If you have to have a miscarriage, which one is selected by the drug flow and painless people?

Born a healthy and cute baby, a happy mother, is the most important part of most women’s life desires.However, there are always special circumstances -such as accidental pregnancy due to contraceptive failure, because the disease should not continue to pregnancy, to prevent pregnancy in order to prevent congenital malformations or genetic diseases, and can only seek artificial abortion.

Abortion will cause a certain degree of damage to women’s bodies. If you have to have a miscarriage, how to choose, is it a little more harmful to the flow of drug or abortion?Today, we will start with this article.

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What is artificial abortion?

The termination of pregnancy within 3 months of pregnancy is called early pregnancy termination, or artificial abortion.Artificial abortion can be divided into two methods: surgical abortion and drug abortion.Commonly used methods are negative pressure to attract artificial flow production, tongs scraping artificial flow production, and drug -based production surgery.

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The difference between people and drug flow

1. What is surgery (painless) abortion?

Surgery flow refers to the expansion of the cervix and a negative pressure suction palace through the instrument, and the pregnancy sac is sucks out of the uterus to terminate the pregnancy.

Based on whether to choose anesthesia, it is divided into painless flow and ordinary abortion, which is clinically used to terminate early pregnancy.Under anesthesia analgesics, negative pressure suction surgery, which is often said to be painless artificial flow, is the first in my country.The abortion surgery is relatively safe and simple.

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2. What is a drug abortion?

Many women, especially unmarried women, have a misunderstanding that drug abortion is not surgery and will not hurt the body.In fact, the abortion of drugs is the same as the abortion of negative pressure suction.

The advantage of drug abortion is that the method is simple, no uterine cavity operation is required, and the trauma is small.Since the 1990s, the drugs of drug abortion have been perfected. The mature and commonly used methods for Mepitone and prostaglandin have a complete abortion rate of more than 90%.However, there is a certain failure rate of drug and abortion, and the palace surgery needs to be supplemented.


The best time for drug flow and painless abortion

Because the drug flow and painless abortion have corresponding adaptation time, choosing a drug flow or painless abortion, not only considering personal will, but also the best choice for the current situation according to the specific situation of the embryo.Therefore, if you want to choose an abortion, go to the relevant departments of the hospital as soon as possible to conduct professional consultation and understanding.

1. The best time for drug abortion

Divine abortion is usually carried out within 49 days of menopause. Due to a certain chance of drug flow, it causes excess bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct drug flow in a regular hospital to ensure safety.

The scope of drug abortion is small, and the size of the fetus with drug abortion cannot exceed two months. It is best to be the best in about 40 days of pregnancy.More than this range, if you insist on doing drug flow, it will easily cause major bleeding.

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2. The best time for painless people

Painless abortion time is generally 9 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. If it is within 45-55 days, the uterus is not too large at this time, and the impact of surgery on the body is relatively small.

If the pregnancy is more than 10 to 12 weeks, the embryo has grown too much, and even the bone has been formed. The largest straw can not be sucked out. At this timeAfter some placenta are discharged, the palace is cleared.

If the induction of labor fails, it is necessary to scrape it with the help of clamping, that is, use the equipment to directly scrape the embryo and the placenta uterine.

The surgical risk is large, and cervical damage and bleeding are easily increased during surgery. It also increases the risk of infection, uterine injury, and postoperative uterine adhesion.Therefore, if unexpected pregnancy intends to terminate pregnancy, try to be implemented within 2 months of pregnancy.


The advantages and disadvantages of drug flow and abortion

The advantages and disadvantages of drug abortion


easy and convenient.In the first stage of pregnancy, in the case of small germ, we usually choose to have a drug abortion.Because the drug flow can avoid surgery, the risk of infection is relatively small.


If the abortion of the drug or the incomplete discharge of the pregnancy, there will be long -term vaginal bleeding, which provides favorable conditions for bacterial breeding, and the inner mouth of the cervix after the drug flow is also relaxed, which can easily cause bacterial infections and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

The most important thing is that the abortion of the drug is easy to flow thoroughly. Usually, some tissues are left in the uterus. It is necessary to clear the palace again, which is greater than the abortion damage.

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The prosperity and disadvantage of the flow of people


The flow of abortion is short, generally only 5-10 minutes. If it is painless abortion, there is no pain in the process.

Regular hospitals are performed in the operating room of layer flow purification, ensuring the safety of surgery, and the risk of infection is low.Surgical trauma is also relatively small, and the postoperative recovery is fast. It only takes about two weeks to return to normal.


In the process of painless abortion surgery, due to the pregnancy sac, it is easy to cause the uterine cavity pressure to fall, and the changes in excessive pressure can easily cause endometriosis;

The flow of people may also cause cervical adhesion or uterine cavity adhesion and endometrial damage, leading to the occurrence of secondary infertility.

Painless abortion hazards are also manifested in because the surgery has no obvious pain, which makes many girls feel that the flow of people is not a terrible thing. After the surgery, they do not pay attention to contraception and cause more abortion, causing more harm to the body.

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From the perspective of the health of women, no matter which kind of flow of people, it is artificially termination of normal pregnancy, which disturb the endocrine balance of the human body, cause temporary or long -term endocrine disorders.harm.

In the case of abortion, the painless abortion is relatively safe. Under the current medical technology, not only will not make the patient feel pain, but the entire surgery can be carried out under visible situation.Provide favorable conditions, so when surgical conditions permit, you can choose painless abortion surgery.

It should be noted that within half a month after miscarriage, do not engage in heavy physical labor and cold water activities, avoid cold, prohibit sexual life for one month, pay attention to increasing nutrition and strengthen the body’s resistance to disease.

The most important thing is that if there is no fertility requirements, we must do a good job of contraception to avoid accidental conception and artificial abortion.

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