I just got pregnant and did not pay attention to these 6 matters. Is the fetus flow or stay?Pregnant women must think about it

A mother asked, "What problems should I pay attention to when they are pregnant?" If some special matters do not pay attention, they will be shocked during pregnancy.

I was just pregnant is a period of uncomfortable body. Suddenly, a small elves were stationed in the uterus, and it was a little uncomfortable.Psychologically be treated with joy and rejoicing, and some reactions to appear should be actively responding. If you go through the early pregnancy, you will bloom in spring.

After pregnancy, there will be some symptoms of colds, such as rising temperature, headache, fatigue, disgusting, cold, etc.

Some pregnant mothers may not realize that they are pregnant, but they think they are ordinary colds.As a result, I bought some medicines to eat.After knowing that I am pregnant, there are all kinds of fear and fear, should the child want to wait for the problem to imagine.

Understand the symptoms during pregnancy in advance. After preparing for pregnancy, you can detect whether you are pregnant in time, so as not to miss the important information, and there will be no consequences of regrets.

Early pregnancy embryos are unstable and easily cause miscarriage.If you have the habit of strenuous exercise before, such as running and playing, you should stop and change to a soothing exercise to prevent abortion.Sports suitable for pregnant women are walking, swimming, and yoga, choose according to your own situation.

It is not suitable for the same room in the early pregnancy. Too much movement will stimulate contractions. The prostaglandin in semen will also stimulate contractions and cause abortion.

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the differentiation of fetal organs. If you take improper drugs, you may cause fetal malformation.Therefore, you cannot use medicine casually.For example, histamine drugs cannot be taken firmly.

Many friends now like to buy medicines in the pharmacy.If you have physical discomfort, you can take safe drugs under the guidance of a doctor.If you have a cold, you can use physical therapy or diet.

Stay away from X -ray examination and CT examination in the early pregnancy. These large doses of radiation will adversely affect the health of the fetus.It is easy to cause fetal malformations.

In the book "Niuniu", the owner Niuniu is such an example. In the early pregnancy, her mother accepted rays due to a fever because of her fever.

Don’t be too low or too high in the water temperature of the bath.It is generally kept about 37-40 degrees, and it feels not cold or hot.

Too low water temperature will stimulate blood vessel contraction and affect the fetal supply of the fetus.Too low water temperature can also stimulate contractions and cause miscarriage.

Don’t be too high in water temperature, especially don’t soak hot springs.Too high water temperature will destroy the constant temperature of amniotic fluid and affect the development of the central nervous system.

Pay attention to taking folic acid in early pregnancy to prevent neural tube malformation.

In the early pregnancy, the appetite is generally lost. Pay attention to the light diet and a small amount of meals. You must eat staple food to prevent keto.

It is also easy to vomit in early pregnancy, especially in the morning, pay attention to breakfast to meet the energy needs of the day.

Any time when pregnant vomiting will also bring some delicious snacks with you to supplement it in time to prevent pregnancy.

There are many questions that you should pay attention to when you are pregnant. If you have any questions, you can leave a message to communicate.

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