If you are pregnant, your baby is not intended. Please say "goodbye" as soon as possible.

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The young girl now seems to be disagreeable about miscarriage. The reason is that there are a few of them: the abortion technology is getting better and better, basically there will be too much pain or leaving the root cause, and recovery is fast; as Chinese and Western culture are fast;With a high degree of integration, people’s tolerance for sex is getting higher and higher.Therefore, there are more relationships to meet physiological needs. It is believed that there are more and more girls who are free and fashionable, which also causes the incidence of abortion to get higher and higher.

However, in the United States, which seems to be very open to sex, the process of artificial abortion is still difficult. Medical institutions that can implement artificial abortion are limited, but in this case, some people can often see some people standing in front of the door in front of the door.The expression is resentful and serious. Holding a big slogan similar to "murder is equivalent to murder" is a crime, it is shocking to see. Americans have a harsh attitude towards abortion, which also increases the application of contraceptive methods and reduces the application of contraceptive methods, which has reduced it and reduced it.Their abortion rate.

In short, if you are not married or not married, please be careful about "pregnancy", because the words such as damage and killing are old -fashioned concepts.Please keep rational in the face of passion, be able to effectively make good use of contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy and losses in yourself, fetuses, and economic damage when you face abortion.

Abortion surgery is generally divided into drug abortion and artificial abortion. The drug -based abortion is suitable for women who have been discontinued within 49 days. Women who are diagnosed as early pregnancy through experimental methods are clinically used as early pregnancy.However, the abortion of drugs is easy to flow, especially women who have surpassed standards during pregnancy, and are more likely to leave hidden dangers.

It is well known that artificial abortion is to remove the fetus through artificial surgery. It is generally suitable for women within 14 weeks of pregnancy. If it exceeds this pregnancy, induction of labor is required.The flow of people is a kind of surgery, the probability of postoperative infection, and even affecting future pregnancy.Modern women generally choose painless abortion, but women are still underdeveloped and remote areas. Women still stay in place to implement conventional flow of people who go to places where hygiene are not up to standard, resulting in a high chance of infertility in the future.

No matter what kind of surgical method, it will cause serious damage to women’s bodies, affecting endocrine and pregnancy function.Women with multiple abortion surgery are almost infertile.Mainly have the following effects

1 Affects later pregnancy and fetal development

The flow of people will cause damage to the endometrium and uterine muscle layer. It affects the bed after the impact. It is not easy to get pregnant again, and it will affect the development of the fetus.

2 people’s premature birth and habitual abortion

Abortion will cause cervical injury, and it is easy to habitually abortion afterwards.

3 severe cases lead to infertility

Most patients will cause infection after abortion, leading to inflammation of the reproductive system, poor maintenance, and infertility.

4 hurt life, not humane

But in addition, the most cruel thing is the harm to the fetus in the abdomen. When some women are aborted, the fetus is already sound. At this time, the doctor will adhere to humanitarianism for discouragement, because we are already a living little small life together.life.

Children who have been formed can not be fully treated at all through the curettage. They can only be dehydrated through high osmogenesis or pierced the head with a needle, and finally put them in a bag like throwing garbage. Sometimes the children who have already discharged evenThere is also vitality, you can only look at it little by little.

Therefore, if you don’t want a child, please be processed before the child’s heartbeat.Make a decision as soon as possible to avoid pregnancy before marriage. If you are not pregnant due to unwavering factors such as the ring bias, you must choose contraception when your husband and wife live. The commonly used condoms or long -acting contraceptives, try to avoid short -term contraception and afterwards contraceptionA large amount of hormone stimulation can easily lead to complications such as infertility.

I hope that the girl can love and love themselves, and avoid hurting her baby before being born.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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