I have married Xiao San’s son, 5 years, and some plots exceeded my cognition

Today is Wu Wei’s perspective. I miss Gu Yuan, that is, the brother’s perspective in the previous story can be clicked here: My mother is the most obedient junior in Taiyuan, 20 years, and finally dare to say who has the biggest retribution.

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I am Wu Wei.

In 2012, when I saw Gu Yuan at the fitness center, my chin almost shocked.

Gu Yuan and I haven’t seen each other for many years.

I couldn’t believe it a little, the big fat on the elliptical machine in front of me was him.

I recognized it for a long time.When he came down, he dared to say, Hi, are you … Gu Yuan?

He nodded and said, you are …

Wu Wei, we have done the same table in junior high school.

Gu Yuan looked at me confusedly and said, "Are you fat?

That’s right, it seems he remembers me.

At that time, I was really fat, so fat to inferiority.And he is a handsome and beautiful boy who is handsome to the whole school.

Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen each other for many years, and our weight has changed.

I thought that year, I still had a crush on him.


As soon as junior high school started, Gu Yuan paid attention to the class.

One is handsome, and the other is money.

The teacher allocated the two of us at the same table, and my heart was full of nervousness.

I have a handsome guy phobia.

So for a week, I haven’t said a word to Gu Yuan.

However, Gu Yuan’s body seemed to have no aroma, and he always shook me.

Especially after changing to the window, the wind blows in, a faint, with a sweet fruity aroma, it really smells it.

That’s definitely not the fragrance of flower dew, or what skin care products.

In a day of self -study class, I couldn’t help asking him quietly, what is on you, smell it.

He froze, shaking the beads of wood on his wrist with me, said, this is this, agarwood.

I said, where did you buy, how much money, I also buy one.

I didn’t see it. Looking at the broken stuff, I was worth five pieces and eight pieces.

As a result, Gu Yuan said, my dad gave me, I can help you ask if there is still more than 8,000.

This exaggerated number scared me to slide to the table.

I was busy saying, no more, no need.Just smell you.


It can be said that a bracelet opened the distance between me and Gu Yuan.

I still know myself.

Knowing that this kind of boy can only look at it from a distance, not to play.

Two months later, the teacher changed his seat again, and Gu Yuan and I separated.In the second year, the school was divided into classes.

Soon, Gu Yuan’s family had passed on to school, and since then he is no longer.

The biggest harm of the perfect person is here.

How many people once held you, and how many people stepped on you later.

In the second semester of the second day, Gu Yuan was completely isolated.During the class, he often saw him sitting by the playground and not talking to anyone.

Once, I also met him by a group of boys.

I am very pitiful.Did he do something wrong? He can’t choose who to be a mother.

But my girlfriend said me, you are still pitiful to yourself. No matter how poor, you rush home every day.

Alas, more damaged.

At that time, I was grinding my mother to buy me a stretch electric bicycle.There is no qualifications to think about it.

Gu Yuan will not come in the next semester.

He is like the actor in the novel, leaving a bright color in my ordinary youth, and then disappeared.


My family is quite ordinary.

My dad is a small civil servant, and my mother works in a public institution.

I am studying in Linfen.

At that time, the whole dormitory was about to lose weight together.Morning running, fitness exercises, weight loss pills … After four years, only I succeeded.

But I didn’t talk about love.

Well, there are more meat.There are more than 30 people in our class, only 4 boys.We all raised as pandas.

After graduating, he returned to Taiyuan and became a teacher.

My mother immediately arranged a blind date.

Girls of the same age generally resist, but I don’t.

As a girl who started SOLO from the mother’s fetus, I was also anxious.

Especially after being a teacher, the scope of contact with men is narrower. It is either a respectable old comrade or a master of famous flowers.

Later, it was 2012, and I met … He Yangyang.

Yes, not Gu Yuan.

He Yangyang is the third boy who meets on a blind date.

I really felt that he was my Mr. Right.


He Yangyang was introduced by my mother’s colleague.

A graduation is 2 years older than me.As a lawyer in a law firm on our side.

I have been with him for three months, and from the appearance of the character to the family conditions, it can be regarded as a household.

At this time, my life of Ma Pingchuan finally got the first storm.

I remember that it was almost Liuyi, and He Yangyang suddenly asked me to meet and gave me a scarf.

I was happy to laugh, and said, is Children’s Day gifts?

He said, sorry, I think we are not suitable.Still get a little earlier.

I was blinded at the time.

Obviously, watching the movie happily last weekend, why was it suddenly inappropriate?

I had no experience in love, I took a breakup gift, and went home in a mess.

When I entered the door, my mother saw that my face was wrong. Ask me what happened?I cried out.

It’s not how deep the feelings are, but my grievances and inexplicable.

My mother was very angry when she knew it, and called He Yangyang and the introducer.

However, I often say to students that behind all irregular things, there must be a reasonable explanation.

Sure enough, a month later, the news of He Yangyang’s marriage came.

I only knew that he met several relatives at the same time, and finally chose the best condition.

I can only say that Lin Zi is big, there are all birds.

His appearance was a pavement for me and Gu Yuan.


I often think that if I do n’t experience He Yangyang, I may not have the courage to accept Gu Yuan.

After all, we are not a class.

He Yangyang made me want to understand one thing. Anyway, ordinary men are not necessarily reliable. Why not dream?

In fact, when I saw Gu Yuan again, I had no choice but to think about it, and my heart was more regretful and sympathy.

How to say is the male god of my young girl, and suddenly it becomes so bloated.

It’s like Wu Yanzu who suddenly saw the terrible hairline on INS, who doesn’t hurt.

Take the initiative to add his WeChat to exercise together.

It feels like he is particularly passive.Ask him, he said yes, you look at it.

It is not that there is no opinion, but to listen to the destiny.

During the rest, he sat on a bench to drink protein powder, the black large cup lined his fingers, and each one was bald.

The incomplete nails are 啃 at first glance.

When I was in college, I learned psychology.

Children’s nails are a manifestation of anxiety.Moreover, he is an adult.

For a moment, the sense of empathy and responsibility of being the teacher came all.

Our principal said that we cannot give up any child, right?


I didn’t know what Gu Yuan went through.

I just think he is not from food.

He told him about his weight loss experience, and told him that too much pressure will lead to increased cortisol, and cortisol is the cause of gaining weight.I suggest that he go to a psychologist and talk.

Passive people are so good, what you say to him, he said yes.

Gu Yuan started to change from the psychologist.The weight was loosened, and the person recovered some angry.

It’s April 13th.

He invited me to dinner, and said to help him so much to thank me.

I obviously felt that our relationship heated up and had undergone qualitative changes.

I joked with him, saying that I was careful, but I actually wanted to chase the male god.

But Gu Yuan looked at me seriously, his eyes were all little stars.

He said, be my girlfriend, I’m serious.

My heart jumped and blurted out, okay!

But after that, I realized that this was too stubborn.

In order to save face, you can only find a supplement that you have to be reduced to 150 pounds before I can marry you.

I said casually.

He is one meter eight, the head is large, 150 pounds, which is actually difficult.

But Gu Yuan didn’t want to say, okay, a word is certain!


Later, Gu Yuan told me that for many years, he felt hope for the first time.

He originally felt that this life was like a fuck, buried his head, mixed up, etc.But I gave him a new longing.

I let him feel that I may have a chance to live like an ordinary person.

Love, get married, there is an ordinary warm home.

I didn’t understand the meaning of these words at the time.Because of his life, he said to the psychiatrist, not me.

I don’t know what he has suffered.

In 2014, Gu Yuan opened the gym.He moved out of his house, anyway, there were many houses.

May Day, I took him home to see my parents.

At that time, they knew that I had a boyfriend and asked me to take it back to see.As a result, when I met, my dad knew who Gu Yuan was.

Gu Yuan’s dad’s genuine father -in -law, and the father of the Aunt Tang, the old leader of my dad.

It is the most explosive gossip about their family.

After Gu Yuan left, my dad strongly opposed me with him.

He probably told me about their family.

He said, that was a dung pit, and it could not be cleaned.We ordinary people can’t afford it.


I thought that Gu Yuan was sentenced to death unilaterally.

I asked him to meet, and wanted to hear if he had any explanation.

Gu Yuan told me everything about his family.

Gu Yuan’s father started with an individual coal mine, and it did not make money in the industry.

Later, when his dad ran his business, he met Aunt Tang’s father.The two became on the wine table and became forgotten the year.

At that time, Aunt Tang’s father’s position was not too high, but had certain real power in his hands.

The position he was in made him see the tendency of the policy and guided Gu Yuan’s dad to start a real estate.

In the mid -1990s, some were approved, and it was only tens of thousands per mu.It can be imagined that Gu Yuan’s dad’s asset expansion speed.

In the face of huge wealth, the so -called friendship seems not so reliable.

Auntie Tang had two children and one daughter.He immediately filmed and married Aunt Tang to Gu Yuan’s father.

Whether this marriage is emotional, outsiders are hard to say.

I just say some gaps.

Aunt Tang is a college student, Gu Yuan’s father’s high diploma.

Aunt Tang went to work in a foreign company. Gu Yuan’s father was the coal boss.

In fact, Gu Yuan’s father knew what the Tang family meant, but he couldn’t refuse.

The career has just begun and cannot be messed up.

It is said that Aunt Tang also had a boyfriend at the time.Unfortunately, in the face of her father’s strength, her mother’s tears, she only compromised.

After marriage, two daughters were born, even if the family property was firmly grasped.

Therefore, Gu Yuan’s father later found that he had a pro -son who had nothing to do with the Tang family.

Of course, there is another reason he likes Gu Yuan.


Gu Yuan took Taiyuan in 2000.

It didn’t take long for the rumors about the new policy of the electric coal.

By 2002, the country officially canceled the coal guidance price, and the price of coal soared instantly.

Gu Yuan’s dad never gave up his small mine.

From 2002, to 2008 coal restructuring and reorganization, all private coal mines were collected by state -owned.

In the past 6 years, Gu Yuan’s father directly became a billionaire.

Looking back and turning the news of the coal boss that year, he knew what level of his dad was.

People who do business are superstitious. His dad thinks Gu Yuan is his blessing, so he likes to take him everywhere.

In those years, Gu Yuan’s father became more and more dissatisfied with the Tang family.

In the eyes of outsiders, he is a climbing son -in -law.

But he felt that he was working on his ability. Even if he did not have the Tang family, he would fly Huang Tengda sooner or later.

The Tang family used a daughter to hold him, and the divorce would divide half of the property.

Gu Yuan told me that his dad was not a good man emotionally.But the business is sober, and there is a bottom line.

He was so rich, and he hadn’t touched both things.

The first is to involve black.Even if someone bought Gu Yuan’s life behind him, he did not have fainted his mind and trip to the muddy water in the underworld.

Second, do not do business that hurts heaven.

He used to be cheap to his dad, and he didn’t pick it up.

Because that land was used to be a chemical plant, the purification treatment did not meet the standard.His dad said that he could not build a house to harm people.

This also became the reason why his dad would rather give up some interests and gradually cut the Tang family.

His father felt that he could make money by relationship, but he could not make black money.


After listening to Gu Yuan’s life, I was shocking.

Especially for children like me who grew up, some plots have exceeded my cognition.

Gu Yuan was pressed in the swimming pool is not a solitary case.

He is not crooked in the environment, and it is fortunate.

I suddenly understood why Gu Yuan abandoned himself in his 20s.

I always thought he was inferiority because of his mother’s primary three.

In fact, in a sense, the more he showed his chest, the more like a nest, the more it is safe.

Gu Yuan said, what I can say, I said, are you still willing to be with me?If you are willing, I can take you to other places.Where do you pick it up?

I said, I am willing to be with you, but I cannot leave my parents.

Later, we turned to underground.

In March 2015, Gu Yuan’s fucking acute appendicitis was admitted to the hospital.When Gu Yuan accompanied, I followed.

That was the first time I saw his mother.

I heard it in Gu Yuan’s mouth before and thought it would be a beautiful and cold woman.

I only saw it when I saw it, I thought wrong.

His fucking is very gentle and weak, and his voice is soft.

It is also 50 years old, but it looks at most 40 years old, her skin is white and tender, and it looks like a porcelain doll.

When Gu Yuan went to buy food, his mother gently pulled my hand and said, thank you, if Xiaoyuan is not good, you blame me, don’t blame him, I didn’t teach it well.

I suddenly didn’t know what to say.

On the way back, I couldn’t help telling Gu Yuan that your mother is so beautiful and gentle, not as ruthless as you said.

Gu Yuan said coldly, do n’t believe her, all pretended, she lost any Oscar.

I can’t answer again.


In 2016, Gu Yuan and I had a turnaround.

The Tang family fell.Gu Yuan’s father was not affected in the legal sense.

My dad looked at Gu Yuan and his dad was invited to drink tea. After turning around, he felt that his family had passed the level, and it was okay.

Of course, I would rather die.He couldn’t help it.

In December, the wedding of Gu Yuan and I returned to the hometown of Jincheng to avoid embarrassment in all aspects.

It was Gu Yuan’s fucking, that is, my mother -in -law, the first appearance in the Gu family.

The girlfriend who attended the wedding said that I was so rustic, not like marrying a rich person at all.

What should I say?

From the wedding room, to the wedding, to life, Gu Yuan and I have maintained the standard of ordinary people as much as possible.

Because it is the way of life expected by Gu Yuan, low -key and safe, warm and loving.

But we took the cruise ship in the honeymoon.

In 28 days, I was exaggerated, satisfying the princess dream of watching idol dramas from an early age.

The girlfriend said that it was finally like a rich daughter -in -law.

When I came back on the honeymoon, I was pregnant with my son.

Later, it was the post -marriage life of chai oil and salt.Dull, but there is a real happiness.

In the words of your girlfriends, you are really the lowest -key wealthy people.Even if you marry a male god, you are still a wealthy Gu family male god.

It seems really so.

Gu Yuan is very Gu’s family, loves children, and loves me very much.

In 2018, Gu Yuan’s grandmother died.

I accompanied him back to meet the last side.

After returning, he adjusted for a long time.It became more indifferent to his parents.

Except for the necessary festivals, there is almost no connection.

This year, the father -in -law found alcoholic liver.

At that time, the father -in -law had a family trust, and those who could retreat outside.

Playing incense at home every day is affordable and let go.

My dad commented on him, and he was able to retreat rapidly.

How many positions are in the body, and the body is broken.


In 2020, I gave birth to my daughter.

The mother -in -law was the same time as the last time, and Gu Yuan refused again.

He invited Yueyu, please nanny, trouble my mother, and let her mother -in -law help.

I can see the disappointment in my mother -in -law’s eyes.

In Mid -Autumn Festival this year, my mother -in -law told us to eat.

The father -in -law was originally a video.

My mother -in -law held her mobile phone and said with a smile, "It’s okay, you are busy, remember to say to me, I was interested.

Gu Yuan was beside him, and a snoring sounded that I was stepping on my foot.

My mother -in -law and other father -in -law got off the line before putting away the mobile phone.

She asked us, is it eating moon cakes?I’ll take it for you.

After speaking, we stood up without waiting for us to answer.

The moment I turned around, I seemed to see her tears in her eyes.

Gu Yuan tilted his head and looked outside the window quietly.

Suddenly, I had a sense of all thousands of sails.

It is said that the years are undefeated, but unfortunately there are always beautiful women who do not hesitate to years.

The world is all rough, and the shortcuts are rugged.

She is still beautiful, but she is stained with too much wind and frost.

Gu Yuan said to me, thank you for giving him a home.

It is the kind of justice, with a father, a mother, and a child’s home.

When I heard him say this, I was only distressed.

So in addition to double the warmth of his ordinary people, I can’t think of a better way to love him.

The mountain is high and long, we take your time.

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