I just got pregnant, how can I do yin super?

“” Today in the obstetrics and director clinics, one patient has been discontinued for 38 days. Previously, he had a weak positive test paper at home.Early pregnancy, but the value is low, so let her review again today.

The results of the review this afternoon came out, and the value was still low, because the patient had a history of ectopic pregnancy in the past, so we also consider whether this time it will be an exceptional pregnancy. It is recommended that patients should be a vaginal ultrasound confirmation or exclusionone time.

With the following dialogue:

"I am pregnant with doctors, how can I do yin super again? Isn’t this not good for the embryo on the Internet?" In the face of such a problem, we explained to her, if yin super having harm to the baby and the baby in the early pregnancy,If you are injured, this test will not be necessary, and we will not let you do it, otherwise it is our responsibility if there are problems.Moreover, you would rather believe it on the Internet, believe Baidu, why can’t you believe the doctor who face it to face with you?

The patient said, "Director, you just started to tell me the precautions of early pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you ca n’t do business. Is Yin Chao’ s approach and intercourse?

I wonder if many pregnant girls or family have similar ideas?In fact, this also blames us to better understand the matter of Yin Chao.

Yin Chao is a kind of B -ultrasound in the cavity. It is placed in an ultrasonic examination and diagnosis through the vagina or rectum. Compared with ordinary B -ultrasound, patients are less preparation in the cavity.If it is an ultrasound in the abdomen, patients need to be urinating. I believe that many friends who have experienced similar experiences can understand, drink water, wait for urine, and urine the urine is long and anxious.The Yin Chao or the intraocular ultrasound only requires the patient to lie down. The doctor will apply a sterile condom to apply a coupling agent to put the special probe in the vagina or rectum for examination and diagnosis.The operation is sterile and has a good lubrication, which will not cause healthy damage to the patient.

The ultrasound in the cavity is clearer than the general ultrasound’s detection image, and the results are more accurate.

Take the example just mentioned, the patient uses a yin to check. The probe will only put it in the vagina, and will not touch the baby in the uterus, and it will not cause harm to TA.The result of excluding whether it is an abnormal pregnancy will be more accurate.No need to prepare for urination, that is, do it, and go away.

And it should be explained why it can do yin super during early pregnancy, but cannot do house.Because Yin Chao’s movement is very careful and slow, and put it in a not deep inspection.It is not the same. It is an activity, or even a fierce activity. It has a great threat to the safety of pregnant women and babies, and there are no shortage of lessons in this blood in the hospital.

Speaking of which, I hope that everyone can understand that in a regular hospital, it is recommended that you go to the inspection and inspection, and the starting point will not hurt you.The simplest reason is that if there is a problem with a certain inspection project, do the doctor be responsible and punished?At present, the state’s excessive inspection of hospitals is very strict.

Doctors should consider problems from the perspective of patients, sincerely realize the purpose of serving the patients, and adhere to the purpose of serving the people.Patients should also understand the doctor appropriately and believe in the doctor.In this way, there will be no contradictions between doctors and patients.In order to better solve the disease itself.

This is the end of today’s shattering thought. If you have any ideas and opinions, please leave a comment and communicate with each other.If you think this is okay, you may wish to give a praise and pay attention.I wish you all good health and happiness.

I hope that people in the world are not sick.

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