I want to go to my father and stay in the son.

The picture comes from the Internet

After watching people walk away, Fu Cheng watched it: "Hey ~ I listen to Chu Shangjie said you sleep with (ex -)?"

Yan Yu: "Chu Shangjie’s big mouth."

Fu Cheng: "Is it true?"

Yan Yu: "Um."

Fu Cheng was really energetic when he heard it: "Say, how do you feel?"

Yan Yu: "Haven’t you slept? I don’t know what it feels?"

Fu Cheng: "Women and women are also different, I haven’t slept for pure ceiling!"

Yan Yu remembered the feeling of the next time, the throat suddenly tightened, and a sip of wine leaned on the sofa and said, "What is your matter?!"

Fu Cheng: "I’m just curious! Is it quite good?"

Yan Yu’s mouth rose: "What’s wrong with the best? She is already mine!"

Fu Cheng: "I really want to accept it?"

The darkness of the strict eyes flickered!

After 11 o’clock, Yan Yu said to Fu Cheng: "I’m leaving, you play slowly."

Fu Cheng: "Why are you leaving now? Night life starts."

Yan Yu: "I’m going to Jiashi tomorrow, I miss me (predecessor)."

Fu Cheng laughed very thief: "Hey hey! Pay attention to restraint, brother!"

Yan Yu patted Fu Cheng’s shoulder: "Go." He walked over and said a few other words to the other men, and walked towards the gate.

Return to Yan Yu at the residence and washed away, lying on a luxurious bed of more than two meters wide.

He remembered what happened in the car again that day, and his throat was tight again: "Little liar, wait for me!"

Nan Jiayu, who was eating fruits in the dormitory, suddenly sneezed suddenly, oops, who was thinking about her?Intersection

The next day, almost when Nan Jiayu was about to get off work.

Her clinic door was knocked

Nan Jiayu: "Come in." She was giving her head down to sort out today’s medical records. She thought she could leave after reading the patient.

Nan Jiayu: "Name? Where is uncomfortable?"

Yan Yu: "Doctor, I’m uncomfortable."

Nan Jiayu heard the familiar male voice and raised his head!

"Why are you here again?"

Yan Yu is innocent: "I registered, I came to see the doctor."

Nan Jiayu helpless: "Where are you uncomfortable?"

Yan Yu: "Doctor, my stomach hurts, do you help me see what happened to me?"

Nan Jiayu believes that he is definitely pretended: "Going to the bed and lying on the bed."

Yan Yu obediently lay in the past. Nan Jiayu walked over and pressed his belly with his hands: "I told me where it hurts when I press."

Yan Yu: "Let’s point again."

Nan Jiayu pressed and asked: "Is this here?"

Yan Yu: "It doesn’t hurt again."

Nan Jiayu is angry!She squeezed his waist with revenge.

Yan Yu: "Ah! Pain and pain!"

Nan Jiayu: "Get up, get out!"

Yan Yu: "Your doctor’s attitude is really bad, I want to complain to you."

Nan Jiayu: "Then you go!"

Nan Jiayu packed his own things, walked out of the clinic with his bag, and followed her tightly!

Today, Yan Yu specially changed her sportswear to match her Nan Jiayu, let alone a big boy.

Nan Jiayu walked sadly in front of him, and Yan Yu followed with a smile.

Along the way, there were always medical colleagues greeted Nan Jiayu, and by the way, she glanced at the strict domain she followed.

Bai Jingjing came from the opposite side.

Nan Jiayu made her look at her and said in her mouth type: "Save me!"

Bai Jingjing made a question mark in his head, and then saw the handsome guy who followed her.

Bai Jingjing means: "Oh! South South, aren’t we appointment for dinner together! How do you come out?"

Nan Jiayu hooked Bai Jingjing’s arm and was ready to run: "Isn’t this here! Then let’s go quickly."

Seeing that she was going to run forward again and pulling her: "I didn’t eat either, together."

In the end, Nan Jiayu and Bai Jingjing did not know how to sit in a Cantonese restaurant together.

Yan Yu asked Nan Jiayu: "As long as it is light?"

Nan Jiayu looked at each other with Bai Jingjing.

Yan Yu must hand the menu to Bai Jingjing: "Miss Bai, see what do you need to order?"

Bai Jingjing waved his hand quickly: "No need, just look at it, I eat everything."

Strict nodded.

Today’s dishes are really light and there is no odor. It is very suitable for Nan Jiayu, a pregnant woman. She ate a lot without knowing it, and she didn’t feel a little bit of vomiting.

After eating, Bai Jingjing lowered his head and whispered to Nan Jiayu, "Please be blessed by yourself!" Then he said goodbye to the two of them go home.

Only two people were standing next to Yan Yu’s car. Nan Jiayu thought: What should I do now?

Yan Yu first said: "Go to you or go back to the hotel with me?"

Nan Jiayu: "Go back to each family and look for each mother!"

Yan Yu directly refuses: "No!"

Nan Jiayu: "Brother, I beg you to treat me as a fart and let me go? I’m wrong, I apologize! I’m not right you!"

Yan Yu couldn’t help but say, pulling her into the car: "If you want me to let you go, it is impossible! The address is given to me?"

Nan Jiayu just didn’t say, stiffing with him.

Yan Yu looked at her ambiguously and said, "Don’t you say, right? Then we sleep in this car today, but I haven’t slept. You also know that the back seat of my car is still very spacious."

Nan Jiayu gritted his teeth: "The medical dormitory building near our unit."

Yan Yu laughed at the car and drove towards the second hospital.

When Nan Jiayu got out of the car, he got out of the car.

Nan Jiayu: "What are you doing with me?"

Yan Yu is very rogue: "Sleep!"

Nan Jiayu’s anger: "Where can you come from, where can you go back?"

Yan Yu: "Not good, I rely on you!"

Nan Jiayu really didn’t want to ignore him. She didn’t expect that this person would be so difficult to entangle.

She walked into the dormitory tower angrily, stood at the door of her room and lost the door password. The moment she opened it, she quickly entered and wanted to hold him out of the door. Unfortunately, she was slowly half -shot.

Yan Yu looked at her with a sneer, but he kept paying attention to her every move, and he watched through all of her little tricks.

He threw the shoulders in his hand on the table in the living room, and then looked around the dormitory environment at will: "Like a pigeon cage."

Nan Jiayu’s dormitory is the kind of single apartment, with more than 30 square meters in one room and one living room.

The living room kitchen is connected together, there is a wooden high and low bed in the bedroom, there is a small bathroom in the middle of the two rooms, and there is a mini balcony in the south of the bedroom. All the dormitories here are in this pattern. For Nan Jiayu, this isIt’s enough to use it.

Yan Yu sat in front of the dining table and took out the notebook from the bag to start working.

Nan Jiayu: "Do you run to Jiashi all day, don’t you need to go to work? Be careful of your boss to fire you!"

Yan Yu pointed to the laptop: "I’m not working? Who dares to expel me?"

Nan Jiayu glanced at him with a whitening, and began to wash it by herself. She just took a shower and dried her hair out of the bathroom.

Yan Yu also happened to complete what was in his hands, and he looked up to look at her.

I saw Nan Jiayu wearing a home service, scattered a long seaweed -like hair, the red face that was smoked by the hot air, and the scent of shower gel’s fragrance was exuding the scent of shower gel, which caused the throat tightening of the throat!

He couldn’t help but get up and walk in front of Nan Jiayu.

Nan Jiayu: "What are you doing?"

Yan Yu: "You are tempting me!"

Nan Jiayu: "You neuropathy!"

Yan Yu suddenly reached out and hugged Nan Jiayu and pulled her into her arms.

He lifted her chin and let her face show in front of her eyes without reservation: "You are so beautiful!"

Said, he directly printed her red lips.

Yan Yu ignored the struggle of the young and small women, warm and eager. After a while he started to be dissatisfied, and put his hand into Nan Jiayu’s home service.

Nan Jiayu couldn’t help it, she still had children!She raised her legs and hit with her knees!

Yan Yu: "Ah!" He let go of her pain.

He looked at her fiercely with his lower body!

Nan Jiayu, who got the fresh air again, took a few deep breaths and rushed up.

She covered her mouth and rushed directly into the bathroom, but she did not forget to lock the door: "Vomit ~~" Squatting on the toilet and starting to vomit.

Yan Yu listened to Nan Jiayu’s vomiting sound. Has his kiss made her sick?Intersection

In the bathroom, Nan Jiayu spit out the big meal he had eaten tonight, and she vomited her eyes.

Maybe she vomited too much, and Yan Yu felt something wrong. He sounded the door of the bathroom: "Nan Jiayu, are you okay?"

Nan Jiayu slowed down and brushed his teeth inside, opened the door and walked out.

Yan Yu asked, "How are you? Do you want to see a doctor?"

Nan Jiayu glanced at him with a whitening: "Blame you! I am a doctor myself, what doctors do you see? No!"

Yan Yu walked over and wanted to approach her, Nan Jiayu took a few steps back a few steps. Hu Yan said: "I warn you, don’t approach me anymore, I want to vomit when I smell you!"Betris.

Yan Yu "…"

He raised his arms and smelled his sleeves, without odor?Only the flavor of the very light men’s perfume.

Take out the laundry from the bag and enter the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Yan Yu sighed helplessly. It was too small. He couldn’t turn around in one meter eight.

After barely finished washing, Yan Yu opened the door into the bedroom: "I’m finished! The clothes are changed."

In the bedroom, Nan Jiayu watched the variety show while holding bread, and was happy. Seeing Yan Yu coming in, he changed his face for a second!

There is only one high bed in the bedroom, a simple wardrobe, a carpet on the ground in the middle of the room, and a square low table on the carpet. Nan Jiayu was sitting on the carpet to see the tablet.

After Yan Yu was a little tired, he lay directly on the bed. Fortunately, the hospital considers that there are still male doctors, so the bed is not small, and he can barely lie flat.

Nan Jiayu watched him lie directly on her bed, and she wanted to scold people directly!

At this time, Nan Jiayu’s mobile phone on the table rang.

She picked up the mobile phone to connect the WeChat voice phone: "What are you doing?"

Luo Fei: "Can’t you come black?"

The sound on the outside of the phone was a bit loud. Yan Yu heard the voice of the man from her mobile phone, and immediately got up to watch her.Essence

Nan Jiayu glanced at Yan Yu, his mouth: "It’s here!"

She hung up her mobile phone, suddenly got up and opened the door to rush out of the dormitory, and closed the dormitory door again. This time, Yan Yu didn’t have time to catch her.

When Yan Yu opened the door and went to find her, Nan Jiayu had no figure in the corridor.

He cursed and had to return to the room to continue lying flat.

After Nan Jiayu opened the door of Luo Fei’s dormitory next door, he quickly flashed into it.

Luo Fei saw Nan Jiayu closing the door quickly and leaned on the door and was panting on his back.

"What are you doing? Is there an enemy chase you in the back?"

Nan Jiayu: "Don’t mention it!" She walked into Luo Fei’s bedroom.

"Sister Nan, good evening."

Nan Jiayu: "Well, Xiao Shen, it’s good at night."

Xiao Shen was a male nurse in the Department of Emergency. He came to the hospital for two years, but he was able to play with Luo Fei. The three often played a black game together.

Nan Jiayu jumped on Luo Fei’s bed with politely: "Let’s start!"

Luo Fei was sitting on the bed, Xiao Shen sat on a single small sofa next to him. The three people opened the game at the same time and started playing.

Until 11 o’clock, Luo Fee yawned and stretched out a lazy waist: "Well ~ Let’s come here today."

Nan Jiayu put his mobile phone on the bedside and pulled the quilt on the bed to cover himself.

Luo Fei was dumbfounded: "Sister, what are you doing?"

Nan Jiayu: "I want to sleep here tonight!"

Luo Fei: "Hey, not, what do I do if you sleep here? Besides, your room is next door."

Nan Jiayu patted the bed: "Let’s sleep together! I can’t go back in my wolf."

Luo Fei: "What are you joking? Can’t you go?"

Nan Jiayu lay flat, and said to Luo Fei very rogically: "I don’t go! Come, come, Xiafei, sleep together tonight!"

Luo Fei cold: "I have something wrong, sleep with a pregnant woman!"

Turning his head and said to Xiao Shen, who was about to laugh and said, "Xiao Shen, I will sleep with you tonight."

Xiao Shen: "Ah? Don’t, I’m used to sleeping alone."

Luo Fei said while cleaning up the laundry, "Don’t talk nonsense, go! I have met the female hooligan today!"

The next day, Nan Jiayu opened the door of her dormitory. As soon as she entered, she saw Yan Yu sitting in front of the dining table and waiting for her.

Nan Jiayu ignored him a little, washed himself, and then changed his clothes to go to work.

Yan Yu’s face is very bad: "Where did you go last night?"

Nan Jiayu walked out of the bedroom: "I want to go wherever I want, do you control me?"

Yan Yuqi: "Why can’t I care about it? I am your man!"

As soon as Nan Jiayu heard this, he was laughed at: "The two of us are a one -night stand relationship! Don’t be passionate with me, make me look like you!"

Yan Yu fire is big: "One night stand?"

Nan Jiayu didn’t care: "Yeah, one -night stand!"

Nan Jiayu felt that he couldn’t drag it anymore, and his belly would get bigger and bigger in the back, so it would be difficult to end.

She was sitting calmly opposite the opposite side of Yan Yu: "Mr. Yan, I think I need to talk to you! Everyone is an adult. I think this kind of one -night stand in this society is rare and common.It is more true! Besides, I don’t like you, I guess you won’t like a one -night stand.

Yan Yu holds anger: "Why do you do it with me?"

Nan Jiayu smiled: "Mr. Yan, you must know that I am Pei Ran’s ex -party, right?! My loved man actually gave up, and turned to marry a man, huhI want to know what is good for this man! Out of curiosity, of course, the atmosphere at that time was also appropriate, so I made that kind of request with Mr. Yan in unclear brains! Unfortunately, after doing it, I found that the man was like that.In addition to pain and reality, that kind of thing is not good, my sense of experience is also very bad! I don’t want to try it anymore in the future! Okay, this is the end, I still gather in that sentence! "

I ca n’t speak strictly: "You ~ You ~~"

Nan Jiayu continued to smile and said, "I’m too late to go to work. Mr. Yan, let’s take a rest and leave. I hope you have left yourself when you get off work!

After that, stood up and walked towards the door: "Mr. Yan, worship!"

Nan Jiayu walked out of the dormitory.

Yan Yu was sitting there with red eyes, his hands fist tightly, burning in anger!Ah!What is said is so lightly described.

A group boss in his dignified group never followed a woman so cheaply!In his thirty -four years of life, he has always nodded his head facing him, trying to stab him

snort!Old woman, causing him to Yan Yu still want to get away easily?Intersection

Nan Jiayu snorted the song and dangled to the unit. Today, she is in a good mood. She is so showled with people in the morning. Should she get rid of this man?

Almost when she was about to get off work, she dangled again with Bai Jingjing.

Today’s Bai Jingjing was not very busy. When Nan Jiayu was looking for her, she was resting.

Bai Jingjing raised his eyes and saw a friend who probed his brain at the door and laughed: "What are you doing? Like being a thief!"

Nan Jiayu: "Let me see you busy? I want you to give me a B -ultrasound in person.

Bai Jingjing: "Since you have already opened the list by yourself, it won’t be nice to have the B -ultrasound in the past. What are you going to trouble?"

Nan Jiayu walked over and shook her arm, and said coquettishly: "Good crystal ~ How can others compare with you professional! Hurry up, I have a hard work, I’m about to urinate out!"

Bai Jingjing rubbed his arms: "Don’t do this! How old is it, it’s still coquettish! If you really want to be coquettish, you will go to the one yesterday."

Nan Jiayu: "I have a cold!"

Bai Jingjing saw that the time had reached get off work time, and said with a smile: "It’s coming to get off work, let’s go, go to the B -ultrasound room."

On the way, Luo Fei, who met to eat in the cafeteria.

Luo Fei: "Nan Jiayu, don’t go to me to sleep tonight, it’s really killed by you! Sleeping my back pain and back pain to the present."

Nan Jiayu: "Don’t worry, I won’t come to sleep with you today."

The passing medical care heard the dialogue between them, all ignited the fire of the gossip!

B -ultrasound

While Bai Jingjing was doing a B -ultrasound for Nan Jiayu, while talking to her: "After I left yesterday, how did the two of you later?"

Nan Jiayu sighed: "He just like a fart, just followed me back to the dormitory."

Bai Jingjing was surprised: "You sleep together last night?"

Nan Jiayu: "No! I ran to sleep with Luo Fei, Luo Fei was rushed to Xiao Shen."

Bai Jingjing: "I think, your child’s father looks very good in all aspects, and it seems to be very attentive to you. Otherwise, you should consider receiving it! Children also have a dad, after all, growing up in a single -parent familyIt’s not good. "

Nan Jiayu: "Ugly refuses, resolutely go to the father and stay! Especially the child and his dad are resolute and firm!"

Bai Jingjing: "Why?"

Nan Jiayu looked at the ceiling for a long time and didn’t speak.

"Don’t say it?" Bai Jingjing reached out to scratch her itch.

Nan Jiayu was most afraid of others scratching her itching: "Hahaha ~ stop, I’m going to pee, hahaha ~ Okay, I said it."

She hooked her fingers towards Bai Jingjing and motioned for her to come over.

Nan Jiayu whispered in her ear: "…"

The more Bai Jingjing listened to it, the more funny: "You just for this, it is too late to replace it with other women!"

Nan Jiayu: "I can’t stand it anyway! And you don’t know how domineering him is, always thinking about controlling me! Originally, just to give birth to a child to give me a child, so as to block her mouth.If I really have a person like him, what else can I say? "

Bai Jingjing could only smile back with her, and pumped some paper towels to rub the gel on the stomach for Nan Jiayu.

Nan Jiayu didn’t ask the baby’s situation. Anyway, nothing was good. She was so anxious to go to the toilet, and she really wanted to pee her pants.

After being separated from Bai Jingjing, Nan Jiayu went to the hospital cafeteria alone, ate a light noodle, and then walked towards the dormitory separated by two roads.

Back to the dormitory, she didn’t see Yan Yu again. She thought it must be her in the morning and sent him away.

She is in a good mood!

I chose a time to go home to the "showdown", and everything is developing in the direction she expected. It is really good.

Haicheng "Domain" Bar

When Fu Cheng and Jiang Yanyi arrived, they saw that Yan Yu was sitting in front of the bar, and a glass of red wine in his mouth one after another. Several empty wine bottles were placed on the table!

After looking at each other at each other, they walked over and right to sit next to Yan Yu.

Fu Cheng patted Yan Yu’s shoulder: "Brother, what’s wrong? Drink a boring wine alone!"

Yan Yu turned his head with red eyes and said to Fu Cheng: "She said, she said, she said that we are just one -night stand relationship! She said she doesn’t like me! She told me to tangle her!"

Jiang Yiyi didn’t know that Yan Yu and his "predecessor": "I don’t hear it right, and women don’t like Yan Yu! Tell me who she is? I will go to her!"

Fu Cheng signaled Jiang Yanyi not to speak.

Yan Yu turned around and yelled at Jiang Yanyi: "She is mine! Don’t allow you to find her!"

Obviously, drink too much.

He repeatedly said with a cry: "She is mine! She is mine! She doesn’t want me! She doesn’t want me …"

Fu Cheng and Jiang Yanyi have never seen Yan Yu so bad.

Jiang Yanyi: "What’s wrong with him?"

Jiang Yanyi has always felt that Yan Yu is a proud person in his bones, and it will never be like now!

Fu Cheng sighed: "Detaed into love."

Fu Cheng didn’t think of it, they had only seen a few times!Without establishing a formal relationship, Yan Yu has become like this.

This "predecessor" is really harmful!

In the end, Fu Cheng and Jiang Yanyi were drunk and strictly, and he returned him back to his residence.

Yan Yu was lying on the bed, and he kept his eyes closed and said, "Nan Jiayu ~ Nan Jiayu …"

Jiang Yanyi is very curious: "Who is this Nan Jiayu?"

Fu Cheng pulled him to the living room and told Jiang Yanyi.

Jiang Yiyi heard the room pointed at Yan Yu: "So I have only seen it a few times, and our brother has changed like this?!"

Fu Cheng: "Who said no, it is still unilateral!"

After thinking about it, you said, "Don’t say this, you can’t even say that you can say that Azhu is a face, and it may be what you wake up."

Jiang Yanyi: "I know, I won’t say."

Fu Cheng: "Let’s go first, I will stay tonight to take care of him.

Just finished

There was a "vomiting ~" sound in the room, and the two quickly got up and walked into the room …

Jiashi Second Hospital Medical Dormitory

As Nan Jiayu watched the variety show, he was holding sour plums, and he couldn’t be happy.

At this time, the ringtone rang. After watching the electric display, she answered the phone: "Hey, Mom, how can I call the phone so late?"

He Qing: "Your brother is just home, you are not rest tomorrow, so just call and ask you, will you come back tomorrow?"

Nan Jiayu thought about it, she really needed to go home, her stomach should "show off"!

"Well, come back, mom, when you go to the vegetable market tomorrow morning, remember to buy chicken pot soup. I want to drink some chicken soup to supplement the body."

He Qing laughed: "Also supplement your body! You know, buy one if you want to eat, remember to come back tomorrow."

Nan Jiayu: "Well, know."

Hang on the phone, and it is eleven o’clock.

Nan Jiayu quickly closed the tablet and went to bed to sleep. In the future, she couldn’t stay up late, and it was not good for her body and baby.

At 8 o’clock the next morning

Yan Yu slowly opened his eyes to adapt to the light, and he had a headache.

How did he come back last night?

Walking into the bathroom in the bedroom, looking at myself in the mirror, her eyes were covered with red blood, her hair was messy, her face was full of stench, and her body exudes the odor.

After washing, Yan Yu walked out of the room and came to the living room. He heard the sound in the kitchen, so he heard the sound.

I saw that Fu Cheng was putting breakfast on the table.

Fu Cheng: "Come and have breakfast."

Yan Yu: "You sent me back yesterday?"

Fu Cheng nodded: "I and I will send you back with you."

Yan Yu looked calm and sat down: "I think I should give up her."

Fu Cheng also sat down opposite him: "I support you no matter what you make!"

Yan Yu: "Yeah, the person who met Pingshui was so real!"

Fu Cheng: "Is it originally? Let it pass by the past. Looking back, you are still the strict domain in your bones."

Yan Yu lowered his head: "But my heart, it’s still uncomfortable now!"

Fu Cheng: "Believe me, time can cure everything!"

Three months later, a black Maybach was walking towards Haicheng on the Haili Highway, and the Pei Ran was sitting in the car.

Pei Ran held his stomach with one hand, and a fine little sweat beads appeared on his forehead. He couldn’t bear it and was afraid of the accident.

Chu Shangjie, who was driving seriously from time to time, turned to look at her: "What’s wrong? Does the stomach hurt? Go to the toilet?"

Pei Ran is weak: "No, I ~ I am pregnant! In the past two days, my stomach has always been a little uncomfortable, and normal pregnancy will have that phenomenon. But today I feel particularly painful, a bit like a symptom of aura abortion."

Chu Shangjie looked at her appearance at this moment, and was angry and anxious: "Are you brainless? Don’t you say it early!"

Pei Ran: "Where do I know this time, my aunt has always been postponed! It was only measured a few days ago, I wanted to give you a surprise."

Chu Shangjie said while accelerating the car: "After passing through Jiashi, let’s go to the high speed first and find a hospital to see."

Pei Ran: "Go to the Second Hospital, the South and South and Bai Jingjing are there."

Chu Shangjie nodded and knew.

In the second hospital, Chu Shangjie directly hugged Pei Ran to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

He asked anxiously to the front desk nurse at the obstetrics and gynecology department: "Which is Dr. Bai Jingjing?"

The nurses at the front desk pointed them in the direction, and Chu Shangjie rushed towards the direction.

He knocked on the door and opened the door and walked in with Pei Ran.

Bai Jingjing was washing his hands, and he heard the sound of the door turn around. After seeing the coming, he was surprised: "Pei Ran?!"

Pei Ran wrinkled his face tightly: "Jingjing, my stomach hurts!"

Bai Jingjing quickly asked Chu Shangjie to put Pei Ran on the bed: "Pregnant?"

Pei Ran nodded.

After some inspection

Bai Jingjing: "Bleeding, accompanied by severe abdominal pain, don’t move anymore, let’s hospital first."

Look at Chu Shangjie again: "Your husband?"

Pei Ran nodded again

Bai Jingjing: "Mrs. Pei Ran, I will give you a hospitalization list, you hurry up to go through the hospitalization procedure, Pei Ran will be with it."

Chu Shangjie: "Okay, I’ll go right away, thank you!"

It didn’t take long for Chu Shangjie to complete the inpatient procedures. When he returned, he hugged Pei Ran and went to the hospital department. Bai Jingjing also followed the past to help settle.

After coming out of Pei Ran’s single ward, Bai Jingjing made a voice call to Nan Jiayu and told her about Pei Ran.

I can’t hide now.

After dinner at noon, Nan Jiayu came to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department with Bai Jingjing with Bai Jingjing.

When Pei Ran saw Nan Jiayu’s slightly convex pregnant belly, he was stunned: "South South, your belly is going on? Why is it so big?"

Nan Jiayu laughed: "Are you dumbfounded?"

Pei Ran immediately thought of her and Yan Yu: "This will not be!"

Nan Jiayu: "No, don’t think about it!" Then she gave Pei Ran Hu Hu a little bit of "scam".

Now that she said that, Pei Ran could only believe it, but she just told her to send her a happy post when she got married.

Nan Jiayu agreed.

Chu Shangjie took his luggage from the car and saw Nan Jiayu’s belly, and he was also very surprised!

After Nan Jiayu left, Pei Ran described her words to her husband.

Chu Shangjie always feels that something is wrong, but I don’t think so much, but it must not let Yan Yu know about this, otherwise it will be overwhelmed by him!

Pei Ran was hospitalized for more than a week, and the situation was finally controlled.

At 4 pm that day, the nurse would notify her to go to the B -ultrasound to be a B -ultrasound.

Because she didn’t urinate well, she had been dragging until nearly five o’clock.

As soon as she lay on the B -ultrasound bed, she heard two people in the place where the curtains were covered by the curtains.

Bai Jingjing over there chat with Nan Jiayu, and chats: "You doll will dance in your belly!"

Nan Jiayu: "I feel it, but he has always been lively, and he doesn’t know who like?"

Bai Jingjing: "It is estimated that like you, his father looks very stable."

Nan Jiayu: "Send you two words, huh!"

Bai Jingjing: "You said that if the couple of Pei Ran knew that the children in your belly were strictly dominated, what would happen?"

Nan Jiayu: "That’s going on, so don’t let them know, don’t you show me your feet!"

Bai Jingjing laughed: "I know, am I so stupid?"

Nan Jiayu: "When are you not stupid."

Bai Jingjing: "Roll thick!"

Oh my god!Pei Ran covered his mouth in the other side!

Here Pei Ran quickly walked out of the B -ultrasound, and happened to meet Chu Shangjie who answered the phone outside. She quickly pulled him away.

Chu Shangjie’s face was aggressive: "What’s wrong?"

Pei Ran whispered: "I found a big secret, let’s go back to the ward first."

After returning to the ward, Pei Ran told Chu Shangjie that she heard.

Chu Shangjie was stunned!

For a long while, Chu Shangjie said: "Are you sure?"

Pei Ran nodded: "I’m sure!"

Chu Shangjie: "That’s big, who do you know in this Nan Jiayu’s belly?"

Pei Ran is stupid: "Who?"

Chu Shangjie glanced at her: "That’s the heir to the entire Yan Group!"

Pei Ran reacted: "I’m going, the South South is awesome!"

Chu Shangjie: "It’s still awesome, what would it happen if Yan Yu knew this?"

Pei Ran: "It’s all over!"

Chu Shangjie: "This is finally right, what is the purpose of Nan Jiayu’s doing this? The child who is pregnant with Yan Yu does not tell him."

Pei Ran shrugged: "I want to know too! Otherwise, I go straight to show her cards and ask if I don’t know."

Chu Shangjie: "Will she say?"

Pei Ran: "Not sure, but she is easy to mouth, try it."

After a few days, after Pei Ran’s fetal gas was completely stable, Nan Jiayu had a lunch together.

Two people came to an elegant small restaurant near the hospital.

Each table of this small restaurant is separated by handmade reed curtains, with a certain sense of privacy.

Chu Shangjie secretly sneaked nearby, and their invisible seats sat down and wondered their speech.

Pei Ran said while eating food: "South South, let me tell the truth! Two days ago, when you were in the B -ultrasound room, I was just here."

Nan Jiayu knew as soon as she heard her, and she already knew the child’s affairs: "Of course, please, help me keep secret!"

Chu Shangjie behind him has secretly opened a recording pen.

Pei Ran: "I’m just curious why you don’t let Yan Yu know that he is the child’s father?"

Nan Jiayu: "Do you remember when we were in college, did you talk about children?"

Pei Ran thought for a while, and realized: "Go to the father and leave the son!"

Nan Jiayu: "Bin Guo!"

Pei Ran was surprised: "I didn’t expect you to do it."

Pei Ran wants to applaud her!

Pei Ran was curious: "Then why do you choose Yanyu?"

Nan Jiayu looks silly: "Of course because he is good, his body is great, and IQ is high! How good is a man like him! In order to make him believe that I will not conceive his child, evenHe also performed a show in front of him, pretending to take medicine in front of him … "

Pei Ran nodded: "Yes, Yan Yu is really perfect, but you are also very fierce!"

Nan Jiayu shook his head: "Wrong! It’s not all good!" Then he looked around and lowered his voice and said, "Just say he did that kind of thing, it is really rude and unauthorized, as if he didn’t touch his life in eight lives.Like a woman! "

Pei Ran "噗" sprayed all the chicken soup in his mouth!

Nan Jiayu gave her a paper towel and said disgustedly: "Are you dirty or dirty?!"

Nan Jiayu’s mouth was hilarious, and she even said everything, and made her pay the price of "painful" later!

In the end, she told Pei Ran again and again that she couldn’t tell Yan Yu, and Pei Ran agreed!

Nan Jiayu believes Pei Ran very much. Since she agreed, she would not say it would never say it!

When Pei Ran returned to the ward, he saw Chu Shangjie sitting on the sofa and playing the game.

Chu Shangjie: "Come back? What did she say?"

Pei Ran: "Oh, she didn’t say anything! Forget it, let’s not care about them! This matter is not completely confirmed, you must not say to Yan Yu!"

Chu Shangjie bowed his head: "Well."

Two days later, the Pei Ran said goodbye to Nan Jiayu back to Haicheng.

President’s Office

President Da Yanyu still lives a busy life of two points.

More than three months have passed, and the time to cure the time of time in Fu Cheng seems to have not played a role!He still misses Nan Jiayu every day. He really wants to let go of everything to follow her!

He was leaning on the back of the chair to keep his eyes closed, and suddenly heard the knock on the door: "Come in."

Fu Cheng opened the door and walked in.

At first sight, Yan Yu was Fu Cheng: "Why are you here?"

Fu Cheng: "I haven’t seen you for a long time, I miss it!"

Yan Yu laughed: "What do I think about?"

Fu Chengxiao: "I am here this time, I will tell you about it, everyone will give you a birthday."

Yan Yu: "Birthday?"

Fu Cheng: "Yes, you are 34 years old."

Yan Yu: "Oh, what’s better? Trouble!"

Fu Cheng: "Don’t do this, don’t care, everything is covered on me, you just don’t just get out of your birthday."

It doesn’t matter: "Follow you."


On Yan Yu’s birthday, Fu Cheng wrapped the entire Haiyue top restaurant!When Yan Yu arrived, everyone had arrived.

Fu Cheng stepped forward to his shoulders: "Shouxing, how do you come, come and get to the main position!"

Yan Yu sat down, one on one side was Fu Cheng, and on the other side was Jiang Yanyi, opposite was the Qiu Lin who had specially dressed up.

Qiu Lin smiled and greeted Yan Yu generously: "Domain, I haven’t seen you for a long time."

Yan Yu nodded towards her and said lightly: "It’s been a long time."

Today, even Li Mianning came, but she and Qiu Lin were relatively speechless.

At this time, Qi Jia said curiously: "There are two empty positions, is there anyone who wants?"

Fu Cheng: "Oh! I also called a brother, I called him to ask him why he hadn’t arrived?"

He just picked up the phone.

"I’m sorry, I’m late!" Chu Shangjie walked in with his wife Pei Ran.

Fu Cheng: "How come?"

Chu Shangjie: "traffic jams, traffic jams!"

Then he hugged Yan Yu who was standing up again: "Brother, Happy Birthday!"

Yan Yu: "Thank you! I don’t know you are in Haicheng."

Chu Shangjie: "My wife is pregnant. When I go back to Haicheng to raise a fetus, I have been able to contact you in the past few days."

Yan Yu: "Well? Congratulations to you! Hurry up with Pei Ran into the seat!"

Chu Shangjie and Yan Yu and Fu Cheng were brothers of their classmates. They had played a few times with Jiang Yanyi, but they had never met with a few girls.

At first sight, everyone was a friend of Yan Yu, and they were very polite to Chu Shangjie.

With Fu Cheng, Jiang Yanyi, they lived at the atmosphere, and for a while, they continued to laugh and laugh.

After eating and transferring to the club, the men played cards and sang.

Women gather together to talk about some topics they are interested in. Pei Ran also quickly merged into it. After all, she was also rich in the rich, but she was not a circle with Qi Jia before.

Chu Shangje sat on a sofa in a corner with Yan Yu.

He looked at his wife’s head.

Yan Yu was laughed at his movement: "What are you doing?"

Chu Shangjie secretly found a recording pen from his pocket, and stuffed it into the hands of Yan Yu: "Give you a gift!"

At first sight, Yan Yu felt funny again. Today he has received a lot of birthday gifts, but his gift is a bit special.

Yan Yu: "What does it mean to recording me only? You won’t you pick the door to this point?"

Chu Shangjie whispered: "Find a place where no one, you listen slowly!"

Seeing Yan Yu look at him aggressively, and said, "About Nan Jiayu!"

Yan Yu changed his face instantly, pinched the recording pen tightly, stood up and walked out of the box to find a quiet place and sat down.

He couldn’t guess what the content of this recording pen was?But he faintly has a feeling, and the content in it must be important for him.

After exhaling a breath, he opened the recording pen.

There were conversations between Nan Jiayu and Pei Ran.

When Yan Yu heard Pei Ran said: I just wondered why you didn’t let Yan Yu know that he was the child’s father.

His heart suddenly jumped up!

He bit his finger joint, and he trembled and listened to all the contents of the recording pen.

He shed tears excitedly: she was pregnant, the child was his, he was going to be a father!

Nan Jiayu, a liar, cheated him so hard!After listening several times, confirm that it is correct!

In the box, Qiu Lin looked around and did not see Yan Yu, and asked in doubt: "What about the domain?"

Qi Jia also looked around: "Maybe go to the toilet."

Li Lan: "Isn’t there a toilet in the box?"

When a few girls said.

"嘭" was pushed away by Yan Yu. He flew to Chu Shangjie, stretched out his arms and hugged him, and said excitedly: "Brother, thank you! Your birthday gift, I love to dieIt’s! "

Chu Shangjie glanced at his wife secretly and found that Pei Ran was looking at the two of them strangely.

He pushed Yan Yu and said, "This gift, just like it!"

Here, Yan Yu was already excited, he was going to go to her immediately: "Shang Jie, your kindness, I will never forget this life in Yan Yu! I can’t wait, I want to go to her right away, I want to go to her right away.","

After speaking, he walked in the direction of the door.

Fu Cheng: "Ayan, where are you going?"

Chu Shangjie: "Ayan, you drink, you can’t drive!"

Yan Yu walked and shook the phone in my hand: "I’m not so stupid, rest assured, I don’t drive it myself."

Leave an inexplicable person.

When Pei Ran looked at Yan Yu’s excitement, she guessed what the situation was. She yelled at Chu Shangjie: "Chu Shangjie, you big mouth! I told you how many times, I can’t say."

Chu Shangjie quibbles: "It’s not said from my mouth!" The recording pen said.

Pei Ran was mad!

Seeing Shouxing left inexplicably, no one who played the cards did not play, and the people who chatted did not talk anymore.

Fu Cheng asked: "What exactly is this?"

Chu Shangjie: "He went to my wife’s predecessor."

Fu Cheng was surprised: "It’s really unwilling, why did you go to her again?"

Pei Ran watched Chu Shangjie not let him say.

Chu Shangjie: "It’s hard to say as an outsider."

Except for a few people who are informed, everyone else is shocked: their brother will like a man!

The two girls who like Yan Yu were unacceptable, and in the end they lost to a man!

Qiu Lin was shocked at a loss. No wonder when Yan Yu was with her, he refused to pick up with her. It turned out that he liked a man!

After Yan Yu came out of the club, he called his assistant Zhong Wei.

He was sitting on the back seat of the car, forcing himself to come down, waiting for Zhong Wei’s arrival.

More than half an hour later, Zhong Wei sat on the driver’s seat and turned around and asked Yan Yu: "Boss, where to go?"

Yan Yu leaned on the back of the chair and closed his eyes: "Go to Jiashi!"

Although Zhong Wei wondered why his boss went to Jiashi at this time, as a competent assistant, he would not ask more about curiosity. After starting the car, he drove towards Hyde high -speed.

Two hours later, the car arrived in the medical dormitory of the second hospital in Jiashi.

Yan Yu got out of the car alone and walked into the dormitory building and came to the door of Nan Jiayu’s room.

The people who thought about it every night were in it, and his excited hands were a little trembling!Work hard to calm down and raise your hand to ring the door.

No one responded for a long time, so he said, "Jiayu, Jiayu!"

At this time, a nurse who passed by the corridor saw the strict domain of knocking on the door of Nanjiayu, and asked, "Sir, are you looking for Dr. Nan?"

Yan Yu turned back: "Yes, I asked Nan Jiayu, but I knocked on the door but no one responded!"

Nurse: "Oh, Dr. Nan is a rare dormitory, and usually go home."

Yan Yu: "Oh, I know, thank you!"

Nurse: "You’re welcome!"

From the dormitory, Yan Yu took into the car: "Let’s go, go to a hotel nearby."

Zhong Wei: "Okay, boss!"

Early morning

One hour before Yan Yu rushed to work at the hospital, he drove alone to the underground parking garage of the Second Hospital of Jiashi alone.

He was convinced that he would definitely catch the cunning "little rabbit" this time!

Waiting until 7.50, Nan Jiayu drove into the garage.

She came down from the car and looked at the surrounding car subconsciously, because she has been particularly sensitive to the Mercedes -Benz SUV since she knew Yan Yu!

Unfortunately, there is a Bentley in Yanzhu today!

Nan Jiayu’s loose sweater pants just covered her pregnant belly tightly, and more than thirty people, but her appearance was still like a girl.

Since Yan Yu appeared, he kept staring at her straight, dragging his fist, and got out of the car. When she passed, she hugged the person into her arms!

Nan Jiayu looked up and saw the person who hugged her, and his expression suddenly became shocked!

Nan Jiayu said incredible: "What are you doing?"

Yan Yu: "Let me confirm one thing!"

After speaking, he took Nan Jiayu into the back seat of the car, and he sat in himself, and then closed the door.

Nan Jiayu shrank back and asked in fear: "What do you want to do? But the hospital here!"

Yan Yu opened her top, and the rolling pregnant belly was revealed in front of his eyes!

Yan Yu suddenly: "Hahaha ~ hahahahaha ~ Mine, it’s mine, child …"

He is excited!The trembling hand is about to touch the round belly!

Nan Jiayu pulled off his clothes and covered his belly, and cursed angrily: "You neuropathy! Who said it is yours! This child is my boyfriend, he is now abroad, and at the end of the year, we will wait for him to come back.I’m going to get married, nothing happened! "

Yan Yu heard her say so, an unknown fire hit his heart: "You are not allowed to be nonsense, this child is mine!"


Yan Yu nodded angrily: "Do you want to lie to me?"

He took out the recorder from his pocket and put it directly to Nan Jiayu: "How do you want to quibble?!"

Nan Jiayu was silent in the face of such an iron certificate!

Yan Yu took a kiss on her face, and bowed her head and kissed her stomach.

Then show a satisfactory smile to her: "You are all mine, don’t want to escape again!"

Nan Jiayu brushed his head and saw him now: abnormal!

Within five o’clock in the afternoon, Yan Yu waited on time outside Nan Jiayu’s clinic door.

Nan Jiayu saw him as soon as he came out, and he was helpless. Now he must be unavailable!

In the Cantonese restaurant, Yan Yu ordered a table suitable for pregnant women to eat, and laughed: "Tomorrow, do you rest and go to Haicheng?"

Nan Jiayu: "How do you know that I will take a break tomorrow?"

Yan Yu: "I asked in the hospital, are I smart?"

Nan Jiayu: "I will stay at home tomorrow!"

Yan Yu: "Then I will go home with you, I will prepare some gifts tomorrow, and go to your house to visit your parents officially! After all, tell them about us as soon as possible, isn’t it?"

Nan Jiayu shook her head quickly: "Don’t, I don’t want to be so fast!" She had to think of another way to get rid of him as soon as possible. What she had to do is to stabilize him first.

But she never thought that Yan Yu is full of satisfaction with her and her baby in her stomach. How could she be beaten out as easily as last time!

After dinner, Yan Yu insisted that she would send her home in person. Nan Jiayu could not escape to let him send her home.

Before Nan Jiayu got out of the car, he was added to Yan Yu on WeChat, and he was kissed again!

After she went upstairs, Yan Yu left downstairs for a long time before leaving!

Nine o’clock the next morning

Yan Yu went downstairs in Nanjiayu’s house. He dialed her WeChat phone: "Hey, I’m downstairs in your house, you come down!"

Nan Jiayu really didn’t want to see him, but there was no way!She was afraid that he would go upstairs to find her, and she could only talk to He Qing to go out to play, so she went down the stairs reluctantly.

When I arrived downstairs, I saw Yan Yu leaning on the car, and the ladies who had passed by from time to time looked back to see him.

Nan Jiayu whispered: "Sao Bao!"

Yan Yu opened the back door, asked her to sit in first, and then sat in by herself.

Nan Jiayu wondered how he came in. When she sat firm, she saw another person in the driver’s seat.

Yan Yu: "Drive."

Zhong Wei: "Yes, boss!"

Nan Jiayu: Boss?She found out that the car she was taking today was not that Mercedes -Benz. She looked at the logo on the steering wheel, she was not stupid!

"Who are you?"

Yan Yu grabbed her hand and kissed: "Baby, I’m just your man!" After that, he laughed.

Nan Jiayu felt that he was rogue, pulled out his hand, closed his eyes and started to raise his god.

Zhong Wei, the driver’s seat, was stunned throughout the process. His boss took a pregnant woman into the car and called a baby, and it looked like a rogue!

Last night Nan Jiayu caused insufficient sleep because of too much thought.This will gently shake in the car. She feels particularly comfortable, and her strong drowsiness immediately hit up, but she fell asleep unconsciously!

Yan Yu gently took her into her arms, and said to Zhong Wei, who was driving in front, said: "She is your boss, and the child in her belly is mine!"

Zhong Wei was very surprised but still said respectfully: "Yes, boss, I know what to do!"

This Zhong Wei is a strong assistant to Yan Yu. Many very important things are sent to handle him, and it is also the most trusted subordinate of Yan Yu!

Today, Yan Yu was very important for business, but last night, he arrived in Jiashi for Nan Jiayu.

Anyway, Haicheng Lijia is a drive of only one or two hours, and it is no inconvenient to take her back to Haicheng.

He intends to go to the company to deal with things today, and then take Nan Jiayu to go out and stroll around.

In Yan’s, Nan Jiayu was still sleeping. Yan Yu called for a few times and couldn’t wake up. He was a little worried.

Zhong Wei: "Boss, pregnant women are like this. They like to sleep and are easy to be hungry. Sometimes they are still irritable."

Yan Yu: "Is that is it?"

Zhong Wei: "My sister was pregnant when she was pregnant. You can check the relevant content online."

In the end, Yan Yu held Nan Jiayu on the top floor.

All the staff run by the presidents stood at the elevator mouth to meet the boss. This is what they routine every day.

But today is not the same. Just now Zhong Wei sent the information in the work group run by the president, and told them not to ask Boss An today.Although everyone does not know why, as long as it is done.

With "Ding", the president’s exclusive elevator door opened, walking out of the strict domain holding Nan Jiayu, straight towards the president’s office, and followed by an hour.

A group of employees: Am I dazzling?Intersection

Hundreds of information was brushed in the work group for a while, and finally ended with a piece of information from Zhong Wei: The president held the boss mother, everyone remembered.

It was two hours after Nan Jiayu woke up.

She sat up from a large bed, watching the surrounding environment, stunned, and her clothes were also taken off. She put on a pure white men’s T -shirt. Is she still dreaming?

At this moment, Yan Yu walked in from the outside, sat on the bed, and kissed her forehead: "Wake up?"

Nan Jiayu: "Where is this?"

Yan Yu: "Go to the bathroom to wash it first, there is something outside."

After Nan Jiayu finished washing out of the lounge, she was shocked by the oversized and ultra -luxury office in front of her!

The delicious one was filled with a whole coffee table, and Yan Yu was opening the lid of the food box one by one, and saw Nan Jiayu come out: "Hungry? Come here to eat."

When she smells the scent of food, her stomach is getting hungry!So I walked in the coffee table and ate it politely. Well, it’s so delicious!

Sitting on the side, Yan Yu saw that she was so fragrant and in a good mood, and accompanied her a little.

After eating about half, I couldn’t eat it, and half left. She decided to wait for the hunger before eating.

After eating, she finally thought about it. She walked to the floor -to -ceiling window and looked at the scenery outside. Damn, this was too high, she was a little dizzy.

Nan Jiayu turned back and asked Yan Yu: "Where is this here?"

Anyway, she had to accept everything in her sooner or later. Yan Yu said directly: "This is the office of the 88th floor of the Temple Group Building."

Nan Jiayu couldn’t stand it, and the Domain Group was still famous in the country. She still knew a little: "What do you mean?"

Yan Yu walked over and hugged her: "Your man is the chairman, president, and big boss of the Castle Group!"

Nan Jiayu was unacceptable for a while, and could only let Yan Yu hold it. What kind of character did she cause?It’s terrible!

In the afternoon, Yan Yu was going to take her out to play, but Nan Jiayu said he would continue to sleep.So he could only continue to deal with work and go to a meeting.

Nan Jiayu, who continued to lie down in the lounge, couldn’t sleep. She was very scared. She was sure she was a person who should not mess with it.

After she sent a message to Pei Ran’s identity, she was really at a loss. What should she do?After thinking about it for a long time, she felt that Yan Yu really wanted this child.I still go back as a little doctor who is obscure.

But what she didn’t know was that Yan Yu originally wanted her, and the child was just attached!If her idea is known to Yan Yu, it must be another "crazy rainstorm."

After she changed her clothes to come out of the lounge again, Yan Yu had ordered someone to take the rest of the food at noon to the microwave oven in the employee lounge, and it was also called Zhong Wei to add some fresh food toEssence

After the two silently resolved the dinner, Yan Yu was going to drive Nanjiayu to return to Jiashi in person.

At this time, it was already off work. When they came out of the president’s office, the employees were already off work, leaving only Zhong Wei alone.

After passing Zhong Wei, Yan Yu took Nan Jiayu to the underground parking garage, and she was rectified by the scene in front of her!There were more than a dozen Mercedes -Benz SUVs that were exactly the same as Yan Yu before her eyes!

I saw Yan Yu walking next to one of the cars and opened the back door: "Why are you still?" Come here! "

After Nan Jiayu sat firmly, Yan Yu started the car and drove towards Jiashi.

Indeed, the most commonly drove Mercedes -Benz is actually a company’s public diligence. Usually, if the company’s employees need to go out to do business, they can also apply for use.

The reason for Yan Yu Lao drove this car is also very simple. The chassis of this car is high in high space.

The car was very stable, and Nan Jiayu felt very comfortable and fell asleep unknowingly.

He watched Nan Jiayu, who had been sleeping from the rearview mirror, and raised his mouth: he could really sleep like a little pig!

Unexpectedly, he felt a bit unreal about the progress of the matter. He thought that if he wanted to win her, at least he had to fight with her for a few rounds.

Nan Jiayu’s sleeping Zhengxiang sounded suddenly, and a familiar mobile phone ringing sounded, scaring her to quickly open her eyes.

She took out the mobile phone that was still ringing from the bag, and opened her hands in a hurry: "Hey, mom!"

He Qing: "Where are you? Don’t you come back so late, do you know that you still have a doll in your stomach now!"

Nan Jiayu hurriedly said, "Um ~ Mom, I’m already downstairs, come up immediately …"

After hanging up the phone, I found that Yan Yu didn’t know when to sit on the back seat, and now she looks at her with her head "affectionately".

She was taken aback by him: "What are you doing?"

Strange smile on Yan Yu’s face: "Look at you sleep!"

She looked at the mobile phone again, nine:30!They set off from Haicheng at six o’clock. It should be that eight o’clock should have arrived. Will he not watch her sleep for an hour and a half?Ah, so abnormal!

Nan Jiayu felt in his heart, and wanted to open the door quickly.

Yan Yu: "You’re like this? I waited for you to wake up for an hour and a half!"

Nan Jiayu: Sure enough!

Nan Jiayu went out: "What do you want?"

Yan Yu slowly approached her, staring at her seductive lips, swallowing a sip …

In the room, Nan Jiayu, who took a bath, looked at the time on the phone and was almost eleven o’clock.

With a "beep", there was a WeChat information in.

"Baby, have you slept?"

Nan Jiayu ignored.

Two minutes later.

"Good Night, Darling!"

The next morning, Nan Jiayu opened his eyes.

WeChat information is here on time.

"Baby, wake up?"

Nan Jiayu helplessly returned a "um".

Then it was one morning

"Baby, have you eaten breakfast?" "Baby, have you been at work?" "Baby, busy?"

"Baby, baby is not good?" …

Nan Jiayu really couldn’t bear to say "You’re annoyed!" Then he stopped at noon.

Atomica in the second house at noon

Nan Jiayu sighed while eating!

Bai Jingjing looked at her like this: "What are you? Why are you always sighing?"

Nan Jiayu looked sorrowful: "I’m finished, it’s completely finished!"

Bai Jingjing: "What’s the matter? What are you finished?"

Nan Jiayu stood up straight, and said crying without tears: "My belly was discovered by Yan Yu!"

Bai Jingjing was surprised: "Ah! Why was it discovered?"

Nan Jiayu: "On the day before yesterday, he suddenly came! It must be that Pei Ran was leaked to him! I have a strong hunch, my Xiaoyao day is about to end! Woohoo ~"

She looked around again, and then closer to Bai Jingjing: "I tell you, just yesterday I followed him to Haicheng, and then I found his true identity!"

Bai Jingjing: "What true identity, is the previous strict domain still fake?"

Just when she was planning to say anymore, a few colleagues came over with the dinner plate.

Nan Jiayu: "Wait for your lounge!"

Bai Jingjing’s lounge

"What?! Yan Yu turned out to be the president of the Land City Group! Really or false?" Bai Jingjing screamed in shock.

Nan Jiayu: "Real!"

Bai Jingjing: "So do you think you can’t fight him, right?"

Nan Jiayu nodded with grievances.

Bai Jingjing laughed: "What are you wronged? You are going to be a super rich! My girlfriend turned out to be the owner of the Land City Group, just think about it!"

Nan Jiayu: "What’s the matter?! I am annoyed, I just want to be a small common people, freely."

Bai Jingjing glanced at her: "Freedom! You have to repay the mortgage, you have to raise children, and you can’t earn a few money from work., Drink afternoon tea, children and auntie, do not have to worry about money, how chic is true freedom. "

Nan Jiayu thought about it, "Hey, what you said is right!"

Bai Jingjing: "Yes, if you want to open a little, we have everything. We need to be a realistic! Not to mention that people are handsome and handsome, and they are also attached to you. Otherwise, why do people come to you twice?"

Nan Jiayu suddenly realized: "So I still go to hold Yan Yu’s golden thighs?!"

Bai Jingjing is determined: "That’s definitely!"


In the end, Nan Jiayu squeaked again: "But ~ But I still have a problem ~"

Bai Jingjing: "What’s the problem?"

Nan Jiayu: "That’s what I told you in the B -ultrasound room last time?"

Bai Jingjing thought for a while, and suddenly: "Ah, you said that, you can bear it and be patient, after all, you have to pay the price, hahaha ~"

Nan Jiayu: "Don’t laugh!"


Near the get off work, there was a heavy rain.

He Qing called to tell Nan Jiayu to let her stay in the dormitory today. Such a big rain was too dangerous to drive a pregnant woman.

She was preparing to go to the cafeteria for a dinner, but the WeChat phone rang at this time.

"Hey, baby, I will come out at the gate of the clinic."

He actually came at this time!

Nan Jiayu walked to the door of the clinic. As soon as Yan Yu saw her out, she immediately drove the car on the slope. After she got on the car, she took her out of the second hospital.

They found a large comprehensive shopping mall, went directly to the underground parking garage, and then took the elevator to the mall, so as to avoid being poured by heavy rain.

The two people were a little hungry, and then found a local cuisine in the mall and walked in, and found a seat to sit down.

Yan Yu picked up the menu: "Baby, what do you want to eat?"

Nan Jiayu couldn’t bear it: "Can you not call me your baby, it sounds particularly greasy."

Yan Yu: "Is there?"

Nan Jiayu: "Very oily and greasy! You still call me in the future!"

Yan Yu: "Wife?"

Nan Jiayu: "No!"

Strictly open the topic: "Eat first."

After eating harmoniously, the two went to the supermarket downstairs to buy something, and then returned to Nan Jiayu’s dormitory together.

Yan Yu looked at the narrow dormitory and strongly suggested to find a hotel.

Nan Jiayu: "If you want to leave, you will go, and I am willing to stay in the dormitory."

Seeing that she refused to leave, Yan Yu had to stay with her.

After washing, Yan Yu lay on the bed and patted the next place, and said to Nan Jiayu, "Come!"

Nan Jiayu glanced at him with a whitening, and found a quilt and a blanket from the closet and throw it to him: "You sleep on the ground!"

Yan Yu: "Why?"

Nan Jiayu: "It’s too crowded, I’m afraid you will press my stomach, and I’m not used to sleeping with others. Go down quickly, I’m sleepy."

Seeing her insistence, Yan Yu had to get out of the bed, took the middle coffee table in the middle, and lay down the quilt on the carpet.

If it wasn’t for her, why did he sleep on the floor?

No, he couldn’t sleep so much, so he got up and touched the bed to discuss some benefits.

After a long while, Yan Yu still got out of bed, and Nan Jiayu touched his red and swollen lips: what was the idea of the smelly white crystal!

The next day Nan Jiayu went to work. At the door of the outpatient building, he met Bai Jingjing, who came to work.

Bai Jingjing saw Nan Jiayu’s lips at a glance: "What’s wrong with your mouth?"

Nan Jiayu: "Jingjing ~ Blame you, what’s going on!"

It was originally swollen last night, but I was stunned again this morning.

Bai Jingjing: "?"

Nan Jiayu looked around and whispered: "Sugar!"

When Bai Jingjing heard it, looking at her mouth, she smiled.


Such as an invasion delete

Title: The pregnant belly is revealed, the affectionate tyrants are always entangled

Such as an invasion delete

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