If the fruit is hot, the life of pregnant women should be so particular!

There are many ways to eat fruits. Eating raw and hot eating is the most important way. Almost all fruits can be eaten raw, but not all fruits are suitable for hot eating.After many sisters are pregnant, family members are used to warm all the fruits for pregnant women. They are worried that the stomach will be affected, but everyone must be careful not to eat all the fruits for the heat!

Today, I will recommend some fruits that can be eaten hot!


The pectin contained in has a good detox effect. It can cooperate with dietary fiber to clean up the intestine. The heated pectin will become more stable, and the effect of "absorb intestinal bacteria and toxins".Most of the apples in the house are not delicious now.You can cook them.Apple vitamin C content is very low, and it is not a pity to eat.Among them, potassium, pectin, green original, flavonoids and other beneficial ingredients can still be retained after heating.(It is recommended not to give your baby for a long time!) After boiling, add water to become sour, add less water, and add some jujube to increase sweetness.Apple is steaming and eating, baked, or mixed with chopped grains in pancakes.


The steamed pear has the effects of clearing the heat and lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm. For example, Chuanbei rock sugar pear is one of the classic food therapy prescriptions for cough.Use Sydney as a raw material, cook a Syrian pear soup, moisturize the face and water, and drive away the dryness.


First tie the orange epidermis with a needle.Bake in a microwave oven, about half a minute to one minute.Orange’s vitamin C has a high content, but it is rich in fruit acid, which will have a certain protective effect on vitamin C.However, it is not suitable for baking after cutting, so as not to lose juice.


It is not grapefruit, but grapefruit skin.Grapefruit skin contains flavonoids such as grapepein glycoside and deingin. It has the effect of antioxidant, which can reduce the viscosity of blood, lose weight to lose weight, and anti -aging. After heating, it will be more active when entering the body and exert the maximum effect.Cut the soft white part of the pomelo skin into thin slices, boil it with warm water for 10 minutes, and drink tea with honey, and its nutrients will begin to play a role in the body.You can eat some properly during pregnancy but don’t be too much!

red dates

The skin of dry dates is very hard, the meat is tight, and the gastric mucosa has a bad irritation, so those with weak spleen and stomach cannot eat skin.During pregnancy, the spleen and stomach is relatively weak during pregnancy, so if you want to eat red dates, you must pay attention to protect the spleen and stomach.After the red dates are cooked, it becomes easy to digest, and those with weak spleen and stomach can also eat more in moderation.


Although durian is the king of fruits, the taste of durian still makes many people unbearable.However, there is another way of eating durian, which is to stew chicken soup. After nuclear durian, cook with chicken, ginger, red dates, and walnut kernels on high heat, and then stew with a Wenhuang fire.In this way, the fire of durian was relieved, both nourishing and health.However, it is recommended that early pregnancy, especially pregnant women with severe pregnancy, try not to eat it. After all, the taste of durian can easily cause the vomiting response of pregnant women.

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