If the husband is derailed, the other party is pregnant, how should the original match be selected?

"Falling in love for 5 years, getting married for 2 years, my husband derailed, and the other party has already conceived the child. What should I do if I have no job?"

According to the problem of this case, I dismantled four questions and told you to do this.

01 What should I do if my husband derails?

This problem is very common. Although it is not fresh, few people can be clear, because the worse marriage is intimate relationship, and sensuality will affect the choice.

The husband’s derailment is not forgiven, but the premise is that the actual conditions must be forgiven.However, even if the actual conditions can be forgiven, we cannot forgive it easily. This is the principle and your bottom line.

After all, marriage is not love, and break up when you break up.Your family disintegration needs to face many practical problems, division of property, custody, etc.

The other party is pregnant. At this time, the husband has nothing to do. Obviously, if the other party is willing to take money to get a fetus, your husband means returning to the family. You will not know that the other party is pregnant at this time, and then come up to ask.

If the problem cannot be solved, everyone will show up.

Since the showdown, the husband can’t solve it, that is, the rhythm of departure.

What should we do in the face of derailed husbands?Don’t complain, don’t blame the other party.

Because at present, we have no ability to divorce. What we have to do is to stir up the guilt of the other party, and most of the benefits for ourselves in terms of property.

So for this problem, we did not forgive this saying that you only need to establish a goal: maximize interests.

At this time, interests are the hope of supporting your future, and the relationship has been ruined.

02 What should I do if the other party is pregnant?

Someone said a truth. You are the legal wife of the other party. If you do not divorce, the other party cannot be in the top.

How can it be a third party, isn’t it?Unmarried pregnancy is a problem.

Of course, we are not deliberately inseparable, because we do not have an independent economic ability at present. If we are divorced, and our future life, we cannot guarantee it. At least in the early stage, we cannot guarantee it.

What should we do?After you want to get your own reasonable interests, divorce.

Who is the most anxious at this time?If the husband wants to marry Xiao San to cross the door, then the husband is anxious, and Xiao San is anxious, and she is also anxious.

So Xiao San will put pressure on a man. What can you blame you with an indisputable look?You are the original match.

Originally, the man was looking for Primary Three to find a heart. Now that Primary Three has become a trouble. What does a man hate the most?The most annoying trouble.

Therefore, at this time, we can propose our own conditions appropriately. How can we mention it?

"You see that I have no work and no savings now. What should I do in my future life? I understand you, I hope you can understand me."

Your condition is so obvious. When the agreement is divorced, you have to benefit yourself. In fact, it is good to talk about conditions at this time.

The other party is the ant on the hot pot, and at this time, you can grasp the initiative.

Use this initiative, remember the twelve words: do not blame, do not complain, do not pay attention.

Don’t blame the other party to derail, cause trouble, don’t complain, the small three green tea, don’t pay attention to the man and the primary three.

We have only one purpose: maximize our interests.This is the most practical thing, which is related to your future.

03 What should I do if I don’t have a job?

In this world, hard -working people are hungry. Even if you have been a housewife for a few years, it is not easy to re -connect with society, but you must remember that in the futureWill you remarry or find a boyfriend.

The mountains will fall, and everyone will run by everyone.

Only by ourselves is the most guaranteed thing. Since everything we need to start from 0 now, we will bravely take this step, first find a job of our own counterpart, start from the bottom, and buy some professional counterparts of our own.Learn more.

Talents will gradually improve, and reading can calm their hearts.

After many sisters in our group find that their husbands are derailed, our self -confidence and self -identity will gradually decrease. We need to do something to calm down our mood.

This is good for yourself.

Money can be earned by your own hands, and you can give yourself a sense of security, self -confidence, and you can give yourself. You are your greatest wealth.

Don’t be afraid of what to do if you do n’t have a job, what to do in the future, although the future is long and everything is difficult, but it is firm and persistent.

04 What to do in the future?

In the future, you are when you rebuild your self -confidence, sense of accomplishment, and independent yourself.

Picking the wrong man does not mean that there are no good men in this world, you still have to have longing for love.

But this time, we have to practice our own framework and temper our bottom line. Once we touch the bottom line, we must bravely say no.

No matter who you fall in love, you must maintain your own independence and your own economic independence.

In the future, you can join hands with others, but you can rely on it completely, only yourself.

Women are not born to rely on men. Men are just partners on our growth. The best state of two people must grow up and progress with each other.

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