I do n’t use the hemorrhoids when I am pregnant. These methods can help you safely relieve pain

The saying of "ten pregnant mothers and nine hemorrhoids" is actually not exaggerated. Some data show that 85℅ women suffer from internal hemorrhoids or increase the original internal hemorrhoids during their first pregnancy or childbirth.The higher the incidence.With the implementation of the national three -child policy, pregnant women’s hemorrhoids must also be valued!

Compared with others, pregnant women must use hemorrhoids more cautiously, because many hemorrhoid drugs contain components that are not conducive to the fetus.When the symptoms of early hemorrhoids such as blood, pain, itching, etc., don’t take the medicine yourself. Try these methods. It is safe and effective.

Take bath therapy

Take warm water or warm salt water, about 5-10 minutes each.Be careful not to squeeze the fetus and body in the bathing posture.Frequent warm water bathing can promote the blood circulation of the perianal perianal.

Massage anus

After defecation, use warm water to wash the part, and then gently press the anus and the area around the anus with a warm towel, and massage 15 times in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.Reducing pain is also conducive to defecation.

These two methods can directly affect the anus and promote blood circulation to relieve pain, but if you want to make hemorrhoids completely "obedient", you have to do these points during pregnancy. Start with good living habits to reduce the burden on chrysanthemums.

Reasonable diet

The diet should be paired with thickness and drinking more water.Drink less thick tea, coffee, alcohol and less spicy fried foods to reduce the stimulation of anal canal.To choose foods such as rhizome vegetables, fruits and brown rice, cellulose can be swollen as a feces expansion in the large intestine, increases the weight and volume of the stool, can soften stools, stimulate intestinal wall peristalsis, increase the intestinal wall, increaseInpising, and accelerating the operation of the feces in the intestine, in order to facilitate the smooth stool.

Add water

Insufficient water replenishment in the body, constipation will increase. Because the water is insufficient, the feces cannot be formed, and if the stool is too small, it cannot stimulate the rectum to shrink, and there is no intention to produce it.Therefore, replenishment of moisture is an important way to reduce constipation.

Avoid sitting for a long time

Proper outdoor activities can enhance physical fitness, promote gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite, and prevent constipation.At the same time, try to take the left side position as much as possible to reduce the pressure of the rectal vein, which will help the blood flow of the lower body and avoid blood stasis.


Stool once a day, each time you squatting to the toilet should not exceed 5 minutes. If you can’t get it clean at a time, you can rest when you rest properly. You cannot read books, read newspapers and play mobile phones when squatting;

Do more anal movement

3 times a day, 30 times each time, can improve local blood circulation, enhance the muscle strength at the bottom of the pelvis, and help defecation and prevent hemorrhoids.You can also do anal massage often to improve local blood circulation.

Don’t be embarrassed when you get hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Active conditioning can be improved. If it is serious, the occurrence of discharge and blood in the stool lasts for several days will be timely.fetus!

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