I heard that it is difficult to get pregnant after the uterus. Is it true or false?

Director, I have been married to my husband for more than a year, and I have never been pregnant.Recently, I went to the hospital for examination. I didn’t check any problems. I found that the uterus was in the back.I heard that the post -level uterus is difficult to get pregnant. What should I do?

The position of women’s uterus includes three types in the pelvic cavity, namely the front uterus, the median uterus, and the posterior uterus. They are the normal positions of the uterus.From the clinical experience, the uterus with normal function, no matter what position, is not the root cause of infertility.

As an embryo, fetus, and organs that produce menstruation, the petite and exquisite uterus lives between the center, bladder and rectum of women’s small pelvis.The bottom of the palace is located below the pelvic entrance. The mouth of the palace is slightly above the sciatic spine plane.

The position of the uterus can be divided into front, median, and rear positions, but the position of the uterus can be affected by the surrounding organs. If the bladder is full and the rectum is full, it can move; change can also affect the position of the uterus.

When doing pelvic B -ultrasound, careful female friends may find that there will be different changes in the uterine position of the pelvic ultrasound at different times. Sometimes it is the forefront, sometimes it is neutral, and sometimes sometimesIt is the back position.

In addition, people are divided into forward leaning (uterine body to flexion in the cervix forward) according to the relationship between the "bending down" of the uterus and the cervix.The cervix back), the middle position (the level of the palace body, neither forward nor backward and flexion).

(Figure: Dictionary of anterior uterine front/median/rear position)

Most women’s uterus is ahead or neutral, but there are also some women’s congenital positions, and the uterus of a few women will show extreme forwards or back flexion.

When we lie on your back, the lowest point of the vagina is the rear dome. Therefore, after the same room, the semen will accumulate in the position of the vagina. When getting up, it will flow out, and some women are worried that the sperm will not enter the uterus.

In fact, as long as the sperm reaches the vagina, it will fight forward, or even a few seconds to reach the uterine cavity. This has nothing to do with the position of the uterine.

Therefore, if women have normal ovulation and fallopian tubes, and have normal endometrium, simply the posterior uterine will not have much impact on conception, let alone cause infertility.

Endometriosis can cause the back position of the uterus

However, a disease that seriously affects pregnancy can cause infertility diseases to cause uterine fixation at the same time.This disease is endometriosis.

Endometriosis refers to the planting of the endometrium outside the uterine cavity and forming a lesion called endometriosis.The endometrium of the abnormal level will bleed with the menstrual cycle, so symptoms will become more and more, and more and more conferences will cause pain and pelvic adhesion.

Influential endometriosis can cause the contracture of the uterine ligament and lead to the back position of the uterine.During the physical examination, the vaginal and rectal diagnosis is particularly found to be the back of the uterus, fixing, and the nodules can be touched in the depths of the vagina and tender.

Of course, not all patients with endometrial endometriosis are leaned back.If the uterine endometriosis lesion does not invade the uterine rectal partial septum, and the uterine sacral ligament generally does not cause the back of the uterine.

In addition to endometriosis, the following types of uterus that can lead to infertility diseases is a post -throne, but like endometriosis, the cause of infertility caused by these diseases is the disease itself, not the uterus of the uterus itself.Location.

Such as uterine adenomia, an increase in uterine volume caused by adenomy muscle disease, changing the route of sperm and embryo, which may affect pregnancy as submucosal uterine fibroids.

The sequelae of pelvic inflammatory disease is a disease that has not been diagnosed or treated in a timely and correct diagnosis or treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease. Its clinical manifestations include infertility caused by fallopian tube adhesion.When the fallopian tube is combined with a pelvic connective tissue lesions, the uterus often tilted back and folded, and the activity is limited or fixed.

Seeing here, when you check or do pelvic ultrasound, you find that when you are just a simple uterus, will you still worry about pregnancy?

The answer is of course NO!Because the position of the uterus will not affect pregnancy!

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