If you find that you are pregnant after breaking up, what will you do

Lina, who hadn’t been in contact for a while today, suddenly called me and asked me to drink coffee. I was wondering why this girl suddenly came out.I’m pregnant, my ex -boyfriend, our hands last month.My coffee almost didn’t spray her face, and she broke up when she was pregnant?I only knew that she was pregnant a few days ago. She said quietly that we had no contraception, so we were ready to give birth. Who knew that he could not come to the end.Didn’t you tell him?Having said, I sent him a text message with a mentality of trying it to say that I was pregnant. After two hours, he returned to me and knocked it off. When the tears fell off, I asked him when he went, and he kept he kept on.If you do n’t answer, do n’t answer the phone. I have made a lot of money later. He said that he would go next month. Today, I called again to let him fight with me tomorrow. He agreed at the beginning and said after a few days.In fact, I don’t want to fight, but it is very uncomfortable to rely on my child to keep me with him. What do you say what should I do?In fact, to be honest, I am really hard to do when I encounter such a thing. Let ’s take a look at what the girl who random interviews say.

There are also silently beaten, is it a bit of hasty, should you make an appointment to talk about your boyfriend, because after all, you are his flesh, you should ask his opinion, and you should ask you also ask you also askAsk your heart, do you still love him and see if your feelings have room for recovery.

The girl meant to call his ex -boyfriend and let him accompany him to the hospital

If you have been unable to return to your boyfriend, it is indeed a wise choice to kill your child.Preparation or a spare tire that likes to be a man who likes to take over.

This girl mainly depends on the attitude of my ex -boyfriend. I called the fact that the fact of pregnancy was told to see what he reacted. If he was holding it, it didn’t matter, why did he break up to find me to treat you, then you should decisively decisivelyDelete all his contact information, and then find his own good sisters to accompany himself to be people.If he heard the news of your pregnancy, he immediately came to you and discussed the next matters with you. I think he is a responsible man, at least he still cares about you.In addition to respecting his opinions, I think you should talk to him about your feelings.See if he still loves you.

The girl is so domineering, and fight if you don’t marry …

Should I think about whether my boyfriend still loves myself? If so, think about why you leave your ex -boyfriend and leave your ex -boyfriend himself.If only because of the impulse of both sides, the hasty decision to break up.Then I think you should no matter who you are before. If you can continue to be with your boyfriend, I suggest that you get married and give birth to your child immediately. After all, it is the crystallization of your love. Do not abandon him at will.However, if both sides have no feelings, the possibility of Fengzi marriage cannot be said, but I have seen a few pairs of Fengzi married in my life. Basically, they are not happy. Instead of tearing the nonsense in the future, it is better to cut off now.

Therefore, give yourself a space for calmly thinking. In the end, you still have to go yourself, and make clear your thoughts for your next step!

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