I heard that pregnant women eat lobster are good for children. My sister is very happy to find a good reason for her greedy mouth

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I heard that pregnant women eat lobster,

It is good for children,

My sister is very happy,

For your hobbies again,

Found a great reason.

My sister’s father -in -law contracted,

A fish pond in the village,

It is just suitable for breeding lobster.

Previously because of the high price of lobster,

My sister eats very cautiously,

That’s the mouth,

Only buy it to solve the solution.

Now there is my own home,

It’s a cheerful eating!

I can eat every day.

It is normal for a pregnant woman to be greedy,

Everyone didn’t say anything.

Anyway, I cultivated myself,

It doesn’t matter if you eat more.

Just like this, my sister eats lobster,

There is no scruple.

However, the good times don’t last long,

In the middle and late pregnancy,

The whole body began to itch.

Especially the part of pregnancy,

Always grab and scratch,

It seems itchy,

It was sent out of the belly.

Run a few hospitals,

The doctor can not check the reason,

Just apply some ointment,

Edible anti -itching is better than nothing,

Can not be treated thoroughly.

Western medicine goes to see Chinese medicine,

Old Chinese medicine cannot explain,

I can only say that this is,

Obvious allergies,

Maybe it’s special for pregnant women,

It should be fine when the child is born.

At that time,

My sister can’t do it all day,

Sleep a sense of peace.

Get up in the middle of the night to tickle.

The belly is often caught,

A piece of red,

It looks scary.

After all, I got it,

Children are familiar,

This shadow is like a shadow,

It even disappeared without a trace!

Later, when I was chatting,

I only know,

My sister has been greedy for lobster during pregnancy.

I checked it Baidu,

Lobster is rich in nutrients,

You can supplement your body’s nutrition,

Improve immunity,

And promote your baby’s growth and development.

But this is just,

It is in an appropriate amount.

Lobster may contain harmful substances such as bacteria,

Pregnant women too much,

It may stimulate the gastrointestinal tract,

As a result, diarrhea, contractions, etc. also affect the fetus,

Seriously even cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Obviously greedy sister,

No amount of controlling lobster!

As a result, allergic reactions during pregnancy,

It can be seen from the mouth,

Need everything.

The season of eating lobster,

You also need to be leisurely!

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