I really do n’t know when my mother has been a mother?It is necessary to understand early pregnancy knowledge

Many pregnancy couples are looking forward to pregnancy early, but after many expectant mothers are pregnant, they do not know that they are pregnant.

As a result, many expectant mothers do something that hurts the fetus when they do not know, such as drinking, taking medicine, strenuous exercise, and so on.Therefore, no matter whether it is a pregnant husband or wife or a female friend at the stage of childbearing age, you should know a little early pregnancy knowledge.

Let’s look at a story first:

My wife’s physical fitness has not been very good, and she has been unsuccessful for a few months after marriage.I have been eating folic acid on time when I prepare for pregnancy, and pay attention to diet and nutrition. Because of the failure of repeated failures, I have abandoned itself. Folic acid is not eaten, and I start eating heavy taste again.

Last weekend with a group of old friends, everyone was very excited and drank a lot of wine together.(They have a good amount of people’s alcohol, she almost drank four or two liquor plus three bottle of Zhi Shi)

After his wife went back, he took a headache and took the pain tablets. After that, he took a diarrhea and took diarrhea medicine.But the lower abdomen was uncomfortable. As a result, she was pregnant, and she was stunned immediately, always thinking that she couldn’t be pregnant.

Because the time of the arms cannot be shot, the doctor is not sure, what is said to be ambiguous, now the wife is caught in unlimited self -blame, as long as he thinks of drinking, he will wash his face with tears.Even if I comforted her, she couldn’t forgive herself. She also said that she would not live if she could check it for a while.

Then she went online on the Internet according to her situation. Everything said on the Internet. She now suspects that her ectopic pregnancy will be suspected, and she will suspect that she will have a miscarriage. In short, her emotions are very unstable.

She is starting to be sensitive now. I touch her gently. She feels that it will affect the baby in the belly. The whole person is a state of a chicks. I don’t allow me to speak loudly.Shaking his legs on the bed said that the baby was uncomfortable.

The key is that she is always suspicious that the fetus always feels that the fetus is not good, and she is determined to not live with the fetus.My wife drinks without knowing pregnancy and always worried about the health of the baby.

In fact, once you are pregnant, there will be some important early pregnancy signs to remind pregnant women. If the protagonist in the story above can master the early pregnancy symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, it may be a perfect and sweet story.

Within two weeks of conception, the embryo organs have not differentiated at this time.At this time, if it is affected by the outside world, such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, it will affect the vulnerable and poor seeds, so the expectant mothers must be very careful during this time.

Next, I will introduce to you in detail what are the early pregnancy symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. Let’s take a look together!

1 Stop menstrual phenomenon occurs

"Menstruation" is its first signal light.The earliest aware of the signal of pregnancy was delayed menstruation.Women who have more accurate menstruation, suddenly delayed menstruation for more than a week, should consider pregnancy.

2 changes in appetite

Pregnant women have a sensitive sense of smell. About half of pregnant women have nausea and vomiting symptoms of vomiting due to smelling greasy or other special odors in the early pregnancy. This phenomenon mostly occurs in the morning and before meals.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant women’s appetite will also change. Some people usually don’t want to eat what they love to eat.Some pregnant women have a loss of appetite and preferring acid, which is related to the reduction of gastric acid secretion in the body.

3 The body temperature continues to increase mild

Under normal circumstances, young women will change significantly during the ovulation period. The body temperature is low in the early stage of ovulation, and the body temperature is higher after ovulation.If the menstrual period of a woman has been postponed for several weeks and I feel that the heartbeat without inducement is slightly faster, she needs to measure her body temperature with a detailed measurement and record.

If the measurement result is slightly higher than usual in 20 days, and it is high, you are very likely to get pregnant.

4 The number of urination times significantly increases

About 8 weeks of pregnancy, a woman will cause increasing urination due to an increased uterine compressive bladder.The number of urination is increased, but the urine volume does not increase, and it is accompanied by mild dizziness and nausea.These symptoms may be considered a problem of disease, but in most cases, this situation is caused by women in women.

5 Breasts change significantly

Modern women may have a high work intensity and fast life rhythm, so they often do not know the fact that they are pregnant for eight weeks.

Due to increasing estrogen hormones in the early pregnancy, the breast development is affected, and the breasts are gradually increasing. The breasts will swell, hemp and itching, and the color of the nipples will gradually deepen, and dark brown and rough phenomenon will appear around the areola.

Well, there are so many symptoms in the early pregnancy. Regardless of whether you are pregnant, it is important to develop a healthy living habit. Maybe you will be happy one day.

If the above -mentioned symptoms occur, you can use the pregnancy test paper first.Of course, if you want to be further determined, you need to go to the hospital to do it -step -by -step inspection.

The first pregnancy of many young women appeared in the case of "accident". At this time, they may not be ready to be a mother. The news of pregnancy may bring them fun. They canBegan to focus on taking care of the baby in the body.

At the same time, if you know your pregnancy as soon as possible, you will also make the best "choice" time for women who are not ready to have children, which will reduce their physical damage to a minimum.

Sometimes the baby is like mysterious gifts that come unexpectedly, and we must not be careless.If you are ready to be a mother, please make happiness and happiness earlier!


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