I thought I was pregnant for a month, but I found that it was the new sequelae of the crown

Recently, the first round of large -scale new coronary virus infections (referred to as new crowns) at the end of 2022, which began at the end of 2022, is close to the end.After a fierce battle with the virus, the human immune system is in a "fragile period". It is necessary to prevent other virus bacteria from entering, causing secondary infections.

Menstruation does not come to think that the result of pregnancy is the sequelae of the new crown

"Doctor, I haven’t had menstruation for a month, is it pregnant?" Recently, Director Yu Xia, director of the gynecology department of Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital, received a pregnant female Ms. Wang.

After the doctor’s examination, she found that Ms. Wang was not pregnant. After asking, she learned that Ms. Wang was infected with a new crown before the Spring Festival. Irregular menstruation considered the new crown sequelae.

Yu Xia suggested that she eat a little progesterone. As her body recovers, menstruation will return to normal. At the same time, Ms. Wang needs to strengthen the intake of high -quality protein every day. Fresh fruits and vegetables cannot stay up late.

"After the new crown recovers, at least 50 % of the patients in our department’s admission have been increased." Director Yu Xia introduced that after some women were infected with new coronal viruses, menstruation disorders, vaginitis and vulva white spots increased.

Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology did a study that found 25%of patients in patients with infections in 177 childbearing age.Among them, the amount of menstruation is reduced by 20%, and the number of menstrual volume is 5%.28%of patients have changes in the menstrual cycle, of which 19%are extended and the cycle is shortened by 9%.Director Yu Xia believes that the impact of new coronal virus infection on women’s menstruation may last for 2-3 months.

Why does menstruation "do not follow the route card" situation

So far, there is no evidence that the new crown has an impact on our reproductive system. The new crown does affect the female physiological cycle, but it is not directly attacking the human reproductive system.

After infection with new coronary viruses, many people have a variety of symptoms such as fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, insomnia, etc. Most people will have anxiety and worry about whether they will be contagious?Are you worried that there will be sequelae after you get better?Countless problems linger in their brains.

When the human body has tension and anxiety, the secretion of neurotransiders such as dopamine and endorphins secreted by the hypothalamus increases, and then inhibit the release of hormones to release hormones.Menstruation, changes such as prolonged menstruation, delay, large amounts, or less.

Secondly, most people will have symptoms such as high fever, severe cough, and soreness after infection with new coronary virus.Affect the secretion of ovarian hormones.The menstrual cycle is shortened or extended; most people are also accompanied by decreased menstrual flow or endlessness.

In addition, in addition to the changes in mental, psychological factors, life, and eating habits, there are some diseases, such as endometrial polyps, endometrial disease, uterine fibroids, uterine adenocidal disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid dysfunctional dysfunction, decreased dysfunctional dysfunction/Hyperthyroidism, hypertelactiamia, abnormal coagulation function and other diseases may also cause menstrual disorders.

Improve immunity and maintain a good mentality

Director Yu Xia said that in response to women’s gynecological problems, uterine B -ultrasound is needed to eliminate pathological problems such as uterine fibroids and polyps. In other areas, physical examinations need to be found to find that women’s body hidden problems, focusing on protecting weak parts.

In terms of dietary nutrition and exercise, you must also need to be adjusted, especially to maintain a good mentality and improve your body’s immunity.

Immunity, accurate statement should be called immune function system.It is a precision and complex system composed of a series of immune cells (such as lymphocytes, such as lymphocytes, such as lymphocytes, such as lymphocytes), tissue, organs (such as thymus, spleen, etc.) and immunohistor (tonic, antibody, etc.).

The main task of this system is to cooperate between "members" to work together to combat foreign "invaders" and internal "rebelrs" and internal "rebelrs" to maintain the stability of the environment in the body.Simply put, our immune system has the ability to resist disease and defend health.

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Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xia Sheng

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