If you are pregnant, your boyfriend doesn’t want it, does he show that he doesn’t love me?

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I was 22 years old and found pregnant half a year ago. I thought that I and my boyfriend were still a child. Before preparing to be a parent, my boyfriend accompanied me to remove my baby.

But after that, we were very unhappy. I often suspect that his love for me and often lost his temper.I am pregnant, he does not want children, but to get rid of it. Does it mean that he doesn’t love me at all?

Unexpected pregnancy is a major event in love, which is particularly sensitive. After all, it involves an innocent little life.

This incident is much more serious than quarreling, fighting, and breaking up. If it is not handled well, the two may break up because of this, and the old death may not be.

So, what do men think about accidental pregnancy?

Why do some men look forward to giving birth to a few children in the future when they are in love. What is the name and where to take a child to play, but suddenly the girlfriend is really pregnant, and the man regrets it?


In fact, it is very simple, because it is unexpected.He has not been ready to raise a child.

It is right for a man to have a child with you, but the premise that he wants the child is that both of them are ready, the plan is ready, there is enough psychological preparation and material basis, and the two people welcome the crystallization of love together.

But now, although the two are in love, they have not reached the stage of talking about marriage. He has not really considered the child’s problem, and you suddenly become pregnant.He is at a loss as you.

The "accident" of "accidental pregnancy" is "unexpected" that both of them have not been prepared.

There is a matter of a year or two, but a lifetime of giving birth to children, raising children, and educating children.

Maybe the boys have difficulty survival. Maybe he just started his career. He hadn’t made any money. He really had no psychological preparation and went to be a good dad.

So, this is what you face, the man advises you to kill, because he is really not ready.At the psychological level, and spiritually, he was not ready to welcome the child.

So, if you are pregnant, your boyfriend does not want this child, and does not want to have this child with you, does it mean that he does not love you?

Well, even if he loves you very much, but if he is not ready, he may not want this child.

Love or not, and no children to have children are two different things.

If he pays 3,000 yuan a month, his life is tight, how can he raise children?

And to be honest, when many girls were pregnant, she was not prepared by herself.

Girls did not intend to ask for this child.

On the one hand, girls take this to test men’s love for you and test whether he will be responsible for you.

On the other hand, this is a life after all. You decided to kill yourself. It seems too cruel and a sin.

You need to let your boyfriend be this wicked and push you.

It is undeniable fact that girls are pregnant and have to bear physical and mental injuries.

And boys, he does not have to pay the price at all, even if he lifts his pants and does not recognize it, you have no way.You have no great impact on him.

As a result, many women are unwilling, feel that they are injured, unfair, suffering, and psychological imbalance.

Indeed, men and women are destined to be unhappy in fertility.No way, this is the result of the law of nature.

There are many people who break up because of unexpected pregnancy, and many people want to reunite after they break the children.

If the woman wants to reunite, it will be more difficult.

Women’s side:

After the two of them are reunited, the girls will think of the fact that they have been pregnant and destroyed from time to time, and they will think about the damage and suffering you have suffered. The cold equipment and the taste of the coldness of the people will remind you at all times to remind you at all times.

You will think that you have eaten so much hard, he is so sorry for you. After reunion, he should compensate you and be better for you.

Because you think he owes you.

If he doesn’t look better as you expect, or if he is negligible to you, you are resentful.You have grievances in your heart, and your feelings will not be good, and sooner or later you will have problems.

The man’s side:

Girls want to reunite, and men will weigh.

After the reunion, those unpleasant things will not disappear, and you are guilty of this incident, which is a bit heavy.Once girls are re -raised, they are prone to quarrels.

Then, the physical fitness of each girl is different. Does she have an impact on the birth of pregnancy?This is a very practical problem.Men, you will definitely think of this.Reality and passion.

Instead, it is better to forget the past, let go of the old love, find a new girl, and open a new relationship. There is no unpleasant memory, which is easier and happy.

What do you choose?

If you really want to reunite, you can’t always talk about these old things.

It is the responsibility of both of you after pregnancy, and it is not his responsibility.

There is no resentment in your heart, so he dares to slowly let go of his precaution and contact you, so you have the opportunity to reunite.

Human nature is like this.When you don’t mention it to him, he will still feel guilty of you; but when you scold him and remind him, he feels not owed you.You have scolded so much, and you are flat.

Many girls have never used the guilt of men correctly.

At the end of the article, I must remind: Before preparing, please remember to contraception.Especially girls, since they are not prepared to have children, there must be some measures. Do not be forced to make the worst choice after having "accidents".

A man who really loves you will respect you and take the initiative to wear a sleeve.Those men who only care about themselves and refuse to wear a suit, don’t let him go to your bed, how far he is.

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