If girls are painful, they may not be diarrhea.

Patients coming and going in the hospital, you don’t know me, I don’t know you.But what we saw the most was: who walked into the hospital but took a wheelchair out.Sitting in an ambulance, he went out but lifted it out.What is even more terrible is that we do n’t know how the patients are in the hospital, but we always see three in the middle of the night and cry, and then quietly lift home.At this time, we don’t know how to comfort the patient’s family members. We can only silently feel distressed for them. We can only sigh, shake our heads, and continue to diagnose and treat the next patient.

Here are some diseases that think of abdominal pain.

① Eat the wrong food and cause pain

Many young girls or underage girls also have adult women who are familiar with. In the consciousness of self -awareness, most people think that they have eaten the wrong thing and caused diarrhea.

② Gastitis

Gastrointestinal inflammation caused by infection will also cause abdominal pain.

③ appendicitis

Appenitis occurs at all ages.In particular, stressful students, as well as people with a large working strength, have a decreased body’s immunity, and appendicitis will also cause pain around the belly navel eye.

④ menstrual pain

Menstrual pain should be something that every girl experiences every month, and this pain should be very low, and the adaptability should be very strong.Because there are too many times, they should be familiar with them and it is easy to distinguish.But the pain is too severe, so be careful not to relax.

⑤ urinary tract stones

At present, there are more and more pain caused by urine blockage due to stones. The habit of eating, as well as the intake of calcium oxalate, eating raw water, or drinking water per day, which will cause stones.The ureter is blocked by stones that cause severe pain.

Note: All kinds of pain are not completely marked.Please go to the hospital for regular treatment.

Based on living habits, and personal hobbies, many people do not take preventive measures, or just take care of themselves and be happy, and do not consider for each other, this will happen.

Very serious pain: ectopic pregnancy

Clinically refers to the perception of men’s sizes outside the uterine cavity of women. It encounters and fertilized with women’s follicles. It has not fertilized inside the uterus, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy, also called ectopic pregnancy.

There is no difference between the initial manifestations and normal pregnancy, the menstruation stops, and the lower abdomen is slightly painful.If it is an acute attack, the vagina will have blood flowing, and the lower abdomen will be unbearable.

Many patients who are treating treatment are young women who are just adults or young people who are just adults or their age. They may be too much awareness of self -protection and do not realize that they will be dangerous.There are fewer middle -aged women. Do not want children or know how to take preventive measures. The protection of protection will increase. The chance of this situation will decrease.

Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous. If it is not surgery in time, the uterine bleeding will endanger life.

Note: When abdominal pain, please inspect yourself: Are you in the same room recently?Do you take contraceptive measures?At the same time, go to the hospital for treatment, do not delay.

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