I want to be killed when I am pregnant, your mother diving forced you to keep you small, what do you do

Question: Who is the least person in the world who can’t swim?

Answer: Girlfriend and Mom.

Seeing this, everyone must think of the same problem as "whose girlfriend and mother can save".

Do you think the little demon will talk to you such a simple question?

Open your eyes, take a look at the following SMS screenshot!

(Don’t think easily for boys’ shoes, the little demon is afraid you will crazy ~)

The plot is ups and downs, and the Eu Henry -style ending is thought -provoking …

In the end, the little demon was convinced by the sharp problem.Yu Qiuyu once said that people can write good prose when they encounter dilemma. Presumably, the buddy can write a shocking prose at the time.

Usually, men need to be particularly cautious at this time, but the low pressure around him will explode!

Women are terrifying when they are angry, and women are inexplicably angry and more scary, because the former you know the reason, the latter you do n’t know the reason, and you do n’t know the reason is a big mistake itself!

The following conversation, feel:

So, what is it?

I have to admit that a woman is a magical species.Before the question, the little demon didn’t want to understand, and he heard the complaints of his girlfriend. The reason was that the girlfriend said "I sleep", and his male ticket said "good night."

"I’m very angry. I usually sleep at twelve o’clock, obviously at 10:30. He doesn’t even ask me why I go to bed early! I still say good night! It seems that he doesn’t care about me! I am so angry that I am angry with one.In the evening, the next day he even said early as I had happened to me! As a result, I was angry for a day, but he never knew why. He must be intentional, and I was mad me! "Girlfriend said.

Oh oh oh, okay, don’t think too much, what’s the matter, what do you think of the slow boys ~

If the reason for girlfriends is still possible, then the following reasons, the little demon really accepts incompetence:

1. Innocent lying guns …

Why don’t you even have a little anger?

I can’t even quarrel with you for so many years.

(Is it wrong to not quarrel?)

Because she did something wrong, I dared to give birth to her,

So she gave birth to me very reasonably!

Dreaming in the dream, I quarreled with me and ignored me for a day.

My cat ignored me.

The cat in the zoo ignored her and ignored me.

It’s not a question of who is wrong now, but your tone of talking!

The ex -girlfriend said that I didn’t eat the chewing gum she had chewed, and said I had abandoned her …

Actually it is really not that I dislike it, because one!point!sweet!taste!All!without!It’s!

Because the QQ member is not charging the annual fee, he is angry.

(Do you want to fight if you are not charged?)

I think the clothes I bought are ugly.

2. Inexplicable bombardment …

I ate most of the snacks, and she didn’t eat the last piece and was angry.

She ate most of the snacks, and she didn’t eat the last piece, and she was angry.

She ate all snacks, and I ate the last piece and became angry again.

(Don’t touch me to eat!)

Because I followed this problem …

When I was in college, I asked me one day, "How many lessons do you do today?"

I said, "Section 2" and then angry.

I wrote to the actor she liked in the novel …

I asked her if the Diaoyu Islands were in China, and she was angry.

"Do you ask me such an obvious thing?"

I asked again, "Is it China?"

She is even more angry.

3. I have been stepping on everything …

Kiss her on the left, no kiss on the right, asymmetric, angry.

Do you roar me?You fierce me!You don’t love me anymore!Do you don’t love me anymore!


Alas, my TM just tune the position of the wheat.Tears flow down.

Because I always send a rabbit expression without a dog’s expression.

She likes Jay Chou, I like Eason Chan. It happened that both of them came to our concerts. Due to funding problems, I bought her a Jay Chou ticket. I bought an Eason Chan ticket. Then she was angry.broke up.

What’s wrong?


Oh, that’s it ~

(!) What to eat at night?~

The other party opened a friend verification, and you are not his or her friends.

Please send a friend to verify the request first, and the other party can only chat after verification.

There was a predecessor,

Because I didn’t add an expression when I sent a message, I ignored me for a long time …

Saying that I don’t add an expression to read it, it feels like she is fierce …

In her eyes, "Know" and "Know (*^ω^*)"

It is two completely different mean …

Another time she wanted to buy a dress and asked me what color was good.

I said that blue looks good.

She was angry, saying that I was perfunctory of her …

It shows that the innocence is better …

Do you ask me a wool ball?Intersection

I!At once!yes!Sleep!have to!blue!color!good!look!ah!fall!

My girlfriend never get angry,

She is good and good, knows the reason, and is simple and kind.

"You mean that sister has no personality, right?

You have to hang it on your crooked neck tree, right?

I have grown you … "

How many boys are suffering in their hearts. This also explains that without quarreling and tearing, girlfriends are sullen, and boys can only know for a long time, because they have been living in a thunderous area, trembling, as thin as ice, and numb.EssenceEssence

However, at the same time that the distressed man was forced to be crazy, did anyone think about why women do something so?

It’s not because you care about you, stupid!

But women should also realize that you can do things because men love you and endure you!

Men don’t admit it. Women who are coming and going, you care about it.Daily small tricks, in fact, you are all willing to fight and be willing to be among them.

Not to mention, the beast is still kneeling on the keyboard and hurriedly coaxed him, otherwise it should run.

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