I thought it was a lot of medicines in a cold, but I didn’t expect it to be pregnant!

"I was dizzy and weak some time ago. I thought I took some cold medicine when I was cold.

As a result, I was pregnant today. Can this child ask?"

This is the patient who asked me today. At first, she felt like a cold and ate a cold.

The medicine remembered that the holiday was postponed for half a month, and I found that I was pregnant.Worry about yourself

I am afraid of affecting the child after taking a cold.In fact, I feel that I have a cold. This is the phenomenon of early pregnancy.

So do you know what symptoms are there in early pregnancy?How long can I test pregnancy in the same room?Early pregnancy

Will cold medicine affect children?Do I need to keep their fetus?Do you know these?

[Symptoms of early pregnancy]

1. Performance of about 10 menstruation may be pregnant.

2. Chill, drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, anorexia is a reaction of early pregnancy.

3. Breast change Early pregnancy breasts can be painful and the size of the breast may increase.

4. Increased uterine increasing uterine is caused by compression of the bladder

[How long can you test pregnancy in the same room]

Under normal circumstances, pregnancy can be measured after 7 days of the same room, and 3 weeks of the latest 3 weeks can be measured

Pregnant.You can go to the hospital for blood test in the same room 7 days to check the blood HCG. This is

More accurate ways.You can also buy early pregnancy test strips for urine testing.General morning urine comparison

precise.Women preparing for pregnancy are not too anxious, and late testing may be more accurate.

[Will eating cold medicine early pregnancy affect children]

Taking cold medicines in early pregnancy may have a certain impact.But it depends on what medicine to eat.

If some antibacterial and anti -inflammatory may affect the fetus.It also depends on what time to eat a cold

medicine.It may not affect a great impact when 1 month of pregnancy, because it is still a "fertilization

Eggs. But in the later period, we must also observe closely.

[Will you have a cold after taking a cold medicine for early pregnancy?]

Generally, cold medicines rarely cause miscarriage during pregnancy.But in the early stages of pregnancy

A more severe infection, especially a severe cold, may cause abortion.Often it is

The deformedness of the fetal growth and development causes abortion.Never at this time

To be forcibly protected.

[Do you need to keep a cold after taking cold medicine early pregnancy?]

There are many types of cold medicines, and different cold medicines have different effects on women during pregnancy.

If you take the drug in the future, if you have an impact on the embryo, you may have a natural abortion. If there is no embryo

The impact will continue to grow and develop, and there is no abnormal pregnancy through the pregnancy check during pregnancy.

After taking a cold medicine, you can first observe the symptoms of your body. If you have vaginal bleeding or

Abdominal pain and other abortion symptoms can be used to check HCG with blood. If HCG rises slowly and does not

With double the growth phenomenon the next day, you can never see the fetal heart and fetal buds through B -ultrasound

If you are educated or have the above performance, you are generally not recommended to continue pregnancy.

So if you have just taken a cold medicine, you have no abnormalities in the body, and the pregnancy during each time period

Production inspection, such as NT inspection, Tang’s screening, color Doppler ultrasound examination, fetal heart monitoring inspection is normal,

Can continue pregnancy.

Do not take cold drugs at will after determining pregnancy.

Drugs under guidance!

During pregnancy, it is a very sensitive time, and no experienced novice mothers will definitely panic.out

The current problem will be medical treatment in time and do a check.Don’t think about it alone.Many times the baby is better than me

What we think is strong, giving the baby a little time he/she will come to you.

Now do you know what should I do if I take a cold medicine?

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