If you do n’t want a child after pregnancy, please be a crowded before your child ’s heartbeat!please!

Text/Xiaoyu Baba


Now you can see some painless advertisements on the street. Many people may be commonplace and strange.Not to mention whether there is pain in the flow of people and how much physical damage to women is.For the fetus alone, before coming to this world, he was ruthlessly removed.

Is the fetus wrong?of course not!

The wrong adult, but the adult wants to take this little life to bear the little life.Nevertheless, there are some people who disagree at all, thinking that the fetus is just an individual who has no life, but does not know if the fetus feels at during miscarriage.Perhaps this is also a kind of instinct for human beings to disagree with the weak.

In fact, after the 5th week of pregnancy, you can see the pregnancy sac through the B -ultrasound. At the 6th week of pregnancy, the pregnancy test rate was 100%.The germ can be seen at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. When the germ trail is 2mm, the original heart tube beating can be seen. At the beginning of 8 weeks of pregnancy, the human form is human.The fetus may appear in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, when the weak little heart starts to beat, it is already a new life.If you really need to abandon the cause of an irresistible cause, please go to the abortion before the child appears!

I knew that abortion was a behavior of making evil, so I had to take safety measures if I didn’t want it. I had to stay. The fetal was too cruel. At the same time, I was destroying my body.EssenceMoreover, I also heard that some doctors eat the baby under the fetus and the placenta that others do not need after giving birth. It is terrible!

In any case, the child is innocent, and you can’t abandon anyway, otherwise you will be repaid in the next life of the sin of killing. Your own conscience will be condemned.child.

It is said that more tires will affect fertility, so you must be cautious every time you choose.

Therefore, the child is innocent, and the children are very innocent. Please ask those who ask for children blindly. Let it go naturally, which is treasure.Men have no sense of responsibility, don’t let a woman get pregnant. Women please put your name first. Your body is the best gift for you.

Maybe everyone has their own so -called pain!

But please remember: there is nothing wrong with the child, and the adults who make mistakes.

If you do n’t want a child after pregnancy, please be a crowded before your child ’s heartbeat!please!

Regarding what you think or experience in miscarriage, you are welcome to leave a message to communicate!

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