I had a baby dream, but I didn’t expect that I was really pregnant for a few years.

I have been married for two years with my husband for two years. After more than three years, I have been engaged in half a year since I was in love.

We have never taken measures in the same room, but I have never been pregnant. I went to check. The doctor said that I had a multi -cyst ovary syndrome.

This disease makes people ovulation scarce and even does not ovulation at all, which is infertile.

Because I used to be young, I was with my ex -boyfriend, and I was born unexpectedly, but he was too scum. It was not good for me, and I didn’t care about it.Stab, I’m afraid of punishment for me because of abortion.

After being with my husband, he was particularly good to me. It was all right. My aunt has been abnormal. After finding the polycystic, I feel that the sky is about to collapse.I think this is a punishment for me.

After a year of marriage, my mother -in -law had a micro -word about me without pregnancy, mainly because my husband’s house was going to demolish, and my mother -in -law would get pregnant quickly. In the future, the child also has a house as a reason. Every time I see me, I knock on the side.

Later, I often told me to take Chinese medicine. She asked everywhere, where I heard that there were good Chinese medicine, no matter how far she asked me to go.When I was annoyed, I accompanied her to see two Chinese medicine medicine. I drank and drank the hard Chinese medicine, and I did not improve.

Originally, my husband and I intended to have a polycystic surgery at the end of 2019. I heard that I could control it for half a year. The pregnancy rate was quite high.Or really can’t do it, so go to test tubes. After all, the long -term infertility gave me too much pressure in my heart.

Who knows that the plague came after the New Year and broke all my plans. Every day at home, the door could not be released. Every day, eating, drinking and sleeping, let me grow from 140 pounds to 150 pounds.Focus.

I was not so fat at first. Because of the plenty of sacs, I had taken hormone drugs for a while, and it rose to 140 pounds after taking it. Now I have been in my house for a month. I did n’t expect that the weight soared to 150.

In order to lose weight and epidemic, I was anxious, which caused the menstrual period to delay for nearly three months. However, when I was postponed for two months, I used the pregnancy test stick to show the whiteboard. I looked at the light every time.I ca n’t see the second red line. After a dozen days, I would never check it anymore.

Strange to say, I have always been dreaming.Every time I go to bed, I must dream, and I have a few dreams at one time, but after waking up, I will become unmissable.

In the past two days, I have always dreamed of. On the 3.3, I dreamed that I used pregnancy test sticks to test pregnancy. Two red bars of red, I was happy to break me. As a result, I woke up and found that this was a dream. Oh!This dream did when I took medicine crazy, and I didn’t have any meaning at all, so I didn’t care.

I have been very sleepy in the past two days, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my throat, and I feel that my eyes are a bit open. I thought it was because I lost weight. I didn’t care about eating less.

On the 3.4th, that is, last night, I dreamed that I dreamed that the strawberry in the field planted at home was cooked.A lot of strawberries, red, big and beautiful, I am happy, and I am happy with my husband at the strawberry field. I also took off a little strawberry and wanted to take it home to eat.

After I woke up, I went to the toilet. The ghost made God think of this dream. I took the pregnancy test stick. After looking at the whiteboard at first glance, I put it aside and play with my mobile phone.

After a minute, I thought about it again, and then threw the pregnancy test stick. I didn’t expect that happiness came so suddenly!IntersectionIntersection

A shallow shadow was in the display area. I couldn’t believe it, and then I quickly measured one, or two lines were displayed. I stood in the window and smirked for a long time.

Today is a good day, my baby is here!

Maybe the time is still short.So it is not so obvious, but I am sure that this is a real pregnancy. Unfortunately, the epidemic has not completely controlled it, otherwise I would definitely fly to the hospital immediately.

I hope that the baby is obedient in the mother’s belly. I hope that this pregnancy will always be smooth. I hope that all the younger sisters who are struggling on the road of pregnancy in the world will be able to pay their wishes and greet the pregnancy together 2020!

I know that it is not easy to prepare for pregnancy, especially those who have polycystic ovary syndrome like me. I hope you can get pregnant naturally as me.It turns out that polycystic can be pregnant naturally and relax the mentality. Maybe your baby is here!

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