If the husband and wife are pregnant, just evaluate the fertility power to do these 4 examinations!

Before preparing for pregnancy, want to know your fertility, these 4 examinations must be done!

1. Six inspections of sex hormones.

L mainly includes follicle estrogen FSH, lutein formin LH, progesterone P, estrogen glycol E2, testosterone T, and prolactin PRL.

l Six inspections of sex hormones are mainly used for these inspections:

Hypermiamia, ovarian dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Gynecologist consults female patients, prescribed medicine, female health gynecologist consulting female

L, when will you check it?

On the 2-3 days of the menstrual period, this is the early follicle period, which can evaluate the basic state of ovarian function.

At 8-10 in the morning, an empty abdomen check

2. AMH.

AMH is secreted by follicles and small sinus eggs before the ovaries, and its level is directly related to the number of follicles in the ovary.

With the increase of age, the follicle reserves will gradually decrease, and the AMH value will decrease.

● AMH is lower than the normal reference value, and it is prompted to decrease by the ovarian reserve function;

● AMH is 2-3 times higher than the normal value, prompting that it may be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome;

● AMH’s normal value is between 2-6.8ng/ml and is greater than 6.8, considering the constitution of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, illustration

3. Ovulation monitoring.

Monitoring ovulation can help guide the same room. If you still fail to conceive for a long time, you can monitor ovulation.

The method of monitoring ovulation has basic body temperature monitoring, ovulation test strip monitoring and B -ultrasound monitoring.

Among them, B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation is the most accurate method. You can accurately know the time of ovulation, the size of the follicles during ovulation, and the thickness and shape of the endometrium during ovulation.

4. Sperm examination.

Male examination is also very important for couples to prepare for pregnancy.

Men’s pregnancy jing solution check requires these 7 important parameters:

L appearance: Normally, the texture is uniform, gray -white, milky white, not over for a long time, slightly yellow

L quantity: The amount of a normal man is more than or equal to 1.5ml each time

L concentration: refers to the number of tadpoles in each ml of jing liquid. The normal reference value is 15 million/ml. Naturally, it is best to get more than 20 million/ml.

Sperm, floating to the beads Spermatozoon, Floating to OVULE

l LNM: refers to the time required to transform from jelly -like to liquid after the tadpole is shot.Under normal circumstances, liquefaction is mostly completed within 15 minutes.

l: The normal reference value is: pH value 7.2-8.0, alkaline.

L Vitality: It refers to the ability of tadpoles to move forward. When PR <32%, it is called weak Jing.

l Tadpoles: The abnormal form of the tadpole will cause the tadpoles to swim normally.The normal tadpole form is> = 4%, the normal reference value of the tadpole deformity <96%

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