If the body sends these signals, you must not drink tea!I only know today

We all know that drinking tea is good, but drinking tea is also "too late". When you have these situations, please put down the tea cup.

Friends who like to drink tea know that there are many types of tea, and different teas have different effects and tea properties.In order to allow us to quickly understand our physical condition, our body will send some signals.

When the following signals appear, the favorite tea must be put down from the hands to stop tasting, so as not to damage your health. Do not let "health tea" a "harmful tea".

When you are sick, when you have liver disease

Most of the caffeine and other substances in tea are metabolized by the liver. If the liver is sick, too much tea will exceed the liver metabolic ability, and it will damage the liver tissue.

During the occurrence of gastric disease

Tea contains more caffeine, especially Pu’er tea and black tea.For people with too much gastric acid or gastric ulcer, drinking tea during the occurrence of stomach problems will dilute gastric juice, which is not conducive to digestion, causing gastric acid esophageal reflux, and even aggravating the condition.

During the occurrence of gout

Gout is an intangible condition that torture people. The attack is so painful that people can’t sleep.Patients with gout cannot be exposed to foods such as purine, tannic acid, seafood, and tea contains certain tannic acid substances. At this time, drinking tea will only aggravate the disease, especially tea with strong tea or soaking time.

At a special period, when pregnant and breastfeeding

Tea contains a large amount of tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc., which has many unfavorable factors for the growth of the fetus in the mother’s belly. To avoid excessive stimulation of the fetal and other fetuses, pregnant women should drink less or not to drink tea.

Drinking thick tea during lactation, too much caffeine will enter milk, and children will indirectly become excited after sucking milk, which can easily cause less sleep and crying.

When bone growth and development

Children are in the critical period of bone growth and development, and the alkaloids in tea affect the absorption of calcium, which may lead to poor bone development in children.Parents should be cautious when drinking tea for their children, and appropriately light.

Time of malnutrition

Tea has the function of decomposing fat. People with malnutrition should drink less tea.


The tannic acid in tea can be combined with iron to form insoluble substances, affecting the source of iron in the human body. Therefore, patients with anemia should not drink tea.

When neurasthenia

The caffeine in the tea has the effect of excited nerve center. Neurastheums drink strong tea, especially in the afternoon and evening, which can cause insomnia and aggravate the condition.You can drink tea once in the morning and afternoon, drink flower tea in the morning, drink green tea in the afternoon, and do not drink tea at night.In this way, the patient will be full of spirit during the day, and at night, you can sleep early.


Some elderly people say that don’t drink tea at night and drink tea to sleep.Tea contains a certain caffeine ingredients, controlling the excitement of the human center, the more intake, the more excited people are. Drinking tea before going to bed or insomnia is tantamount to worsening the snow.

At this time, you can choose some fermented black tea to help clean up intestinal garbage, and does not affect sleep after drinking.

Source: Yangzi Famous Medicine Group

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