I was pregnant after the nanny of the third time.

What kind of experience is a husband who doesn’t love you and gives you money every month?My husband issued 1 million cards every month. His brother told him to drink, and I pretended to sleep and let him go quickly.Even when he gave other women red, I saw that the color number was wrong, and he secretly replaced him with a popular color number.Even Xiao San’s pregnancy is the confinement of me to wait.Smart women will never find trouble for themselves.

I met my husband on a blind date. In fact, it was just that my family was in a hurry.I think his conditions are good. He sees me pleasure, so we flash to marry.His monthly income is quite optimistic, and he will give me 1 million every month, and I will naturally be a housewife at home.When I packed the house, there was an inconspicuous box. When I opened it, it turned out to be a set of noble women’s skin care products, and there was a CEL lipstick.

I thought about my birthday for a long time, and there was no important day recently. What he bought for this.Take a closer look at a card, which turned out to be a girl named Sisi.I looked at the death of the dead Barbie Pink, and I secretly replaced him with a popular red number.That night I played with him to play with him, and the mobile phone was very dark. He accidentally opened a voice: Silent Pond.You won’t come yet for Sisi’s birthday. I immediately hid the phone under the pillow. The eyes were closed and my eyes were faintly felt that the silent pool turned to see me. He thought I was asleep.After a sigh of relief, a silent pond did not stand firmly and fell to the bed.At that moment I felt that my body was bounced directly, and then I was recessed into the mattress, and I could feel his attention.Maybe he felt that I was awake, snoring twice, and at the same time he heard the sound of silentness.

For a moment, I collapsed for a moment, because I felt something that was square and cooling at the same time.What can be a silent mobile phone, what should I do?In the end, I had a clever movement. I rolled over and rode the quilt. I was not clear in my mouth. I was riding by me.Shen Mochi’s mobile phone appeared in front of his eyes. He carefully picked up his phone, and then left with a stomach.After about three or five minutes, I saw that I had no movement at all, and then the whole person ejected from the bed.

I also went to the wine cabinet to open a bottle of red wine to celebrate.In fact, I am not sleeping, but in order to cooperate with the silence pool, I always pretend, so in his eyes, I just slept with a pig that I did n’t know when I collapsed. No one can make him rich.happy.Where I still came to find a stinky brother, I have been floating at all now.

At the age of 26, I never took men over 24 years old.Shen Mochi was very busy. I was particularly considerate of him. While I went to find the little fresh meat in the entertainment industry, I sent him a text message to tell him that he was too tired, and then turned my head to call others a little baby.When I chose a bag in a luxury store that day, I encountered my husband, and he also brought this pure woman.

Didn’t he say that he went to a business trip these days? I got into the private room, but I didn’t expect the two people to come in.Is this endless?Seeing that the two were coming to my bags to choose a bag, I immediately wrapped me to cough.My husband is rich, and the black one should not be too ugly.Silent pond is no longer like me, and he can recognize my voice.Sure enough, the two stopped in the same way. I relieved again. When I saw the silent pool again, he was talking to his assistant. I vaguely seemed to hear who was pregnant with his child, and it must not be me.

Listen closer.The two talked about work again. When I went to the street the next day, I met this hearing Sisi, which was the woman who was shopping with my husband that day.I also wore a high -fixed white fishtail skirt.He is really beautiful, it is rare, it looks like Liu Yifei, and has a bit of charm. No wonder the gods’ souls of my husband’s fans are upside down.Sister, is this going to get water?I have always wanted to fight, but I was still very young. My face was collagen. Now I do n’t have any effect. I do n’t know where to mess with this little girl.I just spoke so yin and yang. I have always been resentful. But I always want to offend him, but I want to offend him. My husband is unhappy. Where do I have money?Beauty, your skin is so good!This skirt is also very beautiful. You have a good vision. What brand of perfume is your perfume?Pretty fragrant?Your taste is too high.

I never expected that this product could not help but exaggerate. I just touted a few words of it. He took it seriously. The smile of the smile was almost reaching the back of the head. A waxy woman like you did not deserve to be married to his brother.This little girl’s mouth is quite poisonous. I didn’t seem to see you the wrong person for the first time.Today, my husband is going home, and I go back to cook for him first.After I laughed, I left with a smile, and then turned my back to Liu Sisi, and I was scary.

I was still angry when I first got home. When I cut the vegetables, I was very hardworking. The whole kitchen was the kind of bang.Xiao Mo heard the voice of silent pond, and I immediately raised a smile, and turned back sweetly and shouted her husband.Are you tired at work today?I stewed the chicken soup.I found that there seems to be something to say today’s silence pool, and I have been around there.What’s wrong with her husband?

That little Mo, I have a cousin who is pregnant, and his family can go abroad.I think I immediately understand it. How can I make my husband embarrassed at this time?Since it is my husband’s cousin, let’s get our house.Hearing this sentence, Shen Mochi’s eyes seemed like there was light.I think so too, our maids can take care of it.After all, the servant is outsiders, so how can they rest assured that I will take care of me at home. The silentness of Silent Chi can’t hide her expression. I see that he seems to be sorry for me.

Xiao Mo, in fact, my cousin today hit you on the street.Okay, I only knew that the cousin in his mouth turned out to be his lover Liu Sisi.I suddenly burned a fire in my heart, but she smiled warmly on the surface, and her cousin was anxious to speak.Don’t mind, I have to say it with a confused pretending, he turns out that he is cousin, no wonder you call your brother.

When I saw Shen Mochi took out a check, my eyes were green. This was simply a fire extinguisher, which was destroyed by the fire on my heart.Recently, the business has been signed a few big orders. Go and buy some bags you like. I am not polite.It is not respect for money for a second to reach out for a second, thank you husband.

In the afternoon, Silent Pond came with Liu Sisi. From a distance, Liu Sisi was sprinkled towards him, so that I liked a woman when I saw it.Brother Chi will not mind, right?I have always been bad -tempered. In case I get a sister -in -law one day, I sneer in my heart, but it is pretended to cater on my face.Where is Sisi, I have always been good.Yesterday I didn’t know that you were cousin. After that, I smiled silly Bai Tian.Soon the silent pool company had to go.I can still see from his eyes that when I take Liu Sisi to pick the room, he has a little picky. These rooms are not very good, of course, it will not let you live here.I turned around with me and took him to change the direction. This is yours.

This is the room in the silent pond, and you are his study next door.I heard that you have just been a child. I know that you are designed. I also added a computer to you in Shen Mochi’s study room. It can be seen from his small expression that he is very satisfied with my arrangement.After he returned to the room, I went out to pick up my girlfriend.After returning, I heard a lot of laughter in his room. Haha I never thought he was so stupid.He really felt that I was his cousin.I told you that he was even in the study of Shen Mochi.

This stupid woman is so naive. I looked at my girlfriend and I looked at it.I went to the cloakroom beautifully, and I was all Hermes in the door.I asked Bao who would not live with money?I go so much?I wanted to buy this for a long time, and the sister of that cabinet would not sing and take it all.Suddenly my girlfriend looked at my sister.Is it still lacking in the mother -in -law?I suddenly felt that I could. I glance at him at a glance that you have my relative card casually. When I hear the sound of the corridor, I just saw it at a glance. You don’t know how stupid he is.He looked at each other at each other, and Liu Sisi’s face changed?Which maid makes you unhappy?They are stupid and sometimes a bit stupid, so what do you miss to tell me me to help you get it?Haha, it’s okay, so I just call me in the room!Seeing Liu Sisi’s proud expression on his face, I entered the room. Just when I closed the door, there was another laughter. My girlfriend smiled at me when I looked at me.If you make a force, you can make him down. After the girlfriend leaves, I will cook Liu Sisi in person. I am the chef of Michelin Erxing, and it is more than enough to cook him.What I didn’t expect was that Shen Mochi, who had never loved home, also arrived at home on time, and it also praised the delicious food for me.At night, I went to sleep at him.The two of us were on the side of the bed, as if they were very young.Brother, have you slept?No matter how far away, it is a quilt.I can feel Shen Mochi’s panic, what’s wrong will be said tomorrow.He pretended to be indifferent, and his voice added a trace of vibrato, as if he was pretending to be calm.I slept with him a bed. I was quite uncomfortable.I rubbed my eyes and pretended to be awakened.Xiao Mo, you wake up.Well, what’s wrong?I sat up.Shen Mochi panicked, and I looked at Liu Sisi at the door.Good guy, this exposed pajamas barely put on half of the breasts outside.I’m sorry for the sister -in -law. I will not have a problem here. I will not be able to submit it tomorrow.My brother is also designed. I want him to help me see it, but my brother refuses to disturb you in the evening.I laughed and pushed Shen Mochi down.Then you are not going to think about it, you ca n’t go quickly, do n’t let Sisi wait for too long, I ’m going to death.If you come back, go to the guest room to sleep.I have n’t been sleeping well recently. I just lay down as I looked at the two when I went out.I have to fall in love with my wife who is so reasonable. I can’t do this family without a day.I played the game in the middle of the night, and the two people outside did not stop for a minute.In the study room for a while.Early the next morning, I found a necklace on the bedside table.Silent pond is always like this. Every time he did something, he would use these things to make up for me.That’s it until Liu Sisi produced.I called silently outside the delivery room. Liu Sisi was about to give birth to a doctor and did not let me sign it. He did not contact my parents again.I know it will arrive soon.After a while, Kung Fu came over in a hurry.Can I sign the doctor?Who are you.Silent pond may feel that he said something wrong, and you need to sign a direct family.You can call his parents or husband as soon as possible.Ah, the signal is not easy to feed.Silent Pond can naturally sign as a biological father.When I went back, I didn’t mention it, and Liu Sisi didn’t toss.At night, I gave birth to two sons to silence.Silence was very happy. At night, I received a precious gift he sent.That night, Silent Chi talked with Liu Sisi in the ward for a long time, and I was sitting outside the door. The door of the hospital was not so sound insulation, and I heard it faintly.Liu Sisi relied on these two children to hold the name in the silence.I didn’t expect this day to come so fast.What I want is never money, I just want you as a person.Well, do you think about it?Then I also have to consider that if these two children should go to your account, Cheng Mo would have given birth to him.I was about to leave. When I heard this sentence, I couldn’t help but stop.Speaking of this, I also reacted.My aunt’s aunt didn’t come yet. If this could not be satisfied, then I would also have to consider whether to let you see the child.I looked back at the door of the ward, all counted it, and realized it when I couldn’t use it.All of the obtained was transferred to my house before marriage.I cleaned up the room and found the previous pregnancy test stick. I thought that I had tested it before I came, and I also turned it out in recent years.Shen Mochi wants to divorce me and pick up Liu Sisi through the door. Then I will not only have a large breakup fee, but I will also sue Liu Sisi before the divorce, and I am not stupid.I opened a jewelry shop since I got married.In recent years, Shen Mochi has bid frequently, and I have made a lot of compensation for me, so that I have invested a lot about jewelry stores.And it has been listed last year.Either what to say, there will be a successful woman behind a successful man.It is said that Shen Mochi also wanted to respond to him immediately with the identity of our brand’s pearls. Now it seems that he can make him a lot.Early the next morning, Shen Mochi took Liu Sisi back, and I could feel skin care in the room.This time, the two have begun not to avoid it. I haven’t come out all morning in the room. I was going to wash my face in the bathroom. I found that the pregnancy test stick on the sink was glanced at it.It was that I panicked at this glance. It turned out to be two bars. It was impossible for my aunt to be inaccurate.It may be that time has passed too long, after all, yesterday was definitely invalid.I was looking for one and found that I was thrown away yesterday.I plan to go out to buy it deeply.This is not a joke.Seeing Shen Mochi came out of Liu Sisi’s room, he looked at me a bit at a loss.That Aunt Mo asked for leave, can you think about drinking chicken soup?I was in a hurry to go out and wearing shoes. I want to go out for takeaway.Is it urgent?The takeaway seems to be not very good. I was in a hurry, but I took a deep breath and turned my head. I was inexplicably on my chest.

Shen Mochi, are you your wife or his wife?I said that I had an urgent thing to go out. If you do n’t ask what happened, there are so many servants.I usually look like a rabbit.This seems to be the first time I got angry with Shen Mochi.He looked at me for a long time and finally lowered his head, and put away your worthless apology.What’s wrong with you?Is something wrong?Do you want me to accompany?

At this moment, the door of Liu Sisi’s room opened, looking at us with weakness, and then Shen Mochi, who had to accompany me a second ago.It was already in front of Liu Sisi in the next second. I felt that this man was ridiculous. Love is always the same as Qian.Since both of them don’t want to stay for me, don’t blame me to be polite, my brother, I don’t get rid of it.I don’t want to do it if I don’t want to do it for me. After all, I take you up every day.The sister -in -law will definitely be unhappy.It doesn’t matter if I am hungry, it is just that the child has no milk powder.My brother, you know that I have not had enough milk. Liu Sisi stared at Shen Mochi tears, as if he could get out of the water.The next second Shen Mochi came over.Xiao Mo, can you buy one after a while?I couldn’t wait until he finished speaking, I refused, and came to Liu Sisi, can it be important to buy it?Even if I buy it, he won’t rest assured to give his children to eat. In case I eat the child, I am really indifferent, right?

After I went out to find a pharmacy, I took things and found a bathroom in a shopping mall.I dare to say that the two minutes for waiting for the results are my most difficult 2 minutes.I watched the pregnancy inspection stick into two bars, and I felt that I was hit by unprecedented blows.Or I may ask Shen Mochi for money before, and then give birth to this child, but now Shen Mochi wants to divorce me.The child’s name is unknown. In simple terms, his father doesn’t want him.Not to mention that I am a boy or a girl, and I won the two sons of Liu Sisi.

Silent Chi is the same for men and women, but Silent Chi has always wanted a boy. In the future, he is his heir to his heir.Check it.The child is very good, call your girlfriend out for a while.Silent Pond called me, and the story was described.I didn’t speak for 20 seconds of the phone and he didn’t speak.

Xiao Mo actually Sisi Silent Pond, ready to let Liu Sisi lose money, I should be clear than me.What does Liu Sisi have to do with you?Cousin, Shen Mochi, you are still pretending, what did you say to me just now?In fact, what Liu Sisi, silently talked.I continue to say that Liu Sisi is one of your lover, but she is pregnant and becomes the first of your many lover, and this first happens to have two sons.So you want to divorce and marry her.

It’s not Xiao Mo Xiaomo, you listen to me, you just need to tell me, isn’t it?The second sentence of silent pond quickly followed up, but Xiaomo I would compensate you, you can do much money.I think Sisi should need a home more. Liu Sisi needs a family. Then I should have no home, should I be divorced?We have so many together, you are not pregnant, sorry Xiao Mo, I have to choose Si Si. I have to give my children a suitable environment for growth. Sorry Xiao Mo, we divorce.

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