused by the surgeryCauses pelvic inflammatory disease.

From the above we can see that after gynecological surgery, including artificial abortion, women’s genital tract mucosa is inevitable that damage, bleeding, and necrosis may occur.possible.

If the environment of your vagina is not good, the cleanliness is still 3 degrees, no matter which vaginitis, or the existing examination methods have not found the corresponding pathogenic bacteria, Dr. Fu Hong still recommends that you follow the doctor’s guidance, right and right, and the symptoms are right.Anti -infection treatment, after reviewing the secretion includes the cleanliness, then surgery.This can avoid or reduce postoperative infection or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Because if pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, if pelvic inflammatory disease fails to be treated in a timely and thorough treatment, it will not only cause chronic pelvic pain and recurrent inflammation, but also lead to the occurrence of fallopian tube pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) and infertility, which will seriously affect women’s women’s.Reproductive health and increase the burden of family and social and economic.

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(This article is an original article, which is first published in the "Dr. Fu Hong" today’s headline. The picture comes from the Internet and does not do commercial use. Disclaimer: This article is for reference only.The diagnosis, treatment and suggestions of other medical staff, if you have any physical discomfort, please seek medical treatment in time.)

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