I still do n’t know if there is any early pregnancy test paper. It may be that your operation has a problem

"Yes, isn’t it?" Whether it is a couple who is eager to meet the little life, or the small couple who is not ready to take a child but did not take contraceptive measures or contraceptive failure, the most urgent thing after the same room wants to know, I am afraid it is this simple problem.The answer.The pregnancy test strip sold on the market is more than 2 yuan, and the pregnancy test stick is more than 10 yuan. The price is not expensive and convenient. Many women who want to know the results will buy it to detect whether they are pregnant.But will you use the test strip correctly?

Today we will tell you the correct use of test strips:

1. Pharmacy purchase early pregnancy test strips (early pregnancy test card, pregnancy test stick);

2. Open the early pregnancy test paper (early pregnancy test card or pregnancy test stick) and take it out;

3. Prepare a paper cup for urine (there are some test strips, so you don’t need to prepare separately);

4. After everything is ready, take the cup to pick up the urine.Under normal circumstances, it is better to connect the middle urine (that is, do not need to be connected before the beginning).

5. Take out the test strip and put the arrow side down into the prepared urine for 5 seconds to take out (note, do not submerge the horizontal line in the direction of the arrow)

6. Take out the test strip and put it on the cup or other places you think are "safe";

After 7 or 5 minutes, the results can be observed.If the test strip is only a red line corresponding to the "C" (control line), it means that it is not pregnant; if it is the "T" (detection line) area, there is a red line (then C and T at the same time), that is, it meansPregnant.

Sometimes the red line in Zone is not obvious, only a very weak and weak red mark (not as red as the red line of area C above). This may be a manifestation of early pregnancy or the manifestation of ectopic pregnancy. It needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible.Do a series of examinations to eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

Note: Checking early pregnancy is not to find out after the same room that people say. The correct approach is to be tested 7-10 days after the menstrual cycle, and the morning urine is subject to (the first urine that gets up in the morning)EssenceThe longer the pregnancy time, the more obvious the red line is.

It is also explained that although the accuracy of early pregnancy test strips is high, the possibility of occasional failure is not ruled out.Therefore, even if the test strip is tested, you should go to the hospital to further do a B -ultrasound or other examination diagnosis. Remember.

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