If you find syphilis after pregnancy, can your baby still ask?

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Pregnancy is a big event for Ms. Li’s family, but I did not expect that the family was in sadness and tangling recently.Recently, when Ms. Li came to the Changsha Maternal and Child Health Hospital for a regular production inspection, the doctor told her infection with syphilis.The focus of the family’s disputes falls on the question of "whether a child wants".

If syphilis is found during pregnancy, can children still need it?Changsha Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital reminded that syphilis is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and is a chronic and systematic transmission disease caused by syphilis spiral body.The 4 passes through: sexual contact, indirect contact, blood transmission, maternal and baby communication.Most syphilis patients do not have clinical symptoms. Only by receiving serum testing can they find syphilis.

Therefore, many pregnant women have never thought that they will get syphilis, especially hidden syphilis. Because there are no clinical symptoms and uncomfortable manifestations, they never expect to check.

The risks of maternal infant adult syphilis are mainly concentrated during pregnancy.If pregnant mothers are infected with syphilis, 50%-80%of the possibility of miscarriage, dead tires, premature birth, low weight and congenital syphilis are caused without treatment without treatment.However, through standardized treatment, there is a high probability that it can still give birth to a healthy baby.The normative treatment during pregnancy is directly related to the risk of the baby’s birth infection. The more standardized and timely treatment, the lower the risk of the baby’s infection.Penicillin is an effective drug for the treatment of syphilis. Pregnant women infected with syphilis can be treated with penicillin to prevent more than 98%of congenital syphilis by placenta.

In addition to treatment, preventing testing is more important.In order to detect as soon as possible, the best treatment time can be obtained after discovering syphilis infection, thereby blocking the possibility of transmission between syphilis between mothers and infants.There are two opportunities for free syphilis infection with serum testing before pregnancy. One is a free pre -marital medical examination. The notice of the free marriage check -for -free object holds his ID card, hukou book and marriage registration authority to the district, county (city) maternal and child health care hospital where the hukou is located () Apply for a marriage check; once is a free pre -pregnancy health examination, and all pregnant women who meet the statutory fertility conditions plan to go to the districts, counties (cities) maternal and child health care hospitals of the household registration ()Whenever a free test.Therefore, syphilis can be detected for free before pregnancy, and standardized treatment can also block the congenital syphilis of neonatal.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Liu Shuang

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