I used 2 moxa, moxibusting the child’s cough and fever

Hello everyone, I am Jiang Guoqing of Jiu Xuan Ai.

Today, I will share with you the real process of moxibustion conditioning in my children. Because the entire conditioning process is operated by my beloved and organized text, so I will share with you with moxibustion friends for reference!I hope that on the road to take care of the baby, you can take as little detours as possible and contact medicine less.

I am a treasure mother, and I am a pair of twins, and I have trouble in happiness.

When I was Huai Dabao Xiaobao, my body was not very good. During the moxibustion and conditioning stage, I accidentally obtained the care of Shangcang and gave us a pair of twins. Although it was not a good time to get pregnant, I still resolutely decided to decide.Give birth.

▲ (My Twin Baby)

But in the end, everything is not all ten beauty. Due to premature birth, Dabao Xiaobao weighs only 4 pounds at birth, and the physique is relatively weak than many babies.But fortunately, we are engaged in the career of moxibustion. Let us have good ways to condition the baby from the beginning, so that their physique is almost the same as that of children of the same age, even better than many babies of the same age!

A few days ago, our Dabao cough, especially at night.I habitually gave him moxibustion, Feishu, and Zhongli. After two days of moxibustion, the effect was not optimistic.So I calmed down and thought about everything that Dabao happened during this time, and finally found the source of the cough.

▲ (Dabao)

It turned out that when I went out in early May, Dabao’s diet was unsatisfactory, and I ate a lot of snacks that were difficult to digest.At about five in the morning, he found that he had a fever, measured the temperature of the armpit 38 ° C, and heated his hands and feet.So I immediately gathered him with Ai oil.For a total of about 45 minutes, the hands and feet are not so hot, and the body temperature drops to 37.5 ° C.Then let him continue to sleep, sleep until seven o’clock, and get up again.On Saturday, I was going to draw a class on Saturday. I didn’t want Dabao to go, but he wanted to go and gave him a body temperature. It was normal, 36.8 ° C, so let him go with Xiaobao togetherEssence

[Specific massage technique, refer to the last article of this tweet]

About the middle of the night on May 16th he started cough again, because he was busy, didn’t think about it. He guess that the quilt was not covered at night, and he hurt his lungs in a cold, so he gave moxibusting his body columns, Feishu, and Zhongli.After two days of moxibustion, the cough in the middle of the night improved, but I still cough in the morning, and had sputum, her appetite was not good, and I had bad breath.So I thought of the accumulation of food at the beginning of the month, and the inference was that the accumulation of food hurt the spleen and stomach, which caused the spleen to transport and affect the lungs.

From the perspective of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, spleen and lungs, spleen deficiency and essence slightly increased, phlegm turbidity does not decrease, and it is easy to produce phlegm dampness. Therefore, there are problems such as phlegm and cough.When treating, you cannot adjust your lungs, and you have to start from the spleen.At this time, it is necessary to take spleen and phlegm, that is, the method of "cultivating soil" and spleen nourishing the lungs.So I adjusted the moxibustion acupoints, and chose to use the body column, Pingshu, Zhongyu, and Zusanli.

The effect is really immediate. Moxibustion during the day. I didn’t cough again that night. I cough less in the morning, but there was still sputum in my throat.Due to the busy work, only moxibustion once from Monday to Friday, moxibustion twice on the weekend, from 22 to today (6.1) a total of moxibustion 5 times.Now I do n’t cough at night and during the day, my appetite has been restored, and I do n’t odor, and occasionally a little sputum.But in general, the effect is still okay. After all, the number of moxibustion is not large, and there is no continuous moxibustion. I did not go to the hospital and did not take a medicine. There were only 2 fine moxa bars before and after.Save money, the most important thing is to let the baby avoid entering the hospital mode.

Taking this opportunity, I sorted out the pathological causes of children’s cough and moxibustion conditioning methods for parents for reference.

Cause and pathogenesis

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the phlegm of sound is cough, and the sputum of silence is the cough, and the two often see the cough of the same reason.The ancients also said: "Cough is sound, lung qi is injured and unclear; cough is sputum, spleen dampness and sputum." Therefore, the cough is often related to sputum, which is mainly lung and spleen.

Dialectical treatment

From the perspective of the disease, there are cold, wind heat, wind and dryness, summer dampness, phlegm, phlegm heat, positive deficiency, etc.; The viscera that causes cough is mainly the lungs, the spleen and stomach, and the lungs are also related to the stem, throat, and large intestine related to its department.Essence

treatment method

Cold cough

(1) Symptoms: Itching and cough, sputum and thinness, nasal congestion and runny nose, or accompanied by evil cold, headache, soreness, sweatless, thin white tongue coating, pulse or tightness.

(2) Moxibustion principles: Shufeng is scattered cold, and the lungs are cough.It is based on the hands of the hands, the feet sun, and the Renmai acupoint.

(3) Moxibustion acupoints: wind gate, lack of lack, scavenger, gods.

(4) Add acupoints with symptoms: For those who have hot fever, increase the vertebrae; those who have a lot of nasal nose, add toxicity;

Wind and hot cough

(1) Symptoms: Uncomfortable cough, yellow phlegm and sticky, not easy to giggle, itchy throat, nose flowing nose, bloating and pain, or dried mouth, thin white or thin yellow, the pulse floating, the pulse floatsnumber.

(2) Moxibustion principles: sparse wind and heat, and lungs to stop cough.Mainly taking Du Mai, Hand Yangming, and Taiyin Meridian Acupoint

(3) Moxibustion acupoints: Dazhui, Quchi, Hegu, Geze, Taiyuan.

(4) Add acupoints with symptoms: Throat, plus foreign customs, less quotients; those with thick phlegm, many quantitatives, Gafeng Long

Phlegm cough

(1) Symptoms: Frequent cough, sputum easily vomiting, especially in winter and spring seasons.In severe cases, asthma, bloating, and stool.If the sputum turns yellow and yellow is yellow and greasy, it is a phenomenon of heat.

(2) Moxibustion principles: dry and dampness and phlegm, and predict lung qi.It is mainly based on the sun, the hands and feet, the hands and feet, and the foot yin, and the foot Yang Mingjing acupoint.If phlegm damps and heats up, phlegm heat contains lungs, it is necessary to clear heat and reduce phlegm, and reduce lung qi.It is mainly based on Yangming, hands and foot yin, and foot Yangming.

(3) Moxibustion points: sputum dampness, Fenglong, Feishu, Taiyuan, Shenxuan.Phlegm -heat type plus Quchi and Taibai.

(4) Add acupoints with the symptoms: asthma, plus Tianchi, 膻 膻; those who have chest tightness and swelling, plus internal customs, supporting

Therefore, you can use your own actual situation to dialectically do your cough and disease.Especially the cough caused by internal injuries can be caused by different viscera. At this time, it must be regulated first, and then the viscera should be used with diligence. The effect can be more effective!

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