If you want to achieve breastfeeding smoothly, you must do breast care during pregnancy (attached strategy)

Breast milk is the best food for babies. Many mothers choose to breastfeed after giving birth, but sometimes mothers cannot breastfeed smoothly due to various breast problems, such as poor breast ducts, nipple cracked.

In fact, as long as the pregnant mother cares about breasts in advance during pregnancy, some unnecessary troubles can be avoided to a large extent.

Today, Xima focuses on breast care methods at different stages of pregnancy for sisters. It is very operable. Pregnant mothers do it soon!

Early pregnancy breast care

In the early stages of pregnancy, the increase in progesterone extend the milk conveyor tube and expand the branch. The improvement of progesterone levels will promote the growth of bubbles in the bosom of the mammary gland (this is the place where milk is produced in the future).

Blood flows more to the breast, and the adipose tissue has also begun to accumulate, surrounds and precipitate the extension of the swing -proof ducts and gonads.

At this stage, the nipples will become strong and sensitive.

The areola gradually expands, the color becomes darker, and the small pimples surrounded by the areola protruding (this is the areola gland, also called the Monaga Mali gland, it is responsible for secreting an oily antibacterial substance, Will be more prominent.

The entire breast will rise, and the texture of the surface skin will be more obvious.The tightness, heavyness and fullness of the breasts will be significant.

How to care:

Breast care in early pregnancy is mainly to replace the right underwear in time.

Generally, the normal breast weight is about 200g. At 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, the breasts begin to increase, and the breasts at the end of pregnancy can reach 400-800g.

Underwear with suitable cups can help us protect the health of the breasts, but it should be noted that don’t buy it small, otherwise it will limit the normal development of breast tissue and affect future breastfeeding.

Don’t buy a larger size in order to increase the breasts in the future, because the inappropriate underwear does not have the effect of holding heavy breasts and comfortable gonads.

Breast care in the middle of pregnancy

Driven by hormones that are still rising, breast changes in early pregnancy will be more obvious in the middle stage.

The bubbles of milk conveyor tubes and gonads continue to develop, and the supply of blood is also increasing, which is used to support this expansion.

Ebinum -secreted prolactin can differentiate the cells of the glandular tissue, forming blisters, and prepare for lactation.

Generally, from May pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s nipples will have secretions and will form a scalp on the nipple.

Pregnant mothers should take a bath every day during this time. If it is cold, you can do local cleaning.

After cleaning, breast massage must be done, and when the baby is born, breastfeeding can be successfully breastfeed.

How to clean and massage the breast correctly?

Cleaning: First remove the milk, then clean the skin on the surface with a warm towel, and use a hot towel to make the clean breasts with hot compresses.

Massage: separate the thumb with the other four fingers and hold the breast, push from the root to the top, and do all the directions of the breasts. Doing this every day can ensure the smooth flow of the breast.

Maintenance: Use mild moisturizing lotion to clean and massage the breasts that have massaged again. The focus of this massage is the nipple. To give it a certain pressure, use two or three fingers to pinch the nipples and then twist it.Dip the emulsion and moisturize the skin of the nipple.

In this way, when the baby bites it and sucks hard, it will not crack, thereby avoiding additional pain.

Due to the stimulation of breasts and nipples, it may cause uterine contraction, so it must be gentle during cleaning and massage.

If abdominal pain or vaginal hemorrhage symptoms occur, stop immediately and send it to the hospital for treatment in time.

Breast care in the third trimester

During the third trimester, the manufacturing and conveying system of milk continued to expand and develop.

When the pregnancy is about to end, there will be 12-20 rounds inside each side of the breast. Each one is a major gland bubbles at the inside root, and a top-to-top of the mouth is reduced outside the nipples.Tube composition.

At this time, the breasts are fully capable of making milk. Even if the baby is born in advance, the mother’s breasts can have milk to feed the baby.

However, without the stimulation of the baby’s sucking, the manufacturing of milk is stopped, because estrogen and progesterone can inhibit the prolactin, and the prolactin can promote milk secretion.

At this stage, the breasts and tingling will be more obvious. The pregnant mother must start protecting the breasts, which can massage the breast to relieve pain and prepare for breastfeeding.

If there is a premature stem, such as frequent abdominal pain, blood -based secretions in the vagina, and premature history of premature birth, it is best not to massage the breast, you can consult a doctor.

If you cause frequent contractions when you massage your breast, stop the massage and seek medical treatment in time.

1. Finger pressure massage

Separate your thumb with the other four fingers, hold the breast, press your fingers slightly, press the breast slightly, and push it from the root to the top along the direction of the breast growth to the top.

If you find that the lump is obvious and painful, you will see it in time.Do not force the strength when pressing your fingers. Pay attention to push forward slowly.

2. Grab the knead massage

Five fingers opened, gently grabbed 15-20 from the root of the breast to the nipples, and then gently massaged 2 minutes by gently massage around the breast with palms.

Pay attention to the power of grabbing and rubbing slowly and slow speed. Cut your nails before massage, so as not to damage the nipples and cause infection.

3. Circle massage

Put your hands above and below the breast, massage from the breast root to the areola and nipples in a circle of painting, and move your hands clockwise to continue massage until you massage the whole breast.

4. Massage does not exceed 10 minutes

Before the massage, the pregnant mother should use a hot towel to apply a hot side of the breast, then massage after 3-5 minutes, and then do the other side after completion.

Proper heat compresses can strengthen the effect of massage.Apply a small amount of emulsion for pregnant women before massage. The entire massage process does not exceed 10 minutes. It is advisable to make the skin slightly red.

The changes in the human body are often amazing. Some people say that your breasts may have been pregnant earlier than you know that you are pregnant.

The changes in breasts are preparing for the baby, including bigger breasts, darkens of areolas, sensitive nipples, and so on.

Most changes to normal physiological phenomena, but if the sudden changes, changes that cannot be explained, and gradually aggravating changes, they must be paid attention to. This may be a pathological state that needs to be visited in time.

Other things are normally cared for according to the stage method, so that the baby can drink breast milk carefully prepared for TA as soon as it is born, and take care of the baby to thrive!

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