If there are these performances, it means that I am pregnant and can’t be wrong!

A friend around him had been preparing for half a year. Recently, he always felt that his body was very uncomfortable. He thought it was a cold, so he went to the clinic to see it.The doctor gave the pulse and said that it might be a bit humid and prescribed her medicine.When friends were taking medicine at night, because the taste of the medicine was a bit unpleasant, it almost spit it out disgusting.The husband on the side saw her, and asked her if she was pregnant.

When my friend’s heart was calculated, the aunt did have been postponed for two or three days, but because the aunt was not normal before, she didn’t care.As a result, I went to the hospital for an examination the next day, and I was really pregnant.A friend was afraid to say to her husband, fortunately, I didn’t take medicine.In fact, many people have a misunderstanding of a cold when they are pregnant.However, if your body has these reactions, it means that you are pregnant.

1. Special easy to sleep

If you don’t do anything recently, you feel tired, it’s sleepy every day, and it’s easy to fight.Even if I slept early the night before, I still didn’t want to get up in the morning and felt that my head was heavy.It may be pregnant.

2. Rise body temperature

Some sisters feel that their body temperature seems a bit high, and the body temperature is about 37.2. At this time, most sisters feel that they may have a bit of a fever.But if it is not symptoms of nasal congestion headaches, it may be due to the increase in body temperature caused by pregnancy.

3. chest pain

If the chest is usually not abnormal, but suddenly the chest will be swollen for a while, or there is a feeling of thorns on the chest, you must consider whether you are pregnant.

4. Great appetite

In the early stages of pregnancy, most women will have a particularly good appetite.It seems that the appetite is not so big, but suddenly the appetite is wide open and hungry very fast.

5, frequent urine

In the early stages of pregnancy, because some physiological reactions can stimulate the bowel movement function, the number of times the toilet will increase.

6. Auntie postponed

In the case of relatively stable physiological cycle, if menstruation is delayed for about a week, the chance of pregnancy is very high.In particular, some sisters have the abdominal pain that the aunt is coming, but she can’t come.

If there are more than three performances, the chance of pregnancy is very high.At this time, sisters can buy early pregnancy test paper to test, and then go to the hospital to confirm.I wish you all a good pregnancy ~

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