I like to stay up late for mobile phones during pregnancy. Two problems are prone to occur after the baby is born. Pregnant mothers cannot ignore

Electronic devices such as mobile phones have become a standing for the family, especially mobile phones, which not only have the function of communicating and connecting, but also take into account the function of entertainment and payment functions.If you go out, you can not have a key, but you must not have a mobile phone.Some people don’t leave their hands 24 hours a day, and some people even say that there is no sense of security without mobile phones.

To be honest, the negative effects of mobile phones have begun to appear, especially the prevalence of mobile games and short videos, which can be said to be the era of national swiping mobile phones.The age group of mobile phone addiction is constantly narrowing. This is a problem that the entire society has to pay attention to. At the same time that mobile phones bring convenience, the harm cannot be ignored.

Among the mobile army, pregnant women are also an important group. Many pregnant women will rest at home when they are pregnant. People around them work at home. They only have to watch their mobile phones and watch TV.But it was a total of 24 hours a day, and it was a commonplace for staying up late to brush the phone.

Many pregnant women may really have nothing to do at home at home. Swipe mobile phone shopping and entertainment may be a way to get rid of time.

Recently, a friend had just giving birth. She shared the funny thing of the newborn in the group: as soon as the child cried, as long as the voice of the landlord was put on the sound of the landlord, the child would be quiet.It is black and white upside down.

This is not the full moon, and the family is tossing enough.Later, I had to go to the doctor. The doctor asked some of the situation during pregnancy. I learned that my friend liked to stay up late to play games. The doctor said: staying up late during pregnancy will cause the newborn children to be serious, sleep black and white upside down.Intersection

Staying up late itself is not good. How can pregnant women stay up late?Staying up late is a recognized fact that bad health. Normal people staying up late will bring some terrible sequelae. Besides, pregnant women with very poor physical immunity and resistance. Staying up late for a long time is not just the body of the pregnant woman.More hurt the baby in the belly.

Mom stayed up late, and the baby in her stomach was uncomfortable.The ancients paid attention to the sunrise and sunset. At night, they were used to rest. Pregnant women violated their biological clocks with the laws of nature. The baby in the stomach would definitely follow her mother.

The newborn baby has a great temper and distressed, sleeping black and white upside down is a common thing

Because the biological clock in the mother’s belly is with the mother, the mother goes to bed early and gets up early, the baby goes to bed early and gets up early, and the mother stays up late to stay up late.Because my mother stays up late, the baby does not have a normal biological clock in her mother’s belly, and she will live according to the biological clock in the belly after birth, so she sleeps black and white.

But the natural law in reality is the sunrise and sunset. The sunny day baby does not sleep well, and the baby who should sleep on the moon star cannot sleep. The baby is adapting to this new world. He is constantly struggling.In the middle, he gradually had a big temper, crying, and even the landing.

I would like to ask the baby such a baby, so the pregnant mother should play with the mobile phone reasonably during pregnancy and stay up late.

Baby’s malnutrition, blocked development

Everyone knows that newborns grew up in sleep. According to research, the average sleeping time of newborns within a month has been in love for more than 20 hours.It affects appetite and then malnutrition.

The most important thing is that when the baby is in the mother’s belly, because I stay up late with my mother, I ca n’t absorb sufficient nutrition when I rest in various organs. If the time is not good, and the malnutrition, it is easy to become slow.When you are born, you may be small and thin. See if the pregnant mother should put down the mobile phone and go to bed early.

Many people may say that they have nothing to do with their mobile phones, but can you really stay up late without a mobile phone?In order to prevent children from being born, they are better to put down their mobile phones, prevent staying up late, pay attention to diet, and develop reasonable lifestyle.

Pay attention to diet

Pregnancy is a very hard thing. Some pregnant mothers start to vomit from pregnancy to end during pregnancy. It is difficult for others to understand all kinds of tastes. Usually nutritional intakes are less.Eat full, but be comfortable and healthy.It is best to stay away from garbage food. If you are pouting, you can eat a little bit occasionally.

Don’t believe the poison chicken soup on the Internet

Everyone’s physique is different and the performance of pregnancy is different, so do not feel that others are doing anything, and you must follow what you do. You must start according to the actual situation of your body.At the same time, it is also called for some netizens to speak online with caution!


Every pregnant mother wants their baby to come to this world with healthy and healthy land. In reality, there may be many indispensable factors, but as a mother can do, she can do her best to provide a good environment for the baby.

It is very hard during pregnancy. I hope that there are pregnant women at home, more considerate and care.No one is born to be a mother, but instinct to make the mother great. Pregnant mothers should not stay up late and treat themselves to their children!

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