I have infertility, my wife is pregnant, the landlord, her, my mother agrees


My name is Fan Yu, 4 or 2 years old this year.

I had a failed marriage.The ex -wife was introduced by my mother to the matchmaker.

In the Spring Festival that year, I just came back to work, and my mother told me that she found a object at home.

The girl who was watery was just returning from work.She is our neighboring village.

My mother said that my boss was not small, and it was time to get married.

After my father died of illness, I owed a debt at home.

When I was working in the factory, I saw a couple, holding hands, they went to work together, shopping together, making me very envious.

My mother found a object at home, which made me feel extremely excited.

After I met her, I felt my eyes, and the parents of both sides ordered us to marry us.


After the two of us were engaged, we got married for one year.

After my ex -wife married me, my mother wanted to hug her grandson and prevent me from going out to work again. She asked me to keep my ex -wife and give birth to a child.

I have been holding her ex -wife for three years, and her stomach has no movement at all.

I said to my ex -wife, how did she do it?I was almost exhausted, why can’t I be pregnant?

Her ex -wife was also very angry. She said, couldn’t she be alone for her responsibility?

The mother urged her ex -wife to go to the hospital for examination.After the ex -wife was checked, the fertility indicators were normal.

She asked me to do a check.I don’t want to do inspection, I am energetic and believe that I am okay.

However, after more than two years, the ex -wife has not been pregnant.She shook her face and said to me, I won’t do it, she won’t let me touch her.

The test results came out and I had infertility.

The ex -wife pointed at me to divorce me, and she said that I was delaying the right to let her be a mother.


After her ex -wife divorced me, she quickly married, and soon she had a child.

I have infertility news that the people in the village quickly knew that I was thin and felt that I couldn’t wait in the village, and came out to work again.

I did n’t go to my hometown of acquaintances in my hometown this time, and I came to Da Xinjiang alone.

I have picked cotton and grafted jujube trees here.

Hongxia is from Henan, and she also came to Xinjiang to pick cotton.She is diligent and fast, with more cotton every time.She picked a bag of cotton, all of which I helped her back from the cotton field.

At that time, when we sat down, I chatted with her, knowing that she was 10 years younger than me and divorced.

Her ex -husband did something sorry for her, and she left with her ex -husband.


After Hongxia divorced her ex -husband, she also came to work in Xinjiang.

Hongxia has never given birth to her ex -husband. She has not married in recent years.

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