I have n’t been pregnant for a year, and I have a lot of pressure. What should I do?

After 3 years of getting married, I have been married for almost one year, and my stomach has not moved, causing various criticisms of relatives and neighbors.

I also started to doubt whether it was my own problem.

The older generation always feels that pregnancy is a matter of a woman alone. This kind of harmful old concept makes women particularly stress.

But preparing for pregnancy [It’s a matter of two people in Bao Da Bao Mom], you need to work hard together.

Recently, I have learned some pregnancy preparing for pregnancy, so I know that preparation before pregnancy is essential!

Share it to all expectant parents.

【Bao Ma】

Pregnancy is an embryo growing in the mother’s body. Of course, the mother’s body is very, very important.Only one good soil can give birth to good seeds.

Early 3-6 months earlier to eat folic acid. Eat folic acid every day to prevent fetal malformation.There is no need to buy hundreds of folic acid, just a few dollars issued by the country.

Do not do radiation projects such as CT and X -rays, do not take medicine.

Exercise more, diverse diet, don’t stay up late, stay away from various chemical pollution environments.

Pre -pregnancy examination items:

1. Routine gynecological examination: blood routine, urine routine, leucorrhea routine, liver function, renal function, blood pressure, blood type, blood sugar.

2. antibody examination: hepatitis B antibody, rubella virus, giant cell virus, etc.

3. Cervical secretions: Chlamydia, Gonococcus, TCT, HPV.

4. Thyroid function: The thyroid function has an important role in the development of fetal intellectual development.

5. Oral examination: It is best to be treated with problems with problems.

6. Six tests of hormones: can evaluate ovarian function.

When preparing for pregnancy, you can monitor ovulation, and you can detect body temperature with patience.Find the ovulation day and grasp the best time for pregnancy.

Multi -skipping rope helps egg development, which is equivalent to "fallopian tube gymnastics".

If you have a delayed pregnancy and suspect that the fallopian tube is blocked, you can do tubal angiography under the advice and guidance of the doctor.

If you have vitamin D deficiency, you must supplement the appropriate amount of VD.

Conditional families can conduct appropriate immunization related inspections, because thrombosis, coagulation, and antibodies have gradually increased in recent years.

There are also chromosome examinations, of course, these are not necessary to check items.After all, after all, the cost is more expensive.

【Bao Dad】

Don’t boil smoking and drinking, wear less tight pants, don’t soak hot springs, and engage in high temperature work.

1. Conventional examination: blood routine, urine routine, liver function, renal function

2. Routine semen: sperm malformation rate, vitality, DNA fragment rate

3. Six hormones

4. Reproductive system inspection

Men do not need to eat folic acid, and it does not work if it is eaten. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you can eat it casually if you can eat it.

A zinc and vitamin E can be appropriately supplemented to improve sperm quality.

Among the 10 men, at least half of the sperm quality is particularly good.Staying up late is particularly fierce, not exercise, sitting for a long time.

Either the deformed rate is high or the vitality is not good.This does not lead to infertility, but it will lead to low conception.

If the sperm is not good, it needs to be adjusted 3 months in advance, because the growth cycle of the small tadpoles takes 3 months.

Therefore, it is normal for medical definition of 1 year of pregnancy, and some of them are 2 years, so pregnancy cannot be anxious.

By the way and relax, the baby will naturally come.

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