I have been living in my mother’s house when I am pregnant. My mother -in -law does not pay for the money. Can I reach out with my mother -in -law?

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A netizen left a message: I have been living in my mother’s house since pregnancy, and my husband is working outside. The money for checking and living after pregnancy is basically my mother.Husband’s monthly salary is used to repay the mortgage and his own expense, leaving only hundreds of pieces of zero flower.I mentioned to my mother -in -law to help us share a part, but my mother -in -law said that she couldn’t help it. She also said that the cost of the child and the inspection should be flowers, and she would give it.However, since pregnancy, I have given a thousand dollars, and I have felt very strong.Now that my child is eight months old, there is a risk of premature birth. If my husband can’t catch up, I may also be born on my mother’s house, and the probability is that my mother pays.I have n’t been working since I was pregnant, and I do n’t want to spend my mother’s money. How can I ask for money with my mother -in -law?I want her to know that she can’t rely on my mother’s house.

Netizens reply: How much money does your husband make?After paying the housing loan’s own expense, there are hundreds of dollars left?You have no money when you are pregnant. When your child is born, you spend more money. What is enough for hundreds of dollars to do?IntersectionDon’t find the problem of mother -in -law, all of them are adults, and they can’t raise themselves. How do I plan my life in the future?

Netizens reply 2: Personally, you should go back to your mother -in -law’s house, and take your mother -in -law in the future.If you go back, you will give you money naturally. If you don’t go back, you will definitely not pay!

Netizens reply 3: How do you say, our brother, I have all the expenditures of marriage, we are ourselves, we eat together, and give me 600 yuan for my mother -in -law every month!Now the two children, my mother -in -law controls the child, and then my uncle can get married, my mother -in -law does not care about us!But we have no mortgage, no car loan, I do n’t have a building for marriage, the car was bought after the two of us after marriage!

Netizens reply 4: You should pay for your husband!Why do you have to live in your mother’s house?You have been living in your mother’s house, it is not very suitable!No money to make her husband find a way, parents, in -laws are secondary.You both have children, and you have to learn to take responsibility.The elderly on both sides can give you the old money for others.

Netizens replied: It was a bit like when I was pregnant with my first child. I had no money in my hand and did n’t want children. My mother -in -law said that even if I borrowed money, I had to spend a penny.My aunt was also pregnant, so I went there by the way. In fact, I did n’t have the time to check it. The doctor handed the order directly to my mother -in -law. The aunt and her object were all there. My mother -in -law did not move the place. LaterI urged me to squeeze inside, and never pointed at her with Qian Zhanbian since then.It was a mistake to depend on the beginning. When the two people got married, the two should have planning. If there were problems, the two people discussed the solution, instead of expecting others to help you.Small questions are relying on.

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