I encountered a stuffy nose in pregnancy, not all colds

Our obstetrician often encounters such pregnant women, and the nasal stuffy runny nose is like a cold:

One of them is like this when not pregnant:

When you come into contact with certain substances such as pollen and dust, you will sneeze and runny nose. He is diagnosed as "allergic rhinitis" (see allergic rhinitis for details, prevention is the key). After pregnancy, it continues to be allergicThe role of estrogen hormone.

Some people only appear after pregnancy, called "pregnancy rhinitis".

After pregnancy, under the action of estrogen hormones, the capillaries in the nasal cavity are swollen and congested, secreting a large amount of mucus, resulting in your nasal cavity easily sensitive:

It turns out that it is not allergic, allergic after pregnancy;

It turns out that mild allergies are seriously allergic after pregnancy.

Note: If you have symptoms of sneezing, nasal congestion, and runny nose after you are pregnant, you need to distinguish whether it is a cold.If you are in addition to the above symptoms, you are also accompanied by cough, sore throat, headache, tonsil swelling or fever, which is a cold or other infection.

Although rhinitis after pregnancy, even if frequent sneezing will not cause abortion or premature birth, the above symptoms are indeed uncomfortable and cause:

Prevention is important

Avoiding contact with allergens is the key. Moderate exercise and improving immunity cannot be ignored.

The rinse of the nasal saline can remove intra -nasal irritants, allergens, and inflammatory secretions, improve the micro -environment of the nasal cavity, reduce the edema of the mucosa, and improve the removal function of the cilia. It is a very safe and convenient treatment method.You can use physiological saline or configure 1%-2%high-lying saline (salt and water).

The humidity and heat of the steam can reduce the edema of the nasal mucosa and allow you to breathe smoothly.You can stay in a bathroom with steam, you can use the steam from the hot water in the basin in the bowl (pay attention not to be hot), or you can use a humidifier.

You can use a hot towel to apply the nose repeatedly until you feel the nasal cavity is smooth (be patient, you need to repeatedly repeatedly).

When the above method is not effective, when the symptoms of rhinitis are severe, they should be selected as soon as possible:

Regarding the safety of medication during pregnancy, I do n’t talk about it here. It can be seen that I am pregnant.

Pharmaceuticals can be selected during pregnancy:

Local drugs: hormone nasal drops such as Buditanid nasal spray.

Oral antihistamine drugs: chlorophenicamin, dectorizine, Setrizine, and recommended side effects such as dectorrhin, Setrizine, no drowsiness and other side effects, which is safer.

After pregnancy, due to the effect of hormones, the original allergic rhinitis may increase, and no allergic rhinitis may have to get rhinitis during pregnancy.Rhinitis is uncomfortable. Prevention is important. What needs to be told is that when non -drug treatment cannot be improved, safe drug treatment should be selected.

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