I gave birth to my son and share with you my symptoms during pregnancy, and pick me up for pregnancy!

The first birth of the 29th year of this year, 8.2 pounds of fat son!Today, I will share with you my delivery diary. I also hope that everyone can take pregnancy and produce smoothly.

【About Shengwa】

When I was 38W, I suddenly started to pain. Seeing redness and pain was really painful. When the pain was painful, I grabbed the quilt and trembled, took a deep breath. When I opened the 3 finger, I immediately hit the pain. This pain was really a baby.The gospel is a little numb during childbirth, but it is also temporary, and it will not have any adverse effects on the baby.

The whole process of delivery is smooth. After 2 hours of birth, I got out of bed and went to the toilet. My mother in the same ward was cesarean section. After seeing that they could not eat after cutting, they had to turn over in half an hour., I ca n’t walk when I get out of bed.

[About pre -delivery]

Sitting on a short bench every day in the third trimester can help expand the palace (I started sitting in 30 weeks)

On the day of delivery, you can take a walk in the corridor to help you open your fingers when you are in pain. When you hurt, you can rest and continue when you do n’t hurt. This can accelerate the production process.

If the pain of the contraction makes you unable to walk down, then lie on the bed and hold the fist tightly and then let go. The family can help massage the limbs of the pregnant woman, which can reduce the pain of the contraction.

【Features of pregnancy】

Early upper body, I found pregnancy one week after the same room!

There are pregnancy vomiting, not every day, but vomiting three or four times a week, it will be uncomfortable every day, and after 16 weeks, it will not vomit.

The stomach in the middle of pregnancy was round, but the belly was very sharp after 35 weeks, and all the navel burst out.

The chest becomes larger and the color is dark!The nose has become larger, the skin is good before pregnancy, the skin in the early pregnancy is a bit dull, the skin is very early, and the skin is very dry!

During pregnancy, I love sweets, especially those who eat sour, especially sour peaches, plums, the better the sour!

There are a lot of fetal movements, all on the left, and especially before going to bed at night, the joy began to move, just like beating on the left, the fetal movement is more, and it is more than 10 times in an hour!

[Postpartum defecation]

Do not make up after giving birth. Drink some light soups first, and then drink complement soup and milk soup after 15 days.Because the postpartum ducts are not connected, immediately custody will cause milk blockage and cause mastitis.

There were no stools once five or six days after giving birth. Later, I bought some washing agents and Ai Yibolian. They were available for maternal women. After washing every day, squeezed medicine in the anus.It will not affect breastfeeding and the effect is pretty good.

【About Milk】

Share a few prescriptions that are particularly easy to use for me, I have a lot of milk.

Boil goose egg+freshly grinding soybean milk.There is nothing special like white water eggs, but there is nothing salty.

Pigeon soup, less salt pigeon soup tastes a bit sweet, and the moon is not greasy at all, but do n’t eat too much confinement. Be careful to eat big belly wives ~

Finally, I wish all pregnant mothers to produce smoothly!

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