I was 19 years old and I was pregnant unexpectedly. After 10 days of abortion surgery, my boyfriend couldn’t wait.

Whenever I see my boyfriend, I feel pressure.He always wanted to get close to me, but I was scared, and I was annoyed to him in less than a month.Is there any harm in the same room now?

The rehabilitation period after abortion surgery is different due to individual differences, but it usually takes a few weeks to fully recover.Here are some situations and suggestions that may experience during the recovery:

Bleeding and abdominal pain: Light bleeding and abdominal pain are normal reactions within a few days after abortion surgery.This is caused by endometrium peeling and uterine contraction.Over time, bleeding and abdominal pain should gradually be reduced.If the amount of bleeding is too large or the abdominal pain is severe, you should consult the doctor immediately.

Restore period: After abortion surgery, doctors usually recommend women to rest for several days to weeks so that the body can recover.During the rest, avoid strenuous exercise, heavy matter, and behavior of love.This can reduce the risk of uterine bleeding and other complications.

Avoid infection: Women are more likely to be infected within a few weeks after abortion surgery.In order to avoid the risk of infection, it is recommended to keep the private parts clean and dry.Avoid using a lotion or care products containing spices or irritating ingredients.After taking a bath, gently dry the private area with a soft towel.

Avoid using a private sector or sanitary napkin: During the rehabilitation, try to avoid using a private sector or sanitary napkin because they may cause infection or stimulate private parts and cervix.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition: Good diet and appropriate nutrition are essential for rehabilitation.Ensure sufficient vitamins, minerals, and proteins to promote wound healing and body recovery.The diet should include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein sources, such as fish, beans and nuts.

Psychological support: Modern surgery may have an impact on women’s psychological health.Emotional reactions such as emotional fluctuations, anxiety or depression may occur during rehabilitation.Seeking appropriate psychological support and consultation, sharing feelings with close friends or family also helps the stability of emotions and the smooth progress of rehabilitation.

The risks that may exist in the same room are behaviors of love during the rehabilitation period after abortion surgery.Although everyone’s recovery process is different, the following are some possible risks and precautions:

Risk of infection: After abortion surgery, the endometrium may still be recovered, and the cervix may still be more open.The behavior of love may cause bacteria to enter the uterus and increase the risk of infection.This may lead to complications such as cervicitis, cervical erosion, and endometritis.Therefore, during the rehabilitation period, especially in the first few weeks after surgery, the behavior of love should be avoided to reduce the risk of infection.

Bleeding risk: The uterus after abortion may still be sensitive to stimulation, and the behavior of love may cause mild bleeding or bleeding to increase.This situation is usually gradually reduced within a few weeks after surgery.However, the same room may stimulate the uterus and increase the risk of bleeding.It is recommended to wait under the guidance of a doctor until the uterus is completely healed and the bleeding is stopped before restoring the life of the husband and wife.

Physical discomfort and pain: During the rehabilitation period after abortion surgery, women may experience some physical discomfort, such as abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, etc.The behavior of love may increase these discomforts and make women feel uncomfortable.In addition, if women are still in the rehabilitation period, there may be emotional pressure and anxiety, which may affect sexual desire and sexual satisfaction.Therefore, it is recommended to consider restoring the life of husband and wife after the body and psychology are completely ready.

Contradicance: Although abortion surgery clears the embryo tissue in the uterus, it does not guarantee that women cannot get pregnant immediately after surgery.If women do not intend to get pregnant again, effective contraceptive methods should be used to prevent unplanned pregnancy.After consulting with a doctor, you can choose suitable contraceptive methods, such as oral contraceptives, contraceptive ring, contraceptive injection, etc.

Suggestions and precautions

During the rehabilitation period after abortion surgery, there may be some risks of acting in love.Here are some suggestions and precautions to ensure safety and smooth recovery:

Following the doctor’s advice: It is very important to follow the rehabilitation suggestion given by the doctor.Doctors will provide you with the most appropriate suggestions and timetables according to the specific situation.They understand your physical condition and have professional knowledge to evaluate when to safely restore the life of husband and wife.

Make sure that the uterus is fully recovered: It is important to ensure that the entire rehabilitation of the uterus is completely recovered before considering the restoration of the life of husband and wife.This means that the endometrium has been completely healed and bleeding has stopped.Under normal circumstances, doctors recommend waiting for at least 2 to 4 weeks, but the specific time will vary due to individual differences.

Use effective contraceptive methods: Even if you have undergone abortion surgery, you still need to take effective contraceptive measures to prevent unplanned pregnancy.Abortion surgery does not immediately make you unable to get pregnant.After consulting with a doctor, choose a contraceptive method that suits you and ensure correctly.

Pay attention to infection prevention: After abortion surgery, the uterus and cervix may still be sensitive to infection.During the recovery, avoid the use of private plugs and sanitary napkins because they may cause infection or stimulation.Keep the private parts clean and dry, use water or proper cleaning products for cleaning.

Pay attention to physical discomfort: During the recovery, if you feel unwell, such as abdominal pain, discomfort, fatigue, etc., you should immediately consult the doctor.These symptoms may be a normal reaction in the recovery process, but it may also be signs of infection or other complications.

Communication and psychological support: Abortion surgery may have an impact on your emotions and mental health.Communicate with friends or close friends, and consider seeking professional psychological support to help you deal with emotional distress and anxiety.

The most important thing is to obey the doctors’ suggestions and maintain close communication with them.Everyone’s recovery process may be different, so it is important to ensure that your body is fully recovered and prepare to restore the life of husband and wife again.

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