I got "blood cancer" for seven months of pregnancy, and the frost became "life -saving medicine"

Source: Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, information Times, information Times

31 weeks of pregnancy in Guangzhou,

Huang Yan (a pseudonym) with acute leukemia at the same time,

At the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

After giving birth to the next baby boy,

Her leukemia treatment has also reached clinical relief,

It has been discharged recently.

Pull Huang Yan’s mother and son from the edge of the critical cliff,

It turned out to be a cream known as the "King of Poison"?

Pregnancy combined with acute leukemia cream to save lives

Recalling those days when the serious illness, Huang Yan still had a lot of heart: "I found that there were gum bleeding when I was more than 7 months pregnant, and her body was ecchymosis." Two years ago, Huang Yan had a small yield due to vaginal hemorrhage. At that time, she was pregnant.There are more than a month.Huang Yan was pregnant again in 2020. When she was seven months pregnant, her body appeared abnormal again, which made her feel uneasy.After the medical treatment in many places, due to the increasingly serious condition, Huang Yan came to the Guangzhou Medicine Third Hospital of Guangzhou Severe Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal Care Center for treatment.After Huang Yan was admitted to the hospital, the diagnosis was the result of acute early early childhood cell leukemia.

Early early early childhood cell leukemia is a blood tumor commonly known as "blood cancer". During the occurrence of the bone marrow, the abnormal leukemia cells in the bone marrow are proliferated, accumulated in the bone marrow and inhibit the growth of normal cells, extensively infiltrate the liver, spleen and other organs, and the release of tumor cell releaseGranules trigger the coagulation system in the human body. Patients show extensive bleeding throughout the body, decreased blood pressure, multiple organ failure, and high mortality.During pregnancy, it is undoubtedly the difficulty of treatment.Such cases are rarely reported. At present, there are only 5 cases of reports of pregnancy and leukemia internationally.

The technical forces such as obstetrics, severe illnesses, blood, blood transfusion and other technical forces in the three hospitals of Guangyi

At this time, Huang Yan’s pregnancy has reached 31+ weeks, and the fetus weighs about 1200g.If pregnancy and rescue are terminated in time, the survival rate of newborn can reach 90%.However, if you continue to pregnancy, it may lead to severe infection and extensive bleeding, which will miss the optimal childbirth timing, which greatly increases the risk of sudden death of mothers.

After repeated demonstrations, doctors suggested that Huang Yan terminated pregnancy, and on the third day of Huang Yan’s admission to the hospital for cesarean section.

Doctors of the Third Hospital of Guangyi are Huang Yan (pseudonym) and cesarean section

A healthy premature baby baby was delivered during the operation, weighing 1510g.After surgery, Huang Yan turned to hematological treatment. The main therapeutic drug used was cream (triglyxide dioxide) plus metaic acid.

Huang Yan’s premature baby boy, after being treated with neonatal aids, increased weight and meet the discharge standards; and after 42 days of chemotherapy, her symptoms have also been relieved. At present, the mother and child have been discharged safely.

"But this is just the first step of the Long March. Next, she will return to the hospital to consolidate and maintain medication regularly within one year until the last cure." The doctor said.

The previous life of the frost

Why can cream treat leukemia?Arsenic, scientific name triglyxial arsenic, is refined by arsenic and yellow minerals.The poison of frost is known in the world.In "Water Margin", Pan Jinlian killed Wu Dalang with frost poison; in the palace fighting drama, the poison of people was creamy.In short, as the "king of poison", frost is notorious.

Until the early 1970s, there was an elderly man in the esophagus cancer who had been "sentenced to death" by the hospital in Heilongjiang after being treated with a cream -containing Chinese medicine recipe, and the cancer was shrinking, the esophagus was no longer blocked, and the function of the cream in the treatment of cancer was being ablePay attention to.

In 1972, the Harbin Medical University took the lead in discovering the main ingredient of cream in the Chinese medicine prescription’s main ingredients arsenic acid (that is, tritenx arsenic)."Education into" good people ".As a result, after a long exploration, a frost (triglyxide dioxide) injection was developed to treat acute early early childhood cell leukemia.

As a result, cream has changed from poison to life -saving medicine, and arsenic agents from frosting are playing an increasingly large role in the field of modern leukemia.

Notice!Famous frost cannot be used blindly

Of course, the current "cream treating leukemia" is not directly applied to the frost, but the venous preparation made of cream as the raw material and special processing, which is different from the ordinary cream.Patients must not buy and take cream privately, treat leukemia or other cancers by themselves, but should be used under the guidance of a doctor to avoid accidents.

In fact, due to the toxic characteristics of cream, its usage and dosage are very delicate. The therapeutic dose of tritenuxide in creams does not exceed 10mg/day, and greater than 60mg/day will cause poisoning and even death.Only the proper medication can be used to cure the disease; and if the drug is used blindly, the good medicine can also be killed.

At present, some domestic oncology hospitals are developing oral arsenic (frost). In the future, "oral cream" may be possible to replace "intravenous injection cream".However, researchers emphasized that this preparation "is still in the process of clinical preparation."

The doctor reminded that due to the complexity of leukemia, in order to get better efficacy, in addition to using cream (trigen dioxide), patients should also be treated with other drugs for comprehensive treatment and bone marrow transplantation when necessary.

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