I was ready to be a flow of people. What should I do if I find that the leucorrhea is abnormal?Can you still surgery?

Most women now have unexpected pregnancy, and they will adopt the flow of people.There are many ways to abortion. The most common is drug and surgical abortion.Women must do leucorrhea routine inspections before they do people.The main purpose of doing this test is to see if there are trichomonas or mold vaginitis.

The number of accidents in women’s pregnancy increased, and abortion surgery also showed a trend.Many women do not take safety measures, have accidental pregnancy, and most women choose painless abortion.There are many ways to flow, such as drugs or surgery.When a woman is doing the flow of people, we must ensure our health. At this time, we are best to check.Can the leucorrhea abnormal be used? The inspection before the abortion is very important.

The leucorrhea is abnormal.Many women are not particularly understood by a leucorrhea inspection in front of people.The leucorrhea examination is mainly to understand whether the vaginal inflammation occurs in pregnant women, and to understand whether women have trichomoniasis or mold vaginitis.When necessary, you must also check the chlamydiac puzzle. If there is the above microorganism, you need to treat it before the abortion surgery.

Women do abortion after accidents and check leucorrhea before surgery. The main purpose of doing so is to eliminate the possibility of inflammation.The leucorrhea inspection in front of people is a very important project and a project that women must check.In addition to conducting leucorrhea inspections before the abortion, women also have to conduct B -ultrasound.To do the B -ultrasound, you can understand the position of your uterus and the size of the fetal sac.

Women have to perform gynecological examinations before surgery. The main purpose of doing so is to facilitate understanding women’s physical health and judge whether it is suitable for surgery.If there is abnormal leucorrhea or inflammation, inflammation is needed, and abortion is required, so as to avoid bringing some damage to the body.

The abnormal leucorrhea is not allowed to be a flow of people. The inspection items before the abortion are necessary. I hope my article can help more female patients.If a female friend suspects that he is pregnant, we must go to the hospital early for examinations and do not delay time, otherwise the fetus will increase, which will increase the difficulty of abortion surgery.

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