If you are pregnant again after a cesarean section, can the fetus ask?Doctor: It is best not to do these 4 cases

Min Min will give birth after another period of time. In order to alleviate her tension, she asked her friends to go home as a guest at home. When I talked about the way she gave birth, Minmin hurriedly said: "I listened to a treasure that had just finished the past few days ago.Mom said that the delivery was too painful. The whole delivery room was her howling. I was so scared, so I was not ready to give birth. "Now more and more pregnant mothers choose to have a cesarean section because of the pain of giving birth.Although the method of caesarean section can reduce the pain of childbirth at that time, compared with the birth of the delivery, some sequelae will also be left. However, if you do not have these situations, it means that your body recovers well.

1. Anesthesia sequelae

When a caesarean section, anesthesia should be carried out early, which can reduce the pain during the production of pregnant mothers, but after anesthesia, pregnant mothers will also have various discomfort symptoms, such as: physical weakness, nausea and retching, etc.The phenomenon sometimes lasts about half a year, but after half a year, it will basically disappear.But think about such a pain that will last so long, and the pregnant mother should consider it.

2. The risk of pregnancy again

After a cesarean section, doctors generally explain to Bao Ma. In the past two years, try not to have a second child as much as possible, because Caesarean section consumes a lot to Baoma’s body. If Baoma’s body has not fully recovered, and she is pregnant again, it is likely to occur.The phenomenon of miscarriage or premature birth, so in order to avoid this situation, it is better to wait for the baby to have a cesarean section.But if your physique is recovered well, the doctor also allows, the Baoma can prepare for the second child.

3. Uterine damage

Now more and more pregnant mothers choose a caesarean section. According to incomplete statistics, the number of people at present is about 40%. Although in production, anesthetic drugs will reduce the pain in the pregnant mother, but the pregnant mother who has experienced a caesarean section many times will experience a cesarean section.The probability of uterine adhesion will increase, and even cause some sequelae. In addition, the uterus may be relaxed. The more frequent the caesarean section, the greater the damage to the uterus. ThereforePersevere.

4. Belly wound pain

The pregnant mother who has a cesarean section will have a beautiful knife marks on the body. This trace is a proof of love, but it will also make the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable after production, such as not to involve the stomach, or squeeze the stomach.Especially when the weather is not good, it will cause itching and pain when it rains, and it is really torture.However, some pregnant mothers have not appeared after giving birth to a baby, which shows that her physique is good and recovered well.

In fact, no matter what kind of way, seeing the baby is the most important, but there will be more disadvantages than the cesarean section. However, if the pregnant mothers who have a cesarean section have the above phenomenon after giving birth, it shows that the recovery is not bad.

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