I know before pregnancy!6 symptoms indicate that you are pregnant

In daily life, many couples have good feelings, or newlywed couples prefer to be tired and crooked together.At this time, if it is a cohabitation, it is easy to control themselves when they are so deep, so that the relationship between the two parties will be further intimate.So for some more careless or busy female friends, sometimes I do n’t know when I am pregnant.It may not be conscious until the menstruation will not come next time.In addition to menstruation, the body will change slightly with pregnancy.So, how can you calculate how long you have been pregnant after you are pregnant? Next, this article will analyze how to know how to get pregnant and some pregnancy symptoms for women.

How do you know that you are pregnant

How do you know that you are pregnant? Women who have sex in normal childbearing age have the possibility of pregnancy.Generally speaking, if women are pregnant, menstruation is the earliest symptom.At the same time, it is normal to feel burnout, drowsiness or breast swelling in the early stages of pregnancy.The following five symptoms also need to pay special attention:

1. Push menstruation

If a child of childbearing age has sexual life before, menstruation is delayed for more than a week, and consider whether to get pregnant.There are many ways to determine whether you are pregnant. Testing early pregnancy with early pregnancy test strips is a common practice.In order to accurately know if you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination.

2. Harmony with joy

It is normal to cause nausea after pregnancy.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the fluff tissue of the placenta secretes a hormone and is closely related to vomiting.

Vomiting during pregnancy often appears in the morning. Generally, the menstruation stops after one month, and it continues to slowly decrease for nearly two months.People with mild symptoms just feel a little disgusting in the morning and don’t want to eat anything; serious ones will be uncomfortable from the morning and continue for a whole day.

3. Breast pain

Under the action of female hormones and lutein in the ovarian, breast pain often occurs during pregnancy, including the tenderness of the nipples, the darkens of the areola, which is normal.Part of the reason is that the breasts are swollen but wearing the original size underwear. Be careful to reduce the touch.

In addition, you should understand whether you feel irritable or melancholy. Because of the emotional obstacles, the liver meridian is not connected. The breasts are exactly where the liver meridian passes.

4. Insomnia

The hormones during pregnancy are different from usual, and people who have sleep problems on weekdays are more likely to cause obstacles.However, sleeping pills, anxiety or sedatives should not be used during pregnancy.

5. Frequent urination or difficulty in urination

In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be an increase in the number of urination of pregnant women, especially in the evening.This is because the uterus in the pelvic cavity becomes larger and compressed to the bladder, making the bladder accumulation smaller.But after the first three months, the uterus increased to the abdominal cavity, and the phenomenon of oppression would disappear.

When there is pain in urine, severe people are even painful and accompanied by fever, they should seek medical treatment in time.Regardless of the symptoms, women should be careful that may be a sign of urethritis.

6. vaginal bleeding

There are about the following causes in vaginal bleeding during pregnancy:

(1) Scripture

There are a few pregnant women in the early stages, and there are still a small amount of menstruation every day. The fetus returns to normal until three months.The ancients called the "stimulus", "fetal stain", "mouse fetus. It was characterized by menstruation, less blood, 1-3 days of cleaning. Because it is a regular bleeding status, women are often pregnant.I don’t know.

(2) fetal leakage

This is a situation where a female vagina flows out of a small amount of blood.If it is not treated, the bleeding time is too long and the mother’s yin and blood are insufficient, which will cause death or embryo atrophy.

(3) Fetal movement

During pregnancy, there are backache or abdomen or swelling in the abdomen, or with a small amount of vaginal bleeding, indicating that the fetal falling is a threatened of abortion. Chinese medicine is called "uneasy fetal movement", that is, the "threatened abortion" in Western medicine.

(4) Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy will cause endocrine changes when pregnancy stops. At this time, there will also be vaginal bleeding. It is often presented with irregular drip -like, dark brown, and some people will flow out of a large amount of blood.

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