I, urinate in bed during pregnancy, my husband also praised when he saw it: marrying you is really my blessing

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She always remembers that when she was eight months pregnant, she had to wash a big belly to wash curtains, washing the carpet, and shivered her hands.

Her husband was sitting on the sofa and brushing her mobile phone, not looking at her.

Later, the child was born. There was a cold. She told her husband to take the child to the hospital together.

Her husband said impatiently, "What hospitals, you can get a cold, you will be fine if you don’t take medicine, you have to go yourself."

She had to take the child herself.

The hospital will just be expanded, registered, inquiry, and medicine, all far away.

She hugged her child up and ran down, and finally was so tired that she wanted to cry, and she was so wronged.

Her husband usually goes home and goes home like an uncle. She never work, waiting for her to make a good meal.

I said, why are you so wronged?

She sighed and said:

You don’t understand, this is not grievance, but love.

If you love someone, you have to pay unconditionally, and you have to gain money.

I can’t understand this strange logic at all.

Housework can make men do it, and they will never do it.

There is a respondent on Zhihu, saying that he is delicious and lazy for his ancestors.

Her grandfather, in her 40s, because of bad eyes, retired from the unit and returned to the countryside.

Wake up naturally every day, then go to the street to drink tea for breakfast, go to the restaurant for lunch at noon, go outside in the afternoon, and go home for dinner slowly at the meal.

He and his grandmother didn’t speak very much in his life, he didn’t want to, but too lazy to say.

Her father, when she was in high school, her mother had a business trip for a while, and the father and daughter slept until they woke up naturally every day, and then went out to fill her belly.

Because every day is late, the math teacher who often has the first class in the morning has opinions.

The teacher said, if you don’t want to take my class, you will invite your parents to sign, and you will not need to take it in the future.

After he heard that, she went to school to find a math teacher, and the guest told him angrily that I was the parent of XX, and I would not sign a math class to sign her.

Mathematics teachers were messy on the spot.

When she grew up, she met her current husband, and she told others that she was a bit lazy.

Her husband smiled and said, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, he was used to it since he was a child, and he was complementary.

Who knew that she was pregnant and often urinated the bed because she was too sleepy.

Her husband’s mentality collapsed, and asked her to cry without tears, so lazy to this extent?

She was too lazy to explain that she was not intentional.

Probably a lot of knowledge, her husband was calm when he arrived.

Although people are too lazy to be very strange, her marriage life is generally beautiful.

Many things look very easy -going because they are too lazy.

And she loves to read books, speaks funny and humorous, and often makes people amazing.

Her husband took over the work at home, and her daughter also taught very well.

Before going to kindergarten every morning, her daughter ran to the bed to kiss her two, and then patted the quilt and said, lazy pig, I went to school.

The family of three, it is fun.

Whether the male lead and the female owner, the strong and strong men are weak, as long as the two sides feel comfortable, it is the most suitable way to get along.

But the most afraid is that women want to show their virtuousness.

While doing everything, he complained in his heart, and he felt that his husband was not gentle and considerate.

They think that I have paid so much for this home and for you. If you are so sensible, you don’t need to worry about your family. You should always cherish me, thank me, and can’t bear to live up to me?

In fact, the opposite is the opposite.

In the past, her girlfriend and me lamented that when she opened up the market in Vietnam, some of her customers opened several factories herself and had a few 100 million yuan, but never worked overtime.

Every day, I immediately went home and said that his wife was waiting for him to go back to cook. If he didn’t hurry back, he hungry his wife.

She said that people always heard that men have deteriorated when they have money, but what I see is that the richest men, the more they care, the more they hurt their wives.

I said, I don’t know if his wife would really be hungry, but I can be sure that it is definitely a woman with a high emotional quotient.

They know very well that men are inferior, some can be tolerant, and some are stifling in the cradle.

From the beginning, they will guide men to pay for themselves, families, and children.

Let your man participate in family life and raise children.

Once the habit is formed, no matter how busy they are and how much their careers do, they will habitually put their families first.

I habitually think that my wife is charming and needs to cover the wind and rain for her.

It greatly satisfies their masculinity, and naturally there is no need to find someone to satisfy their vanity.

Smart women will arrange homework to men, let them love themselves, raise children, and do housework.

Instead of finishing everything yourself, and to blame him to do nothing.

Those women who only pay blindly are actually the most stupid.

They don’t understand. In fact, the more they pay in the family, the more they cherish the family.

Because no one will trample on the "achievement" of their own efforts at will.

When they put more time and energy in the family, the less they will not give up the house easily.

Naturally, there will be no free time to go out and go out to find stimulation.

And the eldest sister, desperately paid for herself, took everything in the family on herself, and grabbed her husband’s work.

Who can blame?


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