I was found to be discontinued at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Colleagues Xiao Liu has been very distressed recently, because after this year, she is 27 years old and married her husband for 3 years. She had a child before, but was checked in the 9th week of pregnancy.Xiao Liu did not dare to ask for a child, so he was afraid that he was empty.

However, when they went home for the New Year, everyone was concerned about why the two husbands and wives did not want their children, but they would break Xiao Liuchou. They ca n’t always use the “career” as an excuse for a lifetime.Actually, fetal stopping is indeed the shadow of many pregnant mothers. So, how can we avoid it?

Experts point out that women who have had fetal stopping have been considering from the perspective of eugenics, at least half a year can be pregnant, because the human ovarian function will take at least two or three months, and the endometrial recovery is at least at least at leastIt takes about half a year, and when the body recovers is almost the same, you can get pregnant to avoid the occurrence of fetal stopping to the greatest extent. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following 3 points:

1. Relax

If you have occurred for a pregnant mother, do not worry too much about this, because mental stress can cause the body’s endocrine imbalance, which is very unfavorable for the healthy development of embryos and fetuses.

2. Prepare before pregnancy

Couples who want to get pregnant should have the appropriate preparation period, pay attention to balanced diet, laws of life, exercise, and pre -pregnancy examinations, etc., and actively participate in healthy classrooms specially prepared by the hospital for expectant mothers, communicate with doctors, and understand all in all directions.Various pregnancy knowledge during pregnancy, pre -pregnancy, and postpartum.

3. Regular inspection

Generally, the embryo will have fetal hearts in about 8 weeks, and the phenomenon of fetal stopping may occur in 8-12 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended to do a B -ultrasound in about 8 weeks to check the development of the fetus and the placenta early.You can also remedy early.

In addition, pregnant mothers also need to do proper exercise often to ensure a balanced diet and increase resistance.If you are sick, you should also go to the hospital to ask the doctor to treat your condition. You must also treat it strictly in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Do not treat it blindly.

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