If you get pregnant after a caesarean section?Doctors remind: Pregnant women do 5 things well to reduce risk of childbirth!

Many women think that the delivery is really painful. It is better to have a anesthetic child when a cesarean section is born.

But when I wanted the second child, I was a little worried: Did my previous caesarean knife grow well?What should I pay attention to when I have a second child with a cesarean section?Can the second child try to give birth?

Today we will talk about those things that the expectant mother needs to pay attention to when the second child is pregnant.

Because the knife mouth healing of the uterine wall after a caesarean section is different, it is difficult to completely heal in the short term.Premature pregnancy, due to the development of the fetus, the uterus continues to increase, and the uterine wall becomes thinner, especially the scar at the mouth of the surgical knife, which lacks elasticity.Fresh scars may cause uterine rupture at the end of pregnancy or during childbirth, causing abdominal hemorrhage, and even threatening life.

In order to prevent scar crackers, we must pay attention to controlling the weight growth and fetal size during pregnancy. At the same time, pay attention to observing abdominal pain and fetal movement. Timedness examination should be treated early.Some scar uterus will cause spontaneous rupture to occur in the late pregnancy. Abdominal pain is the main manifestation. Pregnant women in the second child must be vigilant.Due to the poor healing of uterine scars, as the pregnancy month increases, the pressure in the palace increases. Although there are no causes, the uterus can also swell from the scar.

Fetal movement is a standard for understanding the development of the fetus.At present, the fetal movement standards are mostly more than or equal to 30 times within 12 hours as the fetal condition is good. 20-30 times is the alert value, and the fetal movement is reduced by less than 20 or 1 hour.The number of times decreases by more than 30%.After cesarean section, if the uterus with scars is ruptured, the fetus will die, and the fetal heart sounds disappear.24-48 hours before the fetus died, the fetal movement slowed down or disappeared first.

The closer to the due date, the greater the risk of rupture.In order to prevent uterine rupture or fetal death, if there is poor fetal movement, abdominal pain, and frequent contractions, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. If problems are found, you can deal with it in time.The maternal cesarean section during the first pregnancy, and after the surgery, the maternal after surgery. It is generally ideal to take a cesarean section at 39 to 40 weeks when pregnant with a second child.

It was a matter of last century.Generally speaking, if the expectant mothers do not have a indicator of a caesarean section when they are pregnant, for example, the internal distress of the fetus, the weakness of the uterine shrinkage, and the absence of the fetal position, then the second child has the opportunity to give birth.

Generally speaking, the first child to cut the second child to meet the following conditions:

1. Previously, there were no more than two low -level cross -section history of cesarean section.

2. The pelvic conditions are appropriate.

3. No other uterine surgical scar or history of uterine rupture.

4. After giving birth, doctors monitor the delivery process, with anesthesiologists and surgical personnel who are emergency caesarean section.

5. The size of the fetus is appropriate, and pregnant women have a median.

But it is undeniable that no matter how long the interval is, there will be risks in the first childbirth of a cesarean section.Specific mothers should drink more doctors to communicate, and determine the production method based on their physical conditions and the development of the fetus.

No matter which method of childbirth, there are advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of understanding risks, making preparations, and making choices, our first purpose will always ensure the health and safety of mothers and babies.

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